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Disclaimer: I don't own The Pretender or anything affiliated with it. It is owned by TNT, NBC, and Steve and Craig. No profit is being made; please don’t sue.

"Donoterase Part II"
Author’s Notes: Total AU, folks. An alternate ending for "Donoterase Part II."

Summary: Sometimes, things go exactly as planned. . .and more.

Black Visitor
by: chopsticks
p g


Miss Parker walked out her father's office, angrier than ever. The meeting did not go well for her, especially since Mutumbo put Mr. Raines in charge. Just as she was about to close the door, she heard Mr. Raines talking to Willie, his favorite sweeper. She held the door open a crack to better hear them talking.

"And I'll need the best sharpshooter to take out Jarod," Raines said with much difficulty, even after taking a large breath.

"I'm your man. I promise you Jarod won't get out of this alive," Willie said to his boss, happy to be able to shoot Jarod.

"Good," Raines breathed and headed toward the desk.

Miss Parker closed the door quietly and quickly headed to her office to get Broots. She couldn't believe they were going to shoot Jarod. He was much too valuable to them, and to her. She finally admitted that now. He was valuable to her. The only way she would ever find out the truth about her family was with Jarod's help, as much as she hated the idea.

That's why she was going to find Broots. She would need his help in saving Jarod's life, even if it was for her own selfish reasons.


Miss Parker and Broots were in a Centre car. Somehow, Broots had managed to get one, even though almost all were being used for the plan to capture—kill—Jarod. They were following Sydney and Major Charles's car at a safe distance, approximately five miles, give or take a few feet. The safest distance to keep without being detected.

Broots had a CB radio in his hand and was waiting for the call from Jarod. Broots finally heard Jarod talking to Sydney and giving him the location of the meeting place. Miss Parker quickly accelerated to get there before Raines and Willie did. This was going to be interesting.


The exchange of fathers happened quickly, each relieved to get out of the other's clutches. The clone watched the exchange and the hug that followed between father and son. He slowly looked toward Sydney and smiled, silently telling him that he was going to be okay.

Jarod and Major Charles were both about to get on the plane when they heard the car coming straight for them. Jarod could see Miss Parker in the car, along with Broots. He was mildly surprised that she had decided to show up. Keyword: mildly. Though it didn't come as much surprise to him, he was still angry nonetheless.

"I said Sydney comes alone!" Jarod shouted at Miss Parker as she started walking towards him.

"Jarod, I had to! Raines is going to kill you!" she shouted back to him, walking straight at him, her hands put up in a mock surrender.

"What?" he asked quietly in confusion to the brunette standing mere inches from him.

Major Charles was stunned. Well, not really stunned. Horrified. He didn't really know Raines, but somehow he knew that Raines could do some serious damage. That was what scared him.

"Are you sure?" the Major asked to Miss Parker, hoping it wasn't the truth. That she was just messing with their minds and was about to laugh in their faces. She definitely seemed the type to do that.

"I'm sure," she responded, looking sorrowfully at the man who had just found his long-lost son.

"My God, Parker! Where did you hear this?" Sydney asked her, his dread at the mere fact of Raines even getting remotely involved showing on his face and in his voice.

"Willie and Raines were talking about it in Daddy's office."

"He was in my office! Why that no good. . ." Mr. Parker started to protest, but he was cut off at the sound of the fast approaching helicopter. It was plain to see that soon they would have a clear shot at Jarod.

"Run!" Miss Parker shouted to everyone.


Willie was trying to get Jarod in his sights. He was moving around quite a bit, making it a bit difficult for the expert sniper. It was obvious that he knew of the plan. That much was easily assumed since Parker was there.

Then, an idea struck him. He leaned over and talked to Raines, shouting to be heard over the whir of the helicopter blades. Raines showed a bit of hesitation at first, but then decided it was the best thing.

"Do it!" he shouted to Willie over the sound of the blades cutting through the air.

Willie began trying to get Miss Parker into his sights.


Jarod had just made it to the stairs of the plane when he heard the shot. He half expected a ripping pain to go through his back, but it didn't. That was when he heard the clone's horrified gasp at what he saw mere feet from Jarod.

Jarod slowly turned around to see what had frightened the clone, and what he saw made him sick. There was Miss Parker, lying on the ground, a red area spreading over her back.


Willie was finally able to get a clear shot at her, especially since she had moved away from all the possible obstacles. He had a few seconds to spare, so he decided what better way than to make sure her death resembled her mothers.

He took careful aim, being sure that someone was watching her as he shot her.

"All the better. . ." he quietly mumbled to himself. All the better for someone to view my work in action, he thought and chuckled, looking forward to the praise he would undoubtedly be receiving from Raines.

He made sure everything was set up correctly, then fired. He watched with satisfaction the horror on the young boy's face, the shock on Parker's, and most of all, the anguish on the Pretender's face as he saw what had happened.

"Parker? Parker?" Jarod called out to her as he moved back out into the open along with Mr. Parker, Broots, Sydney, and the Major. He was the first to get to her, and what he saw made him sick. There was a gaping hole where flesh should have covered her back, and she was rapidly losing blood.

He immediately switched to doctor mode, but he didn't have enough time to help her. He had another concern: his own life.


Raines watched gleefully as the Ice Queen finally fell, knowing that she would no longer be in his way. Willie was a perfectionist when it came to murder. That was why he loved having Willie around.

He watched from a bird's eye view all that took place. More specifically, Jarod running to her aid, just like he knew he would. Everything was falling together perfectly. Killing off two pretenders was the best idea he had in a long time. He looked over to Willie and nodded, giving the signal that he should shoot Jarod. Willie just smiled.

Willie took perfect aim and fired, straight through the Pretender. The two in the helicopter watched happily as Jarod fell, inches from Parker's body.


"Jarod!" both Sydney and Major Charles shouted at once. The father and surrogate father came rushing to his side, hoping beyond hope that he was still alive. He was, for the time being. Though he might not stay that way.

Broots ran over to Miss Parker, hoping there was still a chance to save her. There wasn't. She was gone. The bullet had gone into her heart; she had died almost instantaneously.

He wiped back his tears and pulled out his cell phone, dialing 911. Maybe one could survive, he thought to himself as he looked over at where Jarod lay.

The helicopter began to rise higher into the sky, then leveled off as it made its way back to The Centre. Inside were two very happy people, looking forward to the promotions that were soon to come, and the rise to power.

Jarod was still alive, miraculously. The bullet hadn't hit any major organs, just muscles. The people on the airstrip were able to keep him alive long enough for the paramedics that Broots had called to come. They were loading him into the rig when one of the paramedics commented on his condition.

"He's very lucky," said the paramedic to Charles, "Very lucky indeed."

"Yes, he is," replied the Major, thankful his son was still alive.


the end.

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