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What is your favourite season/movie of the Pretender?

Season 1
Season 1 26%
Season 2
Season 2 26%
Season 3
Season 3 13%
Season 4
Season 4 2%
the Pretender 2001
the Pretender 2001 5%
IOTH 26%


It's about the relief of suffering. Remember?

Under The Reds : Jarod

Random Story
Angel Tears by The Lurker R
Miss Parker deals with the latest turns her life at Centre have taken

Pretender Chat
07-08-22 23:30
Sad news. Lenny Von Dohlen (Mr. Cox) has died.

03-15-22 23:26
🙋🏻‍♀️So happy to see the Pretender fans are still here! Will be a fan until we can get the happy ending we are all waiting for..NO MATTER HOW LONG IT TAKES!!!

08-22-21 23:26
Great to see the love for the Pretender still burns strong. 25 years, hardly seems possible

08-16-21 18:34
Hi. I world like to do a live on Instagram for The Pretender Anniversary, who world like to join me?

05-11-21 4:54
Luca, non ci sarà un terzo film. Il pretendente è finito. There will be no more films or episodes. :(

05-10-21 19:01
Salve, ci sono news riguardo il terzo film? Grazie

02-21-21 22:36
Hi ! It's 2021 here, and The Pretender site is still running, how great is that ? It's gonna light up my post-curfew hours for the next day, can't wait to read the stories ! With Love...

07-09-20 23:34
sorry about that muc, some kind of glitch in that system which has been fixed i hope. you should be all okay now.

m u c
07-07-20 21:07
Could register but the registration still awaits for approval :)

07-06-20 21:56
going slowly, as i am in exam season, you should have been able to register though.

m u c
07-03-20 21:58
How is it going with the forum? :) Tried to register but it doesn’t seem to work

06-10-20 1:47
New forum has been set up. pretendercentre dot com/forum (cant add links here) it is still being set up but it is working. Head on over and say hello.

06-09-20 4:47
thanks Stacey!! have run into more trouble than expected, and had to start over. Then a friend visited for long weekend, so have managed to get very little (okay, nothing) done. Working on it again :)

05-31-20 21:46
working on it now, shouldn't be too long hopefully until launch :)

05-30-20 18:51
yaahya to the forum. you rock jacci!

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Welcome to Missing Pieces, the home of the largest collection of The Pretender fanfiction in the world. So read stories, post your stories, give reviews, and have fun!

If you would like to make a suggestion for future featured fics, please fill in the form here Featured Request.

Recently Added & Updated

No Rest For The Wicked by Jami R
No one is more wicked than Miss Parker. (Except Jarod)
All The Kings Men by jacci M
      The conclusion to Entropy and Aftermath. Jarod is finally out but will there be a happy ever after?
Pis Aller by Mirage M
A last resort
Satan's Playground by Sammi R
The pursuit for Jarod turns deadly in this present day Dystopia. Who will die and who will live? Let's find out.
The Eighth by missparker87 PG
Ten years after Carthis, MP & J live in hiding with their family. The Centre still exists, but Lyle is no longer threatening their freedom. But one day a silent enemy coming from their past suddenly appears. Parker and Jarod are forced to remember what happened ten years before, when everything...
Sine Qua Non by Mirage PG
Finished business.
The Centre Dolls by Serenaspacey PG 13
Jarod had no idea how far The Centre had reached in cloning until he meets the pretender kids. Rescued by Parker, it looks like she's ready to turn a new leaf, but the truth is a hard pill to swallow. Jarod goes on a hunt to find everyone he must save, but when a clone tells him the deal The Centre...
Oblivion by Mirage PG 13
A past transgression jeopardizes Sydney's life.

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We are up and running again, thanks for your patience. It was a server move, due to some previous hosting issues, and hopefully everything is working as it should. If there are any problems, you can let us know at by contacting us here.

Missing Pieces should be fully intact, but the rest of the site is still under construction and will be returning in bits and pieces as the work gets finished.


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Missing Pieces, and the rest of the pretendercentre will be offline for a few days, commencing on the 24th September.


We hope to have Missing Pieces running again in a day or so.

--jacci on 25/09/15 04:26 am 0 Comments--

Transcendence by Mirage NC 18
    A crime scene, a chance meeting, two people transcending the lives chosen for them. Jarod POV. S.M.U.T.  
Welcome to Never Never Land by Parker4131970 PG 13
A mystery e-mail leads Jarod to a piece of his and his father's past. 
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