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Disclaimer: “The Pretender” and its characters don’t belong to me they belong to TNT and NBC and are being used without permission. Please don’t sue because I have no money.




Part 1


Jarod walked to the porch looking around him. On the right side of him was his parents house it was a two-story house with white and green trim. Jeremy, who was Jarod’s clone, was living with them and once in a while he would spend the night at his house. They would rent movies and eat junk food, or just talk and eat junk food. Emily was living on the other side of him in a one-story house that was white with brown trim. On the other side of the road was Miss Parker’s house. It was also a one-story house, but it was white with red trim. It was sometimes hard living with his parents and with Miss Parker, Sydney, Broots and his family. There were times when his parents would get into an argument with Miss Parker, Sydney and sometimes with Broots. In time they were getting used to that Broots was a victim and so was his daughter. In time he hoped that they would realize that Sydney and Miss Parker were victims too Besides Miss Parker was were Sydney and Michelle lived. Angelo was living with them. It was white with yellow trim. In the other house besides Sydney and Michelle was Nicolas. He was in a one-story house that was white with gray trim. It sometimes still pained him when he saw Nicolas and Sydney together as father and son even is his own parents were there with him. On the other side of Nicolas’s house was a one-story house with magenta trim and that’s where Broots and Debbie lived. There were four other houses ready to be lived in. A little further was an entertainment and pool area. They had all been there for four months so far as the Centre was torn down. Since some of the people that were in charge of the Centre were not killed Jarod had found part of his family and invited Miss Parker and the rest to come with him to this gated community. He had gathered some of the people who he had helped in his pretends and asked them to help him in keeping the area secure.


Going back into the house with his cup of coffee that he had finished. He went into the kitchen and washed his cup and looked out the window. He sighed as he watched a bird hopping around pecking at the green grassy ground. He wished that his parents would stop talking about Sydney and Miss Parker like he wasn’t there when he was around. It pained him that he finally found his family and they were at each other’s throats with the only family that he’d ever known and with the woman that he loved. Didn’t they see that it pained him? Didn’t they care that they were tearing him in pieces? Maybe they did and they didn’t even care.


He wished that someday soon they would see the error of their ways and they would see that they were all victims of the Centre just like he was, like Jeremy was, like Ethan was and just like they were. Why couldn’t they see it? Did they even want to see it?


He went into the living room and turned on the T.V. trying to find something to occupy his mind. He turned it off and went outside and made his way to Miss Parkers house.



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