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Disclaimer: I don't own The Pretender

(The only person Jarod wants for Valentine is Miss Parker)

If you listen carefully

I love you whispers my heart

I truly promise you

We will never be apart

It's St. Valentine's Day

A love that is so true

I have but one question

Do you love me, too?

There is nothing more I want

Than for you to be mine

I've waited so long

Won't you be my Valentine?

(Miss Parker's answer to Jarod's question)

My heart is not made out of stone

I just hide it well underneath this mask

You found your way into my heart

When no one else has in the past

So take me now I say to you

I am forever yours to keep

The pains and sorrows I have felt

No longer interrupts my sleep

I love you so much

I, too, want you to be mine

The answer to your question

Yes, I will be your Valentine!

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