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Jarod woke in a coughing fit, feeling as if he was coughing his lungs out of his mouth. He had vague memories of a dream he had had, a strange one at that. Miss Parker was there, he was cuffed, arguing with her, feeling strong and pumped at the time, then drag out of his lair.

His hand wasn’t cuffed to the bed anymore, so it must have been a dream. It just had to be a dream.

It was only when his coughing died down, after he had stopped panting for breath that he finally looked around at his surroundings. His already queasy stomach dropped to his feet as he struggled not to throw up.

This couldn’t be happening, it couldn’t. He was in a cell. No two ways about it. It was a cell.

There were no windows, no open space, no handle on the door. The bright florescent lights were making his head pound even more then what it was before.

Jarod had heard it described once as feeling like little men were pounding into the brain with jackhammers. That was exactly what his head felt like. Every minute under the bright white lights were only making it worse, making feel even more nauseous.

Stumbling over to the metal toilet welded to the cement wall, Jarod clutched at it as he began to throw up. Even as his body forced his stomach to empty its contents, Jarod noted this was a symptom he did not have before. His mind was telling him that vomiting was not a real symptom of the flu, but it did sometimes accompany it. Though Jarod had a feeling it was more to do with the pounding headache then anything else.

Leaning his had against the cold wall, his body covered in a fine sheen of sweat, Jarod began to cough again. It seemed it was only getting worse, not better. He had only managed to have one dose of his ‘home made’ medicine and it just wasn’t enough.

Not having the strength or the will to pull himself up off the ground, Jarod looked at the looked door miserably. Of all the times to be caught and brought back to hell, it had to be when he was ill and not at his peak.

Jarod wondered how long he had been here for, how long he had passed out for. Did Sydney know he was here? Did Parker gloat over her ‘retrieval of missing goods’? Did she care he was sick? Would Sydney? Would anyone come to make sure he was ok or would they come to taunt him with being back? Demand he start murdering innocent people for profits again?

Pulling himself to his feet, a wave of dizziness overcame Jarod and he almost collapsed again. Using the wall to support him, he slowly made his way to the door and peered through the viewing window. Jarod could see a guard on either side of the door and knew they were taking extra precautions this time.

Making his way back to the cot, Jarod flopped down on it, struggling for breath. He was wheezing and coughing which only made his head hurt more.

Wincing as the door was opened, any sound echoing in his head and down his spine, Jarod barely looked up, no strength left. It seemed he was getting worse, not better and prayed this illness didn’t last long.

He was shaking and aching all over the place, and seeing his visitor, Jarod was in absolutely no mood to put up with him. Turning his head slightly, Jarod glared with glazy eyes at the thumbless man.

He looked so smug and arrogant in his suit and the cool smile on his face. As another coughing fit hit him, Jarod rolled onto his side as he gasped for air.

“Ohhhh, poor pretender has the sniffles? Want me to kiss it better?”

With his breathing under control, Jarod pulled himself up to sit on the cot, looking at the man with hatred. “I am in no mood to put up with you.” Jarod wiped at his nose, glaring at Lyle.

The smile Lyle gave him chilled him to the bones, despite the fever he had. Jarod wasn’t scared of the man, but sometimes, even the devil himself would be at least creeped out by him.

“Get in the mood and quick. We are going to be best buddies.” Lyle informed him.

Jarod had no idea why he would want to be Lyle’s ‘buddy’ and then the reason for it slammed into him. “I am not doing anything with out Sydney.” If he had to stay here until he was back on his feet and could find a new weakness to get out, he would only contemplate doing anything these monsters tried to tell him to do if he was with Sydney.

If he was given to Lyle, then they might believe Sydney had no use any more. Jarod could not live with himself if they ‘let him go’.

“I think you will genius. You are now under my complete control. That old goat is no longer on your case.” Lyle informed him with a satisfied smirk. “What fun we will have.”

Jarod shook his head, wincing and grabbing it as it shot pains through his body. “If you think I’m staying here and working with YOU, you are sorely mistaken.”

Lyle smiled a smooth, charming, cold smile at Jarod that made him shiver despite his fever. “I can see we are going to have oh so much fun Jarod. Just like good old times.”

Watching as the man in his expensive suit turn and walk out, Jarod slumped down onto the bed, laying down once again. The minute he found weakness in their security, even if he was still this sick, Jarod was as good as gone.

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