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Disclaimer: Most characters belong to MTM, TNT, NBC so forth, etc. etc. etc. David I made up, and further characters not yet included. DON’T SUE ME!! I WROTE THIS FOR FUN!
Authors Note: If -for some unknown reason-you don’t like my story....... then you’re S.O.L!!!

Sudden Grief
Braty Goddess

Tech Room

“Broots!” Miss Parker barked at him as she entered the tech lab. Broots jumped. “Quit checking porn sites and help me find out where the hell Rains is! He’s been gone for over three days!”

“O-ok.” the tech mumbled, closing down the web page and opening up another file.

“Sick?” Sydney suggested.

“I hope so!” she hissed. “The wheezing bastard better not have started another project!”

“Miss Parker?” Sam stepped cautiously into the room.

“What is it, Sam?” she eyed him suspiciously.

“This package just came for you.” She snatched the box from his hands and shooed him away.

“Do you think it’s from Jarod?” Broots asked timidly.

She ignored his remark and ripped open the box. “Great! A gift from monkey boy, just what I wanted,” she mumbled. POP!!

“A jack-in-the-box! Thank you, Jarod! But if I wanted a Jack-in-the-box, I could have gone to Broots house, or a clown factory!” She rolled her eyes and fished around in the box for the other items.

“Look! There’s also a toy pig, a hay barrel, and a mini Ferris wheel!” Broots exclaimed. “Oh, I love fairs...” Broots starts, but was immediately cut off by one of Miss Parker’s infamous glares.

“Back to the coal mines for me,” he mumbles grudgingly, sitting back down at his computer.

“Looks like your little science experiment has taken an interest in the art of Rodeo Boys!” She grumbled. “Pigs, hey barrels...” But she never got to finish the thought, for all of a sudden, a piercing scream came from the air vent.

Miss Parker’s hand automatically reached for her gun. “What the hell w-” All of a sudden, Angelo leaped out of the air vent, covering his ears with his hands. The sharp sound of the grate hitting the floor, shocked the poor tech so badly, he spilled his cup of hot coffee all over himself.

“Oh! God that’s hot!” Broots yelped, springing up out of his chair. Miss Parker rolled her eyes.

“Moron,” she muttered. She turned her attention back to the empath, who was looking strangely around the room, still covering his ears. “Angelo,” she said, as sweetly as possible. “What happened?” There was a long pause and Angelo didn’t answer. “Angelo, please, talk to me.”

Angelo slowly took his hands away from his face. “Little girl......scared.”

“What little girl? Angelo....”

“Little girl......scared,” he repeated.

“Ugh!” She groaned. “We’ll never get anything out of Jell-O-head!!”

“Miss Parker, Angelo’s doing the best he can. He isn’t fully capable of speaking a full sentence.”
“Gee, I wonder why?” she said sarcastically.

Angelo abruptly looked up and ran over to Sydney’s desk, shoving things off it, searching. After finding what he was looking for (a pen), he grabbed it and ran over to Broots’s computer, and shoved the startled tech aside.

“ What are you doing?”

“Don’t touch that!” Miss Parker shouted to Broots. Broots gave her a funny look. “The computer you moron!”

Angelo looked up and smiled. “Little girl......needs help.....must find little girl!” Then he ran back into the air vent, not bothering to return the pen.

“What’s it say, Broots?” Sydney asked, filing papers on his desk.

“SL-27.....” Broots trailed off and looked worriedly at Miss Parker. “I don’t have to go back down there do I?”

Parker smirked at him. “Let’s go Sydney! Broots, you keep hunting for our Rodeo friend and-“ she turned around to glare at him. “If anyone asks where we are-lie.”


One hour later
Tech room

“Broots!” Miss Parker entered the lab for the second time that day, startling Broots out of his skin.

“Wha-what?!” he stuttered.

“I want you to run a search on something called the “Dawn Project”. Maybe it will give us a clue to our friend little girl scared,” she snapped. She sighed, “I’m gonna out to the coffee shop, you guys want anything? Good.” She turned on her heel and left, not giving either man a chance to replay.

“Actually I was gonna asked for a double latte,” Broots grumbled. Sydney smiled, and left Broots to his duties.


Coffee Shop

“Andrea Parker?” A middle aged man asked, standing before her.

“Miss Parker,” she hissed.

“Right. Finnland High School? David Gargano, you were friends with my sister Kathryne?” he asked.

“David! You look like you’re doing well,” she said looking him up and down.

“You too!”

“Sit down! So what have you been up to since high school?” she asked.

“I’m a successful lawyer. How about you?”

Uh, I’m a consultant for an international corporation,” she lied.

A five minute chat soon turned into a one hour conversation, which ended in deciding what restaurant would be good for a first date, and who would call who.

“I’ll call you, sometime soon,” she said, as he got up to leave.

“Great! See you soon,” he said, grabbing his coat. “Bye!”

“Oh David?” she called after him.

“Yes?” he turned to look over his shoulder.

“It would be rather hard to call you without your phone number.” She stated, holding up the blank piece of paper and a pen.



Tech Room

“Hello, Broots! How’s the search coming?” she asked nicely, handing him a cup of coffee. “Double lattee, like you requested.”

“You-you heard that?” he asked. “Thanks...” he took the cup cautiously.

“Who are you and what have you done with my sister?” Mr. Lyle rudely interrupted. “You were being nice!”

“Mr. Lyle! I didn’t know you would be joining us or I would have brought along the Asian masseuse in a bikini!” She said sarcastically.

“Don’t worry sis, it’s not my birthday yet.” He said, then departed. The plastered smile on Miss Parker’s face immediately disappeared.

“So what’s his name?” Sydney asked, not looking up from the file he was reading.

“David. We went to high school with me. I was friends with his sister.”

“You like him.” Sydney stated, setting the paper down and grinning at her.

“Of course not! We just met.”

“They why are your cheeks progressively getting redder?”

Miss Parker rolled her eyes, ignoring the comment. “Broots, I need you to run a background check on someone for me.”

“Do they work for the Centre?” Broots asked.

She sighed and replied dryly, “That’s what I’m trying to find out!”



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