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With Broots and Sydney close behind her Parker walked into her office. She was not in a good mood, after having spent all of yesterday in Seattle looking into Jarod’s latest Pretend and coming up empty-handed. All three of them stopped short when they saw the box on Parker’s desk. There was a small note on the top. Parker walked over and grabbed the note.

“‘Have a good time,’” she said. “‘Jarod.’” She sighed. “I really hate it when he does stuff like this.” She opened the top of the box and stumbled back when Yakko, Wakko, and Dot jumped out, landing on the desk. Parker stared in shock, as did Broots. Even Sydney was surprised by the trio’s appearance.

“Hello!” the Warners said cheerfully.

“What the hell are you?” Parker asked.

“We’re the Warner Brothers,” Yakko and Wakko said.

“And the Warner Sister,” Dot added.

“We’re friends of Jarod,” Yakko explained. He and Wakko finally noticed Parker. Their eyes grew to the size of dinner plates and they started drooling.

“Hellooooooooo nurse!” they said.

Dot shrugged, rolling her eyes. “Boys. Go fig.”

“Man, check out these digs,” Yakko said, looking around the office. “They just scream something . . . ” He shrugged. “Aw, heck, they just scream.”

“I’m hungry,” Wakko replied.

“Patience, dear brother,” Yakko said. “First we have fun. Then we eat.”

“You have three seconds to explain yourselves,” Parker said, pointing her gun at them. “Otherwise, you’ll be whistling every time the wind blows.”

“Hey, that’s not a very nice thing to say,” Yakko looked slightly annoyed.

“I hate guns,” Wakko added.

“Tough,” Parker snarled before pulling the trigger. A small, red flag with the word BANG on it popped out of the barrel. She looked at the gun oddly before looking back at Wakko. “What the hell did you do?”

“I prefer anvils,” Wakko continued. Parker looked up, just as an anvil fell right on top of her. “Much better!”

“Come siblings!” Yakko said. “We have work to do!” The Warners started bouncing around, making a mess of the office, before bouncing out of the office. Broots and Sydney just watched, hearing the shouts and commotion from outside.

They turned back to see Parker’s arms flailing from under the anvil. Broots and Sydney both hurried over and lifted the heavy metal object off her. Her body was completely flat, aside from her arms, but she quickly popped back into her usual three dimensional self. Her eyes were crossed and there were stars circling her head.

“Miss Parker, you okay?” Broots asked.

“I’m . . . fine,” Parker said slowly. “What happened?”

“You had an anvil drop on you,” Sydney replied calmly.

“Jarod,” Parker growled. “This is his fault! Get those . . . things back here before they cause any more damage!” Both men left. Parker, still growling, went over and pour herself a glass of scotch. As she drank it, staring at the anvil on the floor, she didn’t even question how she could have survived that. Her only thought was getting those . . . whatever they were and finding Jarod to make him pay.

(End of Chapter 2)

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