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TITLE: If You Give Jarod A Cookie
AUTHOR: Jackie
TEASER: Response to Lysa's "If You Give A Mouse A Cookie" Challenge.
AUTHOR'S NOTES: I don't 'em or the rights to the book. Just doing this for fun. Enjoy!

If you give Jarod a cookie
He’s going to ask you what kind it is
When you tell him what cookie it is
He’s going to want to make some of his own
So, you’ll have to take him to the store to get the ingredients
And he’s going to ask if he can make a lot of them
So, you’ll end up having to spend a lot of money on the ingredients
But he’ll tell you that he’s got it covered as he pulls out his money
You’ll ask him where he got the money from
He’ll tell you that it’s from a place out in Delaware
After the shopping is done, you’ll go back to your house
And Jarod will start making his cookies; he’ll say they’re for some friends of his
If you tell him that’s a sweet thing to do
He’s going to get a twinkle in his eye and reach for the sneezing powder in his bag
If you ask him about where he got the sneezing powder
He’s going to tell you he found it in a joke show while he worked there a few weeks back
If you ask him why he’s pouring the sneezing powder into the dough
He’s going to say it’s for his friends, with that twinkle in his eyes
After he’s done baking the cookies
He’s going to clean up his mess and put the cookies in a large tin
If you ask him what he’s going to do next
He’s going to tell you it’s time to send the cookies off
So, you’re going to take him to the post office
Where he’ll send his ‘special gift’ off
Afterwards, if you ask him what he wants to do
He’s going to tell you he wants a cookie
But he ate the ones you made for him, all but one
And Jarod is not selfish
So, he will give the last cookie to you
Because he has a wonderful heart
And if you give him a hug in return
He will return the hug . . .

. . . If you give Jarod a cookie


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