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Companion piece to Gone descargar o bajar eMule v.046


by J

He wasn’t supposed to die first, you know. It sounds stupid, he was twice my age and about to drop any minute, but he wasn’t supposed to die first. He was supposed to be there, always and never leave me. But I guess he didn’t know that.

He didn’t know that I looked up to him, and that I care. Cared rather. I never liked referring to the dead in the past tense. There still with us, as long as you remember them. And I’ll make sure Syds remembered for a long, long time.

He wasn’t supposed to die.

It was my car that had the bomb in it. It was supposed to be my death. But Sam needed to ask me a question, and I gave Sydney the keys. Told him to start the car.

I was supposed to die. Not him.

But I still wonder, who did it? Not like there’s a lack of suspects. Lyle, Raines, Triumbrative, even Daddy. That’s who I think it was though. Daddy. He didn’t like it that Syd and I were spending so much time together. Not that he came out and said it, but in his own way he made it clear. We were developing my ‘gifts’, the inner sense.

Where was my ‘inner sense’ then, huh?

Why wasn’t it protecting Sydney? I needed him, damnit! I still need him. He was the only thing keeping me grounded.

He had everything. The insightful smile, the vast knowledge, and he had me wrapped around his little finger. Syd wouldn’t have known it but I would do anything for him. But I have something that he doesn’t have.

I have tomorrow.


Wednesday Night
Blue Cove, Delaware
Sydney’s Funeral

Debbie sits in between Broots and I. She’s holding his hand, and he’s just crying. I want to cry too. I want to curl into a ball and cry my eyes out. But I can’t. I have to be strong.

But no matter how strong I am I few tears still escape. Big dark sunglasses hide it them, Daddy wouldn’t like to see me crying. I used to think that Daddy would never hurt me, but I’m sure that he planted the bomb in the car. But its ok, hes not going to do anything else to me, or anyone else.

I’ll damn well make sure of it.

There aren’t many people here. Me, Broots, Debbie, a few older men from the center. But this one man…I don’t know, but he seems familiar. I already took the dark glasses off to get a better look at him. He’s kind of like Santa Clause, but there’s something…I don’t know…young about him. It’s his eyes. They remind me of….something,

They remind me of Jarod.


“Did you know Sydney…?” All right, I’ll play his game. It’s not Jarod with a pillow up his shirt and a bad dye job.

"Ja, ve vernt very close. Are you iz daw-tar?" C’mon Jarod! He really thinks that I’m that stupid! Fine, like I said, I’ll play.

I chuckle for effect, “He was like a father to me, but no.”

“Excuse me.” He looks at his watch and starts to leave. Like hell he is. I’m holding into his wrist.

“I didn’t catch your name.” Jarod.

"Swartz. Mikhail Swartz."

I glance down at his forearm. Numbers from a nazi camp. Jarod always did go for the small details. "You knew Sydney from the camps?"


Time to go in for the kill. Leaning forward, biting my bottom lip, and using all my feminine wiles, I give him the look. You know, the ones that let a guy know your going to jump his bones any minute. He’s squirming. Good, let him. A smirk, time to let him know.

" And Jarod.... your a horrible liar."


Thursday Afternoon
Blue Cove, Delaware
Miss Parkers house.

He’s gone by the time I wake up. Jarod spent the night. Its not like I thought he’d be there in the morning, but it still hurts. Jarod of all people wouldn’t be the one to split the next morning.

But then again, he is.

Rolling over, I see it. A rose, and a note. A can’t help the smile that creeps up on me, smelling the rose I pick up the note. Reading it now, I can hard see through the tears.

“ I love you.”

The End

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