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Angelo returns to his family, while Miss Parker closes in. Sequel to "Dial E for Esper." *DONE*

Rated: M
Categories: Alternate Universe, Season 3
Characters: All the characters, Angelo, Broots, Original Character
Genres: Drama, General
Warnings: Warning: Language
Series: Telepathy series
Chapters: 14 Completed: Yes Word count: 24924 Read: 43388
Published: 23/12/13 Updated: 08/04/14
Story Notes:

This story is a sequel to "Dial E for Esper," found here: http://www.pretendercentre.com/missingpieces/viewstory.php?sid=5608&warning=4

I highly recommend you read that before this one, but if you are avoiding explicit content or just want to get to the juicy Angelo bits, here's a quick summary:

Jarod finds Angelo/Timmy's family (mother Joan, sister Cathy), who, it turns out, are a bunch of country-living telepaths. They direct him to Angelo's cousin (Annalise) and daughter (Miriam) hiding out at a farm in Oregon with some other relatives. Raines had kidnapped the cousin thirteen years prior for her telepathic powers, then decided a telepathic Pretender would be a swell project and impregnated her with Jarod's child. Fortunately for all she escaped while pregnant. Jarod hangs out awhile at the farm, gets to know his chess prodigy/engineer/chicken farmer kid, gets his mind probed quite a bit, and eventually starts a grown-up relationship with the baby mama. Philosophical introspections about Pretenderism, telepathy and the nature of memory abound in the story.

This story starts in October 1998, in roughly the same timeline as early Season Three. Rated M for language and adult discussions.

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