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Author's Chapter Notes:

Disclaimer: I do not own The Pretender

What do you tell people when it's time to say goodbye? Do you just say you love them? You really don't want to know the feeling of missing them, but, do you just leave and move on? Life is short and you're not in charge, so one should enjoy the time they have and thank God for it.

If you ever have the opportunity to meet the most wonderful person in the world, what would you do? Jarod thought Miss Parker was the one, but, she never gave him a chance. When they were young, a very long time ago, he thought he would have gone starve crazy mad if he didn't have her to hold on to. His only friend at The Centre, little Miss Parker, they were best friends, his only playmate, was the one who had given him his first kiss. There were times when he came so close, but, with those cold sky blue eyes of hers, he stepped back.

Jarod questioned his heart. Why was love so painful? He indeed was just an assignment to Miss Parker, nothing more. But yet, what he felt for her was way out of his control. He never counted on having things turned out the way it did. It wasn't safe for him anymore. The pretender realized if he was ever in a relationship with Miss Parker, not that she would have allowed it, it would have caused her pain. He knew he loved her, but when did her love for him, as a young girl, turned to hatred for him as a grown woman.

They were two lost souls in need of love. There were several obstacles needed to hurdle through. Then it happened. It was that kiss that did it. He never imagined she would have been the one to initiate that kiss.

Miss Parker at times forgot that Jarod was an assignment to her, a job, a duty. "Daddy" had done a great job of reminding her. To capture Jarod, would set her free from "The Centre".

Things weren't as simple as it seemed. Miss Parker held her feelings in for so long, everything had finally caved in on her. She had a different perspective on life, her hatred for "The Centre". She resented what she felt for Jarod, so she thought. Yet, she wondered of his whereabouts at all times and what his actions were at that very instance. She had been brainwashed by her father. But, the Ice Queen could not get him out of her mind. The huntress and the huntee, the cat and mouse game for Jarod and Miss Parker had begun years ago. She chased and he ran for five years.

Five years of pretends, being hunted, held at gunpoint with her oh so famous Smith and Wesson 9mm, Jarod was tired. Tired of running, tired of different professions, Jarod had begun to resent his life. Tonight, he told himself, was the night he'd tell her goodbye.

Miss Parker cornered him in a dead end street. He gave up easily, which surprised her and made her leery of him.

"Miss Parker. Being you're here, go ahead, take me. You win. Then, you'll finally be able to leave "The Centre". Isn't that what "daddy" promised you? You deserve a life better than this one. All I ask is one thing."

"What?" She hissed as she pointed her gun at him.

"Don't forget to remember me," he told her painfully.

She lowered her gun, his sad chocolate browns locked with her not so icy blue eyes.

Jarod could not risk getting attached to anyone, especially to someone he could not stand the thought of losing. There was undeniable chemistry which slowly built before them. He tried and avoided what he felt for her. But, his whole world turned upside down, the one thing he had not expected to happen...happened. Miss Parker was a reminder of how good life could be and maybe represented a chance for the both of them...together.

Everything started slowly...the kiss...the one thing that brought out all of their feelings. They were two lonely people. They were afraid of loving for fear of losing each other.

At first, they tried to deny their feelings for each other. It was that kiss, the one she had initiated, which finally came into place for the both of them.

TBC - Chapter 2

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