Reviews For Family Therapy
Title: Chapter 1

I absolutely LOVED this story. Every part of it! It is probably my favorite bit of Pretender fanfiction that I have ever read. The Jarod/Sydney relationship is just so endlessly fascinating to me. Thanks for writing it and I hope to read more pieces like this in the future! <3

Author's Response: This was a totally cathartic story to write. It so needed written. It needs to happen, and it never will. Gah!

Reviewer: TeeFly Anonymous [Report This]
Date: 01/07/10 05:29 am
Title: Chapter 1

Love it! I always wanted to read a story like this! Thanks a lot for writing and sharing! I hope there will be even more like this from you in the future

Author's Response: Why, thanks! I'm glad I could fulfill a long-time desire. As psychology is one of my great interests, and as I am rather obsessed with the Sydney/Jarod relationship, I'm sure there will be more. Most of my drabbles tend to be along these lines.

Reviewer: Anonymous Anonymous [Report This]
Date: 30/06/09 07:15 pm
Title: Chapter 1

You write exceptionally well.  I don't usually like AU stories, but this was very good.  I hope to read more from you!

Author's Response: Thank you!

Reviewer: Epona Signed [Report This]
Date: 30/06/09 01:45 am
Title: Chapter 1

Hey, great story haiza!!! Really good and moving and satisfying without turning sappy. Love your characterization.
Thank you for such a nice piece!

Author's Response:

Thanks, middleman. I've had it percolating in my mind for some time. Nothing fascinates me more in The Pretender than the relationship between Jarod and Sydney.

Of course, if it were a real counseling session, they'd probably have to go into the whole Stockholm Syndrome thing... Now that would be interesting. 

Reviewer: middleman Signed starstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 29/06/09 06:34 pm

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