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Disclaimer: The characters Miss Parker, Sydney, Jarod, Broots etc. and the fictional Centre, are all property of MTM and NBC Productions and used without permission. I'm not making any money out of this and no infringement is intended.

A Pacific Call
by M N

Two in the morning
Miss Parker’s bedroom

Miss Parker was finally asleep after having tossing and turning for ages when the ring of her phone woke her up. HUM, JAROD!!! Where does he get that bad habit to call me at night!! Certainly not in the Centre: he should have stayed there!



„Of course, you moron ! Who do you think it is!!"

„Maybe your answering machine?" He stated dumbly

„MY answering machine says: If you are Jarod: you’re already pissing me off so just get lost , not : „What" !

„Really? Never heard it before! Could you hang up that I try it?" He asked missing it.

Miss Parker rolled her eyes in despair and decided to leave him in his „dense-world"

„It never occured to you that maybe the night was made to sleep?"

„Nooooooooo? Really? Please teach me something else!!"

„Ok! The next lesson is: How to come back to the Centre, make Miss Parker the new hero of the place so that she can leave."

„Hum, I’m not interested on this one!" He grinned

„I still can teach you how to shoot: I’m the shooter, you’re the target. Besides I’ve heard you’re a quick learner!"

„As much as I‘d like to do it Parker , I would prefer the one where you leave the Centre without me brought back to ALCATRAZ."

„Too bad I don’t give those kind of lessons! * hey was he referring to Thomas here?*

„Yeah! Too bad!" He said a hint of sadness in his voice

„Why did you call?"

„Just to chat…"

„CHAT???????" she choked

Well, that’s what we’ve been doing for four years now. We just never call it that way because it is not „politically correct".

„Chat? Do you think I’m in the mood to chat?"

„Sure, you would have already hunged up if not!"

„You’re so infuriating !! Not surprising our calls last five minutes each times!"

„Let’s establish a new record today!"

„I’m not playing with you."


„You’re such a boy!"

„That’s what make me so alluring!"

„Taking care of your showing now?"

„Don’t wanna end my life alone!"

„Come back to the Centre then. There’s a bunch of creep who would love to busy you for the rest of your life…"

„How caring, Parker : i really appreciate what you do to me! Hey we’ve been chatting for more than 5 minutes!"

„Pfuu This chat is so pointless!"

„Choose a topic ."

„You really seem cheerful tonight! Is there a pretty girl on the other side of your bed? I don’t hear her though."

„Nope! ( but i wouldn’t object about one!) I’m just bored to play your PAIN-IN-THE-ASS all the time. Even if I’m proud of this status. Thinking of it! Who is your best pain-in-the-ass: Lyle, Brigitte, Raines or me?

Parker was quite taken aback * only wonder boy can ask such foolish questions*

„So, Parker?"

„You are all pain in the ass in different way." Actually Parker was enjoying the way the conversation was taking. Fir once it is not about her mother. „And you are all best on the way you are!!!!"

„That is not satisfying me Parker! Who hate you more then?"

„I can’t answer those questions Jarod!"

„Why? Too frightened to found out that I wouldn’t be at the top of the list?"

„Actually no! Because you’re the only one to call at two on the morning, to make my life a total waste, to torture me with your ‘breadcrumbs’ and your „good old past"

„Interesting. I didn’t see this that way! I thought phoning at two in the morning was more like a „handwriting" and an affective prank!"

„Ah? Give me your number: I’ll show you how it is!"

„Nice try! About the chase like I’ll never fall in your arms I’m trying to make the chase interesting. And about the good old past like you said: it’s an attempt to help you to find answers!

„Jarod!! I really don’t know what to do with you!! You’re so…. And too, so…… and always …...!!"

„Yes, Parker I see excatly what I am now!! Thank you so much.", he answered sarcastically.

„Sweep that stupid smile of yours off!! I see it from here!"

„Sorry, but I can’t!! I don’t think I’m at the top of your list though! You’ll may say whatever you want ; but I’ll always think that you prefer me to Dr-wheezing, your dearly Brother and your lollipop-carrier aka Brigitte the lollipop.

Miss Parker smiled at how he called her mother-in-law .„What ? Never tried the lollipop yet?"

„I’ll never try: that’s remind me of her: and i definitely don’t need that to live!!!" On that he hanged up.


The morning after

Miss Parker discovered the morning a big packet in front of her doors with thousand and thousand lollipop in it with a word from Jarod.

Have a nice time to sucks them.
If really you don’t want them you still can give them to our lollipop girl around .
Just to forget to add Cyanide on it!

Miss Parker laughed at loud and decided that maybe it’s time to get to know better of her mother-in-law. She took the package with her this morning to go to the Centre.

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