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Disclaimer: The characters Miss Parker, Sydney, Jarod, Broots etc. and the fictional Centre, are all property of MTM and NBC Productions and used without permission. I'm not making any money out of this and no infringement is intended.

Broot’s Dinner

The Centre.
Broots headquarter

The three were standing in the room. Broots in front of his dear computer , Miss Parker leaning upon him, and Sidney a little apart with a little smile in the corner of his mouth since Miss Parker was harassing Broots.
Well: The usual routine!

_Two days that you’re searching for him in this area Broots and still nothing! I’m just wondering if there is any more incapable person than you are !

Broots who’s been pushed too far for the two last hour just blurted out:

_Maybe you Parker! Remind me since how long you’ve got Jarod assignment?

Sydney who couldn’t take it anymore just left hurriedly to the door to laugh without being shot by Parker.

_What did you just say Broots????? She yells completely furious. Since when Broots answers back??

_You heard me Parker! I’m sorry but can you imagine how much it is hard to work this way? First you’re leaning upon me…. And.. hum … already it’s harder to concentrate….. and then you just keep insulting me.

Miss Parker is still watching him with huge eyes , he continued.

_Besides i’ve been knowing you for too long now; I know that you wouldn’t kill me for saying that . That’s why i said it! You know i’m still a coward. But i learned what does really burn.

_YOU MEAN i don’t frighten you anymore? (very menacingly)

_Of course yes! I’m frighten to death right now Miss Parker but anyway now that i’ve said it .. i’m helpless…I can even go so far to invite you tomorrow night to the restaurant… i’m sure that would not do any differences from the deep troubles i got in .. huh?

Broots is really scared and doesn’t even understand what is babbling but at Miss Parker changed of look he knows that actually he DID aggravate his case.

_YOU sincerely think that I would go with YOU to a restaurant like a DATE?????

_Who talk about a date here?? If you love me Parker just tell it now! Don’t make up some “bread crumb” for me.
( Hey!! WHAT I’M DOING??????????? yells Broots conscience.)

Sydney who overhears it all cannot even breath anymore from rolling on the floor laughing.

Parker was so embarrassed and taken aback that she could simply not answer back!
(What’s the matter???? I can’t even counter him??)

_Well it wouldn’t be a date!! Just a meal between two friends! Hey i’ve been knowing you for four years now! No truly! I’m one of the rare seldom to really know you.
If you doubt it i can even invite Syd. ( That Broots’s got really no envy to invite him but to convince Miss Parker)

_No Broots: there is no way! I will never do that . IS THAT CLEAR ( Miss Parker recovered!)

_Who is the one telling me i’ve got no life?? Here i’m making myself a life and you don’t even wants to help?
Besides talking about pitiful life i wouldn’t know who is winning between …..
Broots suddenly stops. No don’t angered her. Shit to late…

_WHAT?? Now you mean i don’t have a life??? Of course i’ve got a life but i just don’t want to spoil it with losers like you!

(my she’s really furious)

_Prove it..

_Pardon me?

_Prove it that’s you’ve got a life! If you find someone else to go out with tomorrow night i’ll believe you… Otherwise you’ll COME with ME to that Restaurant!

_Fine! You can already begin to blow in your balloon in shape of a woman to go to the restaurant with Brootsie…
Miss Parker was smirking. After all why being so mad for his rebellion: it’s even more funnier this way!

Miss Parker headed to the door

_Ok ! Cya tomorrow night Miss Parker!

Miss Parker did not answer to the jab but scrambled into an hilarious Sydney who was standing by the door.

_Get out of my way you old rotten smiley guy.

Sydney effectively got out of her way but still laughing at loud.

Miss Parker’s house
The night.

_I can’t imagine what demon took possession of Broots today! The worst part is that i actually walk into his plan!!
So someone to go out with tomorrow night…hum that shouldn’t be to hard….
But already Parker was seriously doubting it.

_Stop fooling yourself! Who do you know besides Centre’s people?
That’s a PROBLEM.

_Well inside the Centre.. LYLE? Better die. RAINES? Better go to Hell. BRIGITTE? Better go with Jarod. SAM? No! Worse than Broots. DAD? I’ve got no urge but after all i could ask him some questions this way…

But i would better ask Syd first. No Not Syd! He knows everything he would know i’ve got no social life at once.
( well anyway he must certainly know it. But he’s in the same boat so i’m sure he knows when to shut up).

Well , Let’s phone Dad.

On the Phone.

_Why no dad??

You’re busy? For what?

None of my business ???? ( Parker was swallowing hard)

Fine DAD! I really thank you because you’ve always made pass the family before your damn business.
She hung up

_No panick…..I’ll find someone.

_First i’ve got to go somewhere where there is some people….. Don’t tell me i’ll got to try the pub!! There is just half drunk uninteresting guys over there!

Hum…let’s think very hard…There is one last desperate solution but i don’t even want to think about it… Computer flirting is for guys like Broots.

Oh my!! Why is it so hard to find someone! Broots will now i’m just a dumb woman without life! I won’t have any authority over him after that!! Let’s try internet.
Desperate time…. Desperate measure..

Ten minutes Later

So here i think Broots is getting this way to join the chat.

Blue cove’s chat: Meet people of your town.


She taped FAITH
She entered chat. ( My ! What the hell i’m doing!)

Already someone called cyberpunk pm her.

Without even looking she clicked ignore him. Dream on guy!

She scanned the name … saw one Jarod.
By curiosity she double clicked on him.

_It’s the first time i’m doing a chat so .. i kinda need help! I don’t know the etiquette and all!
_No problem! You know there is nothing really special with the Internet.. I will conduct the chat to begin and after when you feel more at ease with the system you’ll do whatever you want. OK?
_No problem.
_ASL (age sexe location)
_ Around 30 and blue cove you moron! Isn’t a chat for people from blue cove?
_My! I thought that this way you would learn what an asl is!! That’s all ! Mine is kinda the same as yours besides i’m a man.
_Well at least you guessed that i was a woman.
_Yeah i’m very good at this play…
_So what do we talk after that?
_What we love .. this way we’ll find if we’ve got common point.
_Kinda boring i think! Most of people don’t even know what they love and most of people really don’t care of the life of most of people.. if you see what i mean.
_Well : i see you never met me then! Because i’m very special.
_Special what? ( already suspicious)
_Just kidding! Actually i must say people i know think i’m a loser. But after all they do not really know me! What’s cool with internet is that people do not have any prejudices about you at first. Besides you of course!
What about you? How people see you?
_Like a bitch.
_Hum! I’m a specialist of the bitch! I’ve got to work with one all the time. And i must say: bitches pretend to be bitches. But deep inside they aren’t.
_You’ll change you mind with me young man.
_Don’t think so: i’ve got the best bitch. But besides being a bitch?
_Besides that people don’t think anything about me.
_I bet they don’t dare to! Lol
_What does lol mean?
_When it is funny : you say lol. Because you see i can’t hear you laugh from here.
_Can i ask you what’s your ideal man is?
_Why? Wanna mark yourself?
_Actually i’m doing a survey. I’m single for too long! I want some advise.
_Well. An ideal man. It’s the one who loves you even if you’re a bitch. And who’s making the ideal move at the good time. The rest is a matter of love.
_frankly that does not help me much!
_Listen : i must say i’m not the good person to ask those kind of questions.
_you’re married?
_If you want we can meet. This way we’ll found the first club of pitiful singles.
_Well, you’re wrong this club does exist. And i’m already a member!
_lol. Do you mind meet tomorrow night? Not a date. Just .. like that.
_No. I can’t ! I’ve got a rendez-vous already
_oh! You’re not so single i would say…
_well it’s quite a complicated story you know. There is 99 % of chance of me staying single after this so..
_Then why not going out with me?
_You’re desperate are you?
_Oh god! Think better of it! So the advise was for this woman?
_You love her?
_You told her?
_She does not love me back.
_Tragic! Oh that’s because she thinks you’re a loser?
_Well, yes And part because she can’t let herself fall in love.
_Hum sound familiar to me.
_You’ve got the same problem?
_Kinda. But why did she accept to get out with you then? ( change the subject quick)
_That’s a long story.
_well i can’t help you much here. Does she know you well?
_Does you know her well?
_Then if she does not love you that’s mean that she ‘ll never love you. Sorry to be hard but..
_That’s why i said 99% of chance last time..
_You should have tried the 100%
_Thanx! I ask for some help and here what i get! :) Anyway! I can tell you after the rendezvous how it went if you’re interested?
_Hum. Why not. (Actually Miss Parker was enjoying the chat)
_Then i’ll be on the chat the day after tomorrow at the same hour. Is that okay for you?
_Yes. Btw is your name Jarod?
_Nope: a nick.
_And why did you chose this one?
_a long story.
_Everything is a matter of long story about you.
_Maybe one other day you’ll learn more.
_Oh, you’ve got a secret life?
_I wish i hadn’t! But hey it’s the price to pay being superman
_I must say that being superwoman isn’t very easy everyday too
_well Good night then
_Good night.

Miss Parker left, without someone.
And it’s 11 pm!
Well we’ll see that tomorrow

The Morning after
The Centre
Miss Parker’s headquarters

Broots knocked at her door.

What was the only answer. He entered.

_Hum, Parker..I’ve go something for you.

_Shoot then.

_Here it’s a file that Lyle dropped into my office. As you weren’t there he asked me to give it to you. It is quite urgent he said.

_Well, Thanx my dear brother next time you see him will you?
With that it’s quite clear that Broots was supposed to leave but nevertheless he dared to ask (very carefully).

_Have you found someone yet?

_I did not take care of that matter already Miss Parker lied.

_You know what’s hard with you Parker is that even when you’re lying you’re so sure of yourself that we really can’t say when that happen!

_Maybe one day you’ll finally find out …she suggested.

On that Broots left.

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