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Disclaimer- Miss Parker, Jarod, Sydney, Broots, and the rest of the Pretender gang do not belong to me...darn it. They belong to NBC and now, maybe, TNT. No infringement intended so please don't sue me. I am only playing with them and I promise they won’t be any worse for wear when they are eventually returned. On the other hand, they might be a little brainwashed. The song is called “Next Plane Out” and it is owned and sung by Celine Dion. I love the song and I also would love it if they didn’t try to sue me either.
Note: I wrote a song fic…I wrote a song fic…I still can’t believe it. It came to me when I was sleeping on a car trip and I just kinda wrote it down on the computer so don’t yell at me. Despite that I would love feedback! Thanx! ~Jackie

It was a dark and stormy night.
~ Edward Bulwer-Lytton


Gonna Be With My Baby
By Jaclyn Parker

Miss Parker slammed her front door closed and shook off her drenched umbrella. She sighed deeply, took off her trench coat, and hung it up on the hook by the front door. Miss Parker shivered as cool air from her air conditioning hit her damp skin, causing her to get goose bumps. The ends of her hair, which was plastered against her head despite the effort with the umbrella, dripped down her neck making her grimace at the feel of tiny rivers running down her back.

“Dammit.” She groaned listening to the pounding of the wind and rain against her house. “It figures.” Miss Parker said in reference to the weather that matched her mood perfectly.

Miss Parker walked briskly into her bedroom, not caring she was dripping water as she moved, and over to her bed. She grabbed her robe off of the covers and shimmied out of her work clothes. The warmth of her body mixed with the cool air of her room, creating a sheer film of sweat and rain over her body. Miss Parker quickly made her way into the bathroom and soon was being pelted by soothing drops of water from her showerhead. Fifteen minutes later, she stepped out and wrapped herself in her warm lightweight terry-cloth bathrobe. She padded into the kitchen and put a kettle of water onto the stove to boil.

She had just finished when the phone rang and, as usual, without even answering it she knew immediately who it was.

“What?” she said into the phone leaning against the kitchen doorframe.

“How’s the weather over there?” Jarod’s voice entered her ear.

“Very funny.” she said making a face that she regretted after remembering he couldn’t see her.

“Awww, you should enjoy the rain, Miss Parker. It is said to help some people reflect on themselves. That is assuming they know who they really are.”

“Jarod...” Miss Parker said placing her thumb and fore finger on the bridge of her nose and pinching gently to relieve the pressure she felt beginning to build. Her typical headache was coming on. The one she always got when she had these phone conversations with Jarod.

“Yes, Miss Parker?” Jarod said enjoying his little cat and mouse game with his childhood friend turned foe.

“I haven’t had the best of days so could we just skip the messing with my head tonight?” she asked him dryly, now wanting desperately to take an aspirin.

“So come see me.” Jarod whispered into the phone.

Miss Parker’s head shot up and her eyes widened. “What did you say?”

“You heard me,” he said a smile on his lips and in his tone. “You have my current address. Come and see me.”

“Jarod,” Miss Parker hissed into the phone. “Have you gone crazy...again?” she said remembering after the fire in SL 27.

Jarod laughed and the sound warmed her more than the shower had. “No, Parker. I haven’t gone crazy...again. I scrambled the signal on my phone and yours so they can’t hear us. All they’re getting is static.”

“Oh.” Miss Parker said, not knowing how to respond.

“So...” Jarod said. “Are you going to come see me?”

“Jarod, you know I can’t do that.” Miss Parker said, sighing heavily.

“No, I don’t. I know you want to.”

“Maybe I don’t.” Miss Parker said, lying through her teeth.

“Don’t lie to me Parker. I have held you for an entire weekend wearing nothing but our birthday suits and kissed your most intimate places. You can’t lie to me.” Jarod said huskily remembering the time he was talking about.

“Jarod, I won’t do this anymore. I am supposed to bring you back and that’s what I am going to do from now on. I can’t afford to fail.” Miss Parker said hating herself, but doing it anyway.

“What?” Jarod said incredulously. “Are you kidding me?”

“No and next time we meet it will be me taking you back to the Centre.” Miss Parker said and hung up the phone.

She leaned her head back to rest it against the doorframe along with her body and felt the huge urge to slide down to sit on the floor. She always felt emotionally spent after her phone conversations with Jarod a.k.a. A Pretender a.k.a. Her Prey a.k.a. Her Lover.

The shrill whistle of the tea kettle brought her back to reality and she took the harsh sounding piece of pottery off the hot stove, relieving her ears of the torturous sound.

She padded over to the couch and settled herself onto it and sipped the hot cup of bitter liquid. She lifted up the stereo dial and turned it to the CD function. She hit the play button and Bon Jovi blared out of the speakers. She winced and after turning down the volume considerably, she switched to the second CD. The first strains of Bach came out and flowed over, but as relaxing as it was she didn’t feel like sleeping just yet so she hit the CD changer again and waited for the next CD to load. Celine Dion started to belt out a love song and Miss Parker shrugged. No one could ever accuse her of not having eclectic taste in music.

She relaxed, hit the random button on the remote and waited until the next song played. She listened to the words and the rain, which still pounded against the walls, and let both of them flow over her.

I listen to the sound of the rain
Fallin’ down my window
Prayin’ for a gentle wind
To bring my baby back again
Trying to be strong but I'm not getting
Any stronger
Loneliness is tearing apart this heart
Of mine
I lay awake ‘coz I can’t take another
Night lonely
It’s been too long, I can’t hold on
No more
Leaving on the next plane out
Coz I gotta see my baby
It’s been too long since I held him
In my arms
And I just won’t sleep at night
Till he’s sleeping here beside me
Here beside me again
Gotta be with my baby

Miss Parker sat up straighter and concentrated more on the words. They were hitting to close to home for her to ignore.

Talkin on the phone but that don’t
Make it any better
Nothing’s gonna ease this pain
Until I'm in his arms again
Runnin’ down the stairs There’s a taxi
That’s waiting for me
Loneliness I'm gonna leave you
Far behind
I’d walk for days through
Pouring rain
Anything to be with him
It’s been too long, I can’t be
Strong no more

Leaving on the next plane out
Coz I gotta see my baby
It’s been too long since I held him
In my arms
And I just won’t sleep at night
Till he’s sleeping here beside me
Here beside me again

Miss Parker glanced at her phone and thought back to phone conversations between her and Jarod each time they had hit a chord in her whether she wanted them to or not. Oh, whom was she kidding? She never wanted them to. If they did she was too exposed, too vulnerable...too close to be untouched by the love and concern she felt radiate from him. Even after the conversation they had tonight, he would still try. Try and knock down the walls she had so painfully constructed around her heart. She looked again at the phone, but this time she contemplated doing as the song said: calling a cab and just throwing caution to the wind.

“No.” she said shaking her head adamantly, determined to defy the song and stay strong.

Gotta be with him
Gotta be by his side
Gonna be with him
My heart’s made up my mind

Leaving on the next plane out
Coz’ I gotta see my baby
It’s been too long since I held him
In my arms
And I just won’t sleep at night
Till he’s sleeping here beside me
Here beside me again

This verse made Miss Parker shiver because she was remembering the first time she and Jarod had become one.

It had been a routine chase, but Miss Parker had taken a plane out a day before anyone else to save time. It ended up not mattering, though, because the rest of the sweeper team, which included Sydney and Broots, couldn’t come out anyway because of a huge storm that had canceled their flight.

She had gone to Jarod’s supposed location anyway, on a dusky California night, and had been taken by surprise when she opened the door to his rented penthouse apartment and was greeted by the entire place lit up by candles. She’d held her gun in front of her, ready to shoot at anything that moved, when she’d come across a very romantic table set for two and an expensive bottle of champagne chilling nearby. Miss Parker had lowered her gun in confusion and in doing so was taken off guard by Jarod who had come behind her, wrapping his arm around her chest above her breasts. He had stealthily taken the gun from her hand and still managed to hold her tightly to him.

She’d whirled around to try and attack him, but he held her fast to his body and let her struggle. After a few minutes of vain struggle she’d stopped, realizing it was indeed useless. He’d smiled and nearly giving her a heart attack from shock, kissed her just beneath her ear.

She’d gasped and growled out, “Are you insane? Or do you have a death wish?”

Jarod had just chuckled and whispered, “Maybe a little of both.” He had placed the gun on a nearby counter top and taken a wrapped gift off of it. He’d let her go, stepping away from her and held out the present. She’d jumped away from his body and looked around him frantically to see if she could reach her gun.

“It’s no use, even if you could get to it, Miss Parker.” He’d said seeing her eyes dart around him. He held up his other hand and in his palm had lain her bullet clip and also the firing mechanism to her nine-millimeter.

She’d glared at him and glanced down at the gift he still held towards her. “What is that?” she had asked warily eyeing the package as if it contained a bomb.

“I found it and knew you should have it without any games.” Jarod had said lowering his gaze out of something, though she couldn’t determine what exactly. He’d looked up after a minute when he realized she hadn’t touched the present. Figuring out he would have to motivate her somehow he’d said softly, “It was your mother’s.”

At that she’d taken the gift and hurriedly unwrapped it, then opened the necklace box she found inside. Lying on a velvet pad was an oval-shaped, intricately designed, antique, platinum locket with the Latin phrase, “Nunquam absque meus amour” etched on the front cover in fancy script.

She’d looked at Jarod an unspoken question in her eyes and he’d told her, “Never without my love.”

She’d nodded and opened the locket, gasping at the pictures she found inside. On one side was a photograph of her mother and her the year before Catherine Parker had died. The opposite side contained an old picture that Miss Parker knew from long ago was her grandmother and her mother around the same ages. She took it out of the box and clutched it to her chest for a few brief moments then she had remembered that Jarod was standing right there.

“Why?” Miss Parker asked suspiciously, still giving him her standard death look although it was obscured somewhat by unshed tears. “Why did you give this to me?”

Jarod had looked at so weirdly she had placed her arms across her stomach to try and stop the chills it gave her. “What?” she demanded wanting him to stop looking at her like that.

“You really don’t know do you?” Jarod had asked, half in shock, half in sorrow.

“No, now tell me what the hell is going on!” she’d yelled at him.

“Miss Parker, do you know the date?” he’d asked her slowly reaching out an arm as if to hold her up if necessary.

“What the hell kind of question is that?” she’d asked him as if he had lost his mind. “Of course I know the date. It’s April thir...” she said and realizing what she had just said she’d felt her knees go weak and did something she hadn’t done since she was child; she reached out and accepted the arm of support Jarod had offered her.

She’d sat down hard at one of the settings at the table and looked at him in shock. “Oh my God.” she’d gasped at him, her voice filled with horror. “How could I forget? I was so consumed with catching you this time, I completely forgot. I have been so close before, but I had a gut feeling this time that you and I would be face to face, so I was intent on everything going perfect. But still, how could I have forgotten?” she cried out her voice sounding like a small child’s who had gotten lost and was now frightened. Truth be told, it wasn’t far off the mark. In all of the years in her life, she had never once forgotten the date that the most important person in her life had died. The pain had always been so great that she had known the day was coming weeks in advance, but this time...

Miss parker’s grey-blue eyes had looked into Jarod’s with he expression of a frightened child. “What does it mean?” she had whispered scared beyond anything she had ever known.

“It means you’re starting to heal.” Jarod had said and run a comforting hand over her dark head like he would a child. She looked into his eyes for comfort and he tried to lighten the mood by adding, “Or you really want be back at the Centre.”

She had smiled ruefully and shook her head slightly. “Let me help you?” he had asked her in a voice like her, soft and questioning like a small child’s voice.

They had looked at each other and finally felt the connection that had been frayed for so long begin to repair itself. She’d nodded and they had spent the entire night and next day getting to re-know each other, then it had progressed into loving kisses and passionate caresses. By the time she had to leave to go back to the Centre, they had been lovers many times over.

Since then every time he had called, they had kept up a cold banter until Jarod gave the signal that he had scrambled the bug in her phone. Then they told each other how much they missed one another and how long it would be till they saw each other again. The had been on several rendevous, complete with champagne and candlelight as a symbol of the first time, but lately the Centre had been watching too closely for tehm to be together. It had been 3 weeks since they had held each other in a lover’s embrace. It was tearing them both apart.

Gotta be with my baby, Gonna be
With my Baby
Gonna take the next plane or
The next train
Gotta get there; Gotta see my baby
And nothing’s gonna stop me from
Leavin this time
Leavin on the next plane...

The song finished up and with the last word running through her mind Miss Parker found herself curled up in a ball on her couch, hugging her knees to her chest. She looked at the phone and remembered the safe feeling she got when she was with Jarod and knew immediately what she wanted. She picked up the phone and with a determined voice booked a flight out to where he was. She knew that the scramble he had put on her phone from their conversation would last about 12 hours so she was not worried about being traced.

After getting herself a seat in first class on the ten o’ clock flight, she hung up the phone and leaned back against the back of the couch. “Gonna see my baby.” she murmured to herself, smiling widely, then hurriedly went to go pack.


Jarod grinned as he heard Miss Parker book herself a flight on the next plane out to his destination. He turned off the surveillance equipment and hid it back in the closet. He let out the huge breath he had been holding since he had heard her pick up the phone. Jarod wanted to say he knew she’d change her mind, but in truth he had only been praying so. He was glad someone up there had heard his prayers. It had been too long!

Jarod quickly tossed on his leather jacket and grabbed his car keys off the counter. He only had three hours to get everything ready and he hadn’t even gotten the candles! He ran out of the small condo he had rented and jumped into his car. Flipping on the radio, he began humming along to the song that came out of the speakers.

I listen to the sound of the rain
Fallin’ down my window...

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