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Beth looked up at the clock. “Bailey, it looks like its closing time again. Do you want to stay for dinner? I think it might be nice if you got to know Kyle. I don’t know how long he will be around, but he is a nice guy.”

“Cool! What are we having?”

“Well, Mrs. Beasley brought me some steaks for helping her pet goat and it’s a nice night. Why don’t we break out the barbecue so Kyle and you can bond over the grill?” Beth smirked.

“Sounds like a plan.” Bailey smiled at Beth.

“I’ll go tell Kyle and get the steaks; you pull the grill around to the front of the house.” Beth headed into the house. As soon as she had entered the house, she called, “Kyle? Kyle, Bailey’s staying for dinner. We were planning on having a barbecue. Do you want to go out and help him with the grill?”

Kyle came swinging down the hall on his crutches. “I’ll help, but I have a question. What is a barbecue?”

Beth was removing the steaks from the frig when the question hit her. She turned on her heels and stared Kyle down. “You’re kidding right.”

“Afraid not. You could say I had a deprived childhood.”

“Yeah, you could say that.” Beth headed towards the door. “Follow me. I’ll show you what a barbecue is.”

Beth trotted out the door and towards Bailey. “Here.” She handed him the steaks. Kyle had followed her. “Kyle, stick with Bailey and you will soon learn what a barbecue is.”

“Beth? Who is the fourth steak for?” Bailey seemed confused what with there being only three of them.

“Well, I was going to call Christine and see if she would like to join us.” Beth’s assistant Christine has a special affection towards Bailey and Bailey returned it. They were Beth’s closest friends and she would do everything she possibly could to push their relationship along. Chris and Bailey had been going out for awhile and Beth knew it was serious.

Bailey just smiled and put the steaks on the grill.

A half an hour later, Beth was bringing her side dishes out to the picnic table where they were planning on eating. Beth had made baked potatoes, corn on the cob, guacamole, and lemonade all of which she was sure Kyle had never had.

Beth had called Christine about twenty minutes ago and Christine said she was on her way. She could be here at any minute. Beth looked up at the guys laughing and talking. Beth was sure Bailey was telling all his jokes and was also sure they would be new to Kyle.

Beth was headed back into the house when she heard Kyle yell, “You’re so funny.” Kyle screeched as his head went back to laugh. Beth smiled and turned back towards the house. She then heard a car and a little horn honk; she knew it was Chris in her old convertible Bug. Beth turned toward the sound and saw Chris jump out of the car and sprint towards Bailey and Kyle.

“Hello, you must be Kyle. It is nice to meet you. I’m Christine, but people call me Chris.” Chris extended her hand to Kyle.

Kyle shuffled his weight onto his good leg and shook her hand. “It is nice to meet you too, and yes, I’m Kyle.”

Beth headed towards them and heard Chris say, “Beth was right, you are a cutie.”

Beth stopped dead in her tracks. “Chris! You have a big mouth! Get in here.” Beth turned and ran into the house yelling, “I need help.”

Chris sheepishly followed.

When Chris got into the house, Beth was waiting. “What were you thinking? You told him I think he is cute?!” Beth threw her hands into the air.

“I’m sorry. It just kind of came out. I was trying to make conversation and I guess I spoke my mind. I agree with you though.”

“He is cute isn’t he?” Beth smiled and picked up some Pepsi’s off the counter. “Get the rest.” Chris complied.


The police had cleaned up the mess that was created by the van explosion. They had never found a body in the van, but the flames were supposedly hot enough to burn the bones of a body. Special Agent Corkus didn’t believe John Doe was in the vehicle, but the PTB’s wouldn’t give him any more manpower or time to pursue John Doe. The Bureau had ordered him to Washington, and while he was going to go, he still felt John Doe was close and he was going to let him get away.

Corkus wanted to defy his superiors, but they made it perfectly clear if he didn’t leave today, he would have to hand over his badge. He couldn’t lose his job over that psychopath. He needed to keep his job so he could catch John Doe another day. However, he would be looking into Agent Ness. He had already sent someone to trace Ness’ career and tell him why he was helping John Doe.

“Sir, here is the information you requested,” a young agent came up behind Corkus.

“Thank you, son.” Corkus took the information and opened it ignoring the young agent completely. Inside the file of Agent Jarod Ness was nothing. His credentials were all falsified. He wasn’t an agent; he was pretending. Then Corkus noticed the blood sample on Jarod Ness. “Damn it.” Corkus ran over to his car and flung the door opened. He pulled out a file on the John Doe. He checked the blood sample taken of John Doe at the prison. “Same rare blood type. AB Negative. Damn it! They’re brothers!” Corkus looked up at his partner. “Have the bureau check Ness’ last know address. This guy is the brother of John Doe and I want him. NOW!”

“Got it.” Corkus’ partner radioed it in.

Corkus looked out over the embankment. If Ness had fled, it would be one more person that got away and there was nothing Corkus could do about it because he had a flight to catch especially if he wanted to keep his job. Corkus and his partner got in the car. Corkus backed up the car and headed down the highway towards the airport.


“And then Bailey saw him and asked if he had jumped off the table.” Beth repeated the joke Bailey had made earlier in the day.

Kyle started laughing. He couldn’t help it. These people were hysterical. Once Kyle stopped laughing, everyone seemed far too quiet. “Soo… who is the guy who was here earlier? Jake was it?”

Beth and Christine let out a big sigh. “He is a pain.” Chris stated. “He has a thing for Beth, but she doesn’t give him the time of day.”

“He is just a little too persistent for my taste.” Beth stood and started clearing off the table. “Chris, could you help me?”

“Sure.” Chris started picking up things from the table and carrying them into the house.

Kyle watched as the girls disappeared into the house. “So how long have you and Chris been involved?”

“Oh, almost a year now.” Bailey smiled.

“Wow. That is along time. I couldn’t imagine being with someone that long. That might be because I have never been with someone.”

“Never!” Bailey was in shock. “You haven’t had one girlfriend?”

“Nope. I've been, kind of, away. They don’t have many girls where I was.”

“Where were you, the arctic?” Bailey asked.

“Something like that.” Kyle watched the girls coming out.

“I should get going.” Chris said.

“Yeah, so should I.” Bailey smiled.

“You two have fun.” Beth yelled as they both headed to Chris’ car.


Corkus sat on the plane as it landed in Washington DC. He was ordered back, but he had no intention of letting go of this case. He knew John Doe was waiting, lurking in the corners, ready to strike again. Corkus grabbed the armrests as the plan landed. He had never gotten used to the take offs or the landings. He wasn’t fond of flying to begin with, but the hole hitting the ground, whether meant to or not, was not comforting. As soon and the plan landed, Corkus rose and headed towards the exit. He wanted off.

Corkus was walking out of the gate when a young agent he recognized from the DC office walked up to him, “Agent Corkus, I have been expecting you.”

“Do you have something for me or are you simply here to wave hello.” Corkus walked away from the gate with his hands in his pockets and his jacket looped through one of his arms.

The young agent tried keeping pace with him but it seemed Corkus had no intention of letting the young agent. “I have the file you requested. And it has been accessed within the last hour.”

Corkus stopped in the middle of the crowd and the young agent nearly ran into him. “What did you say your name was, kid?”


“Well, Townsend, wow me. Tell me what I need to know?”

Townsend looked at the older agent. ‘Here’s your chance,’ he thought to himself. “Well, you asked for someone to look into the file on Agent Ness and so…”

“First, let’s get something straight. He isn’t an agent, so call him Ness.”

“Okay. Ness’ file was flagged to be pulled, and when we went to pull it, someone had hacked into our computers and was reading the file.”

Corkus started to pace. “Who has an interest in this guy besides me?”

“Apparently someone from Delaware. That is as far as the person could be traced.”

Corkus began following Townsend to his car. “Could you take me to the office?”


Townsend and Corkus got in the car and drove off.


Days Later:

Jarod -- dressed in a pale suit, standing outdoors -- called Sydney on his cell phone. When Sydney answered Jarod proceeded to tell him, even though he's tired, he's never going to give up looking for his family. Jarod asked Sydney to tell him where Kyle's body was buried. Sydney paused for a moment and then told Jarod the fire in the van burned so hot for so long it incinerated Kyle's remains. There was no body left to bury. Irritated that he is again left with "nothing", Jarod goes silent for a moment. In that silence, Sydney warns him the forces at The Centre are more determined now than ever to find him, and he asks Jarod if he knows what he's going to do next. Jarod answers, "I have a few ideas... Catch me if you can."

Jarod shuts off his cell phone, puts his sunglasses on, and smiles up into the sky at the launching of the space shuttle.


Three Weeks Later:

Miss Parker walked through the airport. The Centre had caught wind of an agent that was still looking into Kyle’s death. The body had been incinerated in the fire, but apparently this agent didn’t believe it. Miss Parker felt it was a waste of time to go searching for a dead man but the Centre and her father had ordered her to do so. She didn’t want to waste time when she could be tracking Jarod, but she had no choice.

Miss Parker walked out from the airport. “Thank God.” She lit up instinctively.

Sydney was right behind her and he simply shook his head. He flagged down the car that was obviously sent by the rental agency to pick them up.

Miss Parker took one last puff before she dropped the cigarette and stepped on it. She went around and took the drivers seat. Sydney got into the passengers seat. “To the DC FBI’s office it is,” Miss Parker commented.


Jake Mitchell sat in front of his TV flipping through his 200 channels. “Nothing on.” His dog Toby was in good health and running free in the yard. Jake left the TV on an unknown channel, and got up from his recliner to grab a beer from the kitchen.

The program he had left it on returned from the ads. “The accident involving the John Doe escapee is suspected of being a police blunder. The local Police Department says they were informed that the FBI was taking over to find this man, when things got out of hand…”

Jake entered the room with his beer and noticed the picture of John Doe on the screen. “That’s that Kyle guy.” Jake muted the TV and picked up the phone.

“Hello, this is the FBI, how may I direct your call?”


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