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Disclaimer: The characters Miss Parker, Sydney, Jarod, Broots etc. and the fictional Centre, are all property of MTM, TNT and NBC Productions and used
without permission. I'm not making any money out of this and no infringement is intended.

Two Extremes
Felicity Drummond

The truth hurts, so what am I a sadist. In searching for the past I’m searching for myself. I don’t think I’ll like what I find. I don’t like what I’ve found so far. Lyle? Not exactly the most complimentary of accessories. It scares me the similarity’s I can see between us. That I was only a twist of fate away from severe psychological breakdown. I miss my twin, who he could have been. It is like I’m not complete but if there’s one thing I’ve learned never regret one moment of the past, it will only come back to haunt you.

“Parker!” His voice is poetic, singsong, taunting.

“Yes Lyle.” Her smile is poisonous, deadly, daring. They stare at one another in mutual distrust. Under the surface mutual distaste intermingles with a silent longing for either approval or affinity. They want what has been taken from them but are unsure how to navigate their way past suspicion and regain it.

“So Lyle, any special reason you conveniently slithered into my office. Asian secretary’s unavailable to torment?” her eyebrow raised in obvious disapproval which cut straight to his heart hurting so much he didn’t even feel or acknowledge the injury.

Instead he grinned. “Does a brother need a reason to look in on his beautiful sister.”

The way he enunciated beautiful sent stinging shivers down her spine. She stood, uncomfortable with the height advantage he held in standing. Her heels brought her level with his face but still slightly shorter, she sighed in annoyance stepping round the desk and face to face with him before sweeping past.

“Where are you going?” He asked curiously.

“To buy some new shoes.” She answered glaring back over her shoulder at his Cheshire smile.

“Didn’t Daddy cancel you’re credit cards?”

“Do me a favour and die while I’m out!” She hissed back sarcastically storming from the room and almost running over Sydney in the hall.

He sent Lyle an accusing look. “What have you done to upset her this time?” He questioned.

Lyle rolled his eyes. “I don’t know, existed!”

Sydney smiled grimly. “There should be a restraining order between you two.”

“Well Sydney you know what they say.”

“What?” “Absence makes the heart grow fonder. It was either that or we can’t live with each other and we can’t live without each other. He mumbled the last bit as he left the room shaking his head. Sydney sighed turning back to his work.


The Shopping Centre was crowded with teenagers and mothers with small children. The curse of school holidays Miss Parker mused to herself as she headed into a shop being seemingly avoided. Envious looks she was oblivious to followed her, few could afford the exorbitant prices however the range of expensive clothes and shoes were still not expensive enough to suit her tastes.

She usually imported directly from Paris or Italy but as brother dearest had so subtely pointed out lately their father had cut down her credit card limit. For her this was slumming it. She sighed in frustration as she entered and spotted her brother chatting up one of the shop girls.

“Lyle what the hell are you doing here?” she stormed in annoyance.

Shopping he answered simply. She glared at him suspiciously.

“Ok Ok!” he gave in “I asked you’re secretary where you went. Is there a law about checking up on ones sister?”

“Not unless you’re suicidal, Sometimes I could swear you are worse than Jarod.”

“Oh it’s just he doesn’t make it his mission in life to torment you it’s only a part time occupation so where are we going next?”

“We?” She asked in disbelief and sighed defeated, seeing he wasn’t leaving her side for the near future. “We’re not going anywhere, I haven’t finished here yet. Actually you could come in useful.”

Lyle took note of the mischievous look in her eyes. “Me or my credit card?” He questioned caustically trailing along behind her as she searched through the racks of clothes for what she was looking for. A red silk indecently short dress of oriental style caught Lyle’s eye and he handed it innocently to his sister. She looked it over carefully before meeting his eyes thoughtfully.

“What! Do I have to beg?” he pleaded.

“It would help.” She teased “But what the hell, wait for me.” She edged her way into the cramped dressing room slipping the cool material over her head and admiring the effect. It suited her and the thought it might drive Lyle wild didn’t help. She shrugged her shoulders deciding she needed a second opinion. After all he was there and he was a man.

“Lyle.” she called a muffled yes was proceeded with a glimpse of his shoes under the door. “Get in here.” she demanded reaching her am out and pulling him inside. “What do you think.” she whispered he took a step back his eyes wondering from the ground to her eyes. He took a shaky breath. The look in his eyes was all the answer she needed.

“It’s exquisite Parker but there’s only one problem.”

“What?” she questioned concerned and distracted.

“The immediate desire to help you out of it.”

She smiled seductively. “Why Lyle is that a proposition.”

He took a step closer and she felt exhilarating fear tingle through her senses. His eyes were dark with indecent hunger the type of which should never be communicated between brother and sister. The forbidden aspect gave the situation a current of irresistible tension.

“Call it a threat.” He concluded backing away.

She took several short gasps of air attempting to recover while shaking from the encounter. His words caused Goosebumps to run up and down her arms.

“Oh and charge it to my Centre account.” He concluded his voice distant as he walked away.

“What shall I classify it as?” She called after him

“Travel!” he answered.

She exited normally dressed a few seconds later handing the dress to the shop assistant who wrapped it carefully in a box. She headed over to where Lyle was waiting purchase in hand and smiled completely relaxed in the non-work environment.

“Now, about them shoes.”

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