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Story Notes:
This is a story for the PretenderForsaken 'Four Seasons Challenge'


The day is still young. Way too young to be up yet. It's barely light outside, but the Centre demands attention once more.

The start of the day, while unwelcome, of course brings coffee. Sometimes, rituals are tied to the coffee, to the start of the day. So yeah, coffee is a matter of perspective. The good Columbian, or the cheap from next door's 7-11? What does coffee say about the person drinking it? And what's in a good coffee for our protagonists?

For Miss Parker, coffee is the only way to start the day. She's not a morning person and without coffee, people are even more at risk than they usually are. Her coffee comes black. Dark and strong enough to make your insides melt, with an aroma that alone wakes you up.

Jarod's coffee, contrary to Miss Parker's, is so sweet it makes your toes curl - especially that early in the morning. There's way too much sugar in there and while Miss Parker's spoon will stand by itself due to the strong coffee, the spoon in Jarod's mug will stick in a heap of sugar that won't dissolve anymore.

Lyle drinks his coffee mostly black, but on occasion - depending on the mood and the day's intention - he will add a lick of sugar and cream, softening his demeanor to sell his dark schemes under the guise of a silver tongue... coffee helps. At home, he has a coffee mug that says 'BOSS' in big black lettering and he drinks from it each morning, holding onto the very real reminder of where he's planning on ending up.

So how does our resident psychiatrist drink his coffee? The simple and simultaneous answer is: contemplatively (fun intended *g*). Other than that, he adds a little bit of cream to ease the day.

Broots coffee will be bought at the vending machine on SL-2. He doesn't have time to stop for real coffee on the way in, racing his bike. On top of that, the vending machine offers the newest rumors of the Centre, told by Mannie or whoever is just available. His coffee can't quite equal Jarod's in sweetness, but he will use tons of milk to cool the coffee down so that when Miss Parker comes to threaten and scare, it won't be quite as hot anymore. Hey, the poor man learned from hard won experience...

Now Raines; that's simple, really. The man inhales his coffee (pun intended). The coffee of course, is black as the night, in the same manner as his soul as it's thinking up the day's newest experiments.

What a way to start the day...

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