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Story Notes:

I started this story as a joke for a couple friends, to whom I introduced Star Trek and with whom I discovered the Pretender. Eventually it turned into an interesting analysis of character, as well as a good romp. It was my first piece of Pretender fan fiction and my first fan fiction at all in about five years.

Written in the same sort of format as a Pretender episode, with teaser, 3 acts, and epilogue. As well as Special Features.

Author's Chapter Notes:
The teaser is the opening of a television episode, the brief, tantalizing introduction to the story before the credits.

            “What is this thing?” the woman with the gun demanded. The warehouse owner had never seen a more beautiful woman who scared him so badly.

            “I don’t know. I just rented him the warehouse. He was always working in here, when he wasn’t spending long hours staring up at the stars with that telescope he made.”

            “He made it?”

            “The most brilliant astrophysicist I have ever worked with,” the man with the accent and pondering eyes said. It sounded like a quotation. “He’s doing a great deal of preparation for this one.”

            “And then he just disappeared?” the woman asked.

            “I could see lights and hear things going on as I came up to the door, but everything was quiet when I came in. He was gone. I know he was in here! I saw his shadow. There’s no way out except the way I came in. But he was gone!”

            “Relax,” the woman snapped. “He’s a regular Houdini. Did he leave anything for us?”

            “As a matter or fact, he did. Yesterday he gave me this. He looked a little strange—excited, you know? Like he’d just done something he’d always dreamed of doing.”

            The man and woman gave each other a look, a look that said they knew exactly what that meant but didn’t at the same time. The woman snatched the small box from his hand, tore off the lid, and plucked out the small circle of metal.

            “Not more of this stuff!”

            “It’s a nice one!” the warehouse owner protested. “Most of the ones you see are some kind of cheap plastic. This is some kind of metal I’ve never seen before, and it looks like it could almost work.”

            With a swirl of dark hair, she gave him a look that made him feel like a loathsome insect. “Don’t tell me you’re one of those lunatics.”

            “No red book?” her partner interposed.

            “Red book?” the owner repeated. “No.”

            “He left the telescope,” the distinguished-looking man said. “We should look at whatever he’s left it aimed at.”

            “Well, go to it, Galileo.” She turned away to the intimidating man in the suit who stood back by the door. “Get this stuff packed up. I want to get it back to Broots.”

            Broots? the warehouse owner wondered. What’s a Broots? Or where?


            Captain Picard and Lieutenant-Commander Deanna Troi met in the transporter room. At the captain’s nod, the transporter technician activated the transporter.

            “Do you know anything at all about this man, Counselor?” the captain asked.

            “No, Captain. I have never heard of him. And you don’t know anything about why he has been sent to the Enterprise?”

            “No, I don’t, Counselor. And that disturbs me.”

            The tall, lean man in red Starfleet uniform who beamed aboard was at attention when the transporter effect died away. Two silver cases stood at his feet. He said formally in a deep voice, “Commander Jarod Westmore. Request permission to come aboard, Captain.”

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