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Story Notes:

Inspired by the story Surfing In Paradise by Onisius,

beta'd by Sarah (who wanted more emotion but this is all I can do for now)

and posted for Cathy who just got back from holiday.

Author's Chapter Notes:
Takes place shortly after Jarod escapes the Centre.

A run on the beach, the ultimate feeling of freedom! The early morning sky above, the  beach deserted except for a few gulls, a occasional runner and the endless ocean  melting into the sky on the horizon.  The fingers of the wind  flowing through the hair,  a fine mist of salt water from the surf on the face, waves caressing his legs.  The swishy feel of sand as it pushes up between the toes as the foot lands, leaving footprints that disappear moments later as the sea washes them away, something he could only dreamed about a few months previously.

Dressed in shorts with a sweatshirt tied around his waist, this had been Jarod moments before as he ran along the shore bare foot.   He had had a burning desire to do this after having seen it done on TV shows such as Bay Watch and sun tan lotion commercials.  At first it was as he had pictured it but then the cold reality sank in.

Now he sat on the sand looking at his bloody feet and shivered.   The Pacific ocean was cold and while the sand felt good beneath his feet, he soon found that there were hidden hazards.  He bruised his right heel on a rock, scrapped the arch of his left foot on a shell but the worst was yet to come.  Stepping on a fishing hook with his right foot, he had not reacted quick enough to stop the momentum of his body as it pushed deeper into his foot with each step.

He grimaced with pain as he pulled the fishing hook out, then untied his sweatshirt from his waist and slipped it on as a pair of hairy legs ending in a pair of white running shoes appeared on the sand before him.

"Should have worn shoes."  A voice said.  The legs and shoes belonged to a darkly tanned man wearing shorts and a sweat shirt standing before him.   Pulling out a small first aid kit and handing it to him the man continued.

"This will help tie you over until you can get that taken care.  You'll  need a tetanus shot.  And next time, forget what you see on TV, try wearing shoes."  With those words of advice the blond man picked up his stride and was soon running down the beach.   

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