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Jarod paced up and down wondering when the next set of trick or treaters would finally show up.


“Come on Jarod man! Let's go to the party?” Ricky was his new friend. He had been in trouble with the local mob, but a few tricks and Jarod fixed all his problems. They had both been invited to a mask ball this Halloween night. Jarod's mind raced recalling the last party he went to. The soft feel of her skin on his.


“I should get going.” Jarod picked up his mask and his bag as Ricky reached out touching his arm.


“It's just one night. Remember you can be anyone you want to be tonight! It's Halloween man! Let's live a little! Maybe pick up a few girls?”


He glanced down at the mask letting out a snicker. “Did you have to pick Hawkman? I hardly have the chest for it.”


“You read those... what do you call them?”


“Comic books?” Jarod did now have a huge collection he was going to miss. No doubt Sydney and Miss Parker would collect everything. He could always steal them back from the Centre. The Hawkman costume had his chest bare and not to mention the tights. The wings on his back made him itch. “You know Ricky...” Jarod narrowed his eyes. “If I didn't know better I would swear you were setting me up for something.”


“Jarod, would I ever do anything to hurt you? I mean we are brothers now!” Ricky backed up his Green Lantern costume made the fat man look even heavier. He let out a sigh as Jarod folded his arms waiting for Ricky to come clean. “Alright! I have a few girls meeting us at this party. So do you want to go?”


Jarod found himself a few hours later following Ricky into a large ball room. He had to admit it had been since last Halloween since he had been with a woman.... Since her...


The flash of the pirate costume, and his own desires for her that night. Jarod let out a sigh wondering if that dream could ever come true again. He smiled at a few women who passed him by and glanced at a waiter who was handing him a glass of something. “What's this?”


“A screwdriver... Sir...” The waiter was wearing some sort of Ape costume.


“I didn't order this.”


“It comes from the lady.” He started to walk away as Jarod reached out touching the waiter's shoulder.


“From.... what lady!” Jarod glanced around the room noticing all the couples together as the waiter pointed out a red haired pirate sitting at the bar alone. He felt his heart race looking at her shapely form. 'It couldn't be her?' He walked up sitting down next to her. The woman's breast almost spilling out of her shirt as she nodded her head. The mask she wore gave no hint of who she was. Her eyes ... green... Jarod guessed they were contacts. “Thanks for the drink!” He lifted up the glass looking at her.


She flashed a coy smile reaching over and placing a hand on his leg. The woman watched as the Hawkman let out a cough as her hand reached up even futher.

Jarod felt a strange desire pound in his heart. The fact this woman was now touching his upper thigh was making his desire apparent. He felt himself glued to the bar.


Problems?” The woman had some sort of fake Irish accent.


If I didn't know better I would swear you wanted something.” Jarod closed his eyes enjoying the feel of the soft hand stroking his pride. Then that smell entered his nose. That smell....That was all her...”I don't even know your name.” He lied his eyes glazing over once more.


Desire” She whispered getting up and leaving a key.

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