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Story Notes:

My first attempt at the "Guess Who Guess What" game we've got going over at The Pretender SIM Forum (go here - if you're currious).


And, like my short one tends to be, it's a bit angsty, but not a lot. Well not a lot a lot at least.

Author's Chapter Notes:
Save me

Sweat coveres a petrified face like an opaque layer of truth, revealing the fear so well hidden in daylight. It makes the features sharper, almost cartoonlike, in the gleam light.

Save me

"I can't!" It's yelled without words into the darkness. Desperately. Hopelessly. Empty.

It failed, there's nothing more to do. It's up to someone else now.

A thin sheet of fabric slides to the side, leaving the upper body without protection. Cold.

The figure looks almost fragile in the light as two arms are wrapped around itself, more loosely than usually.

Someone else.

Repetition brings comfort, a false sense of security that is so desperately craved but never satisfied.

Not anymore.

In the small bed in a quiet room, tears are stopped before they fall.

Someone else

Chapter End Notes:

After guessing is complete at the forum I will post the answer down here.


And if you want to follow the guesses, go here.


Who: Cathrine Parker What: Sett after her failed rescue of Jarod, Angelo and Miss Parker.

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