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First Meetings

“Kyle, this is Timmy.”

“Timmy, this is Kyle.”

Shake hands and play nice. Don't kill him is what you're really saying.



So you’re the one he talks about, the one who is so much better than me, the one who he constantly compares me to but I can’t measure against. This is you, you who is smaller, weaker and everything less.

I bet you don’t decide who lives and dies.

“Why are you angry?”

“I’m not angry.”

“Yes you are. You’re always angry, always at me. I don’t even
know you. Why me?”


Because you’re so perfect you don’t even know you are. Because Dr Raines talks incessantly about how you are going to be better than Jarod and how you alone will atone for my failures.

He even had me create the ‘procedure’ for you.

You don’t know what they’re going to do to you, little innocent perfect boy. They’re going to fry your brains. Well, a part of your brain, just enough so that another will be forced out of hiding.

I bet you can’t ‘feel’ that.

We’ll see whose perfect then.

“…I don’t need a reason.”

“Everything has a reason. You hate me and you don’t even know

They glance at Dr Raines, quietly talking in the corner with a woman who keeps giving them strange looks, they both know this is to give them the illusion of privacy. As if the cameras weren’t still there. Watching with never tiring eyes.

“Do you miss your mum and dad?”



Timmy, perfect little Timmy. Timmy who can read your feelings, who can’t read your thoughts. Timmy who will become the greatest Pretender here. Timmy who remembers his parents.

Innocent little Timmy who will fry.

Fry, Timmy, fry.

I decide who lives and dies.

“I was just a baby.”

“How old?”

A shrug, “three? Four? Doesn’t matter.”

“I was five. They took me from my bed. My mum screamed as they took me away.”

Kyle shakes his head. “My parents asked that I go here. Dr Raines told me so, Dr Raines is my friend.”

Timmy smiles.

“Why would your mum and dad want you to learn that you decide
who lives and dies?”

“They … just do.”

Dr Raines doesn’t know I knew all along that the ‘procedure’ is for Timmy. He said it was for comatose patients, why would he care about comatose patients? You don’t have to be perfect Timmy with his empathic bullshit to know that Dr Raines doesn’t care about them. It was all for Timmy. My parents sent me here to work for the Centre and they try to make me create my own replacement.

One day they’ll all pay.

“Do you remember them at all?”

No. And I don’t want to. I keep the medal because Dr Raines doesn’t like it. That’s why.

“Do you always talk so much?”

Timmy smiles.

“Timmy, time to go.”

A nod.

“Say goodbye boys.”

“Goodbye, Kyle.”

“Goodbye, Timmy.”


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