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Story Notes:

This story is inspired by Gables "X Marks the Spot series". You may want to read: 'Never Stand on the X , X Marks the spot and Make Sure You're Not on an X and If I See One More X' by Gables first. They are short and cute, perfect recipe for a quick laugh.



"What are you doing?" Sydney asked as he watched Broots inspect everything in his cubicle with caution.

"I'm not taking any chances. You know Syd, since Jarod began playing pranks on Miss Parker, you can't be too careful."

"I don't think you have anything to worry about Broots. Jarod wouldn't risk his freedom to sneak into the Centre to play a prank on you." Still he had to chuckle at the thought.

"It's not Jarod that I'm worried about! It's Miss Parker. Have you seen her lately? She has this crazed look in her eyes since she got back at Jarod and ..." The tech motioned frantically with his hands, a look of terror on his face. "It's almost like she..she's enjoying this!"

"This is between her and Jarod, and it goes much deeper then a simple prank I'm afraid. A sub-conscious chance to revert back to their childhood perhaps. Unresolved emotions and the competitiveness that existed between the two of them as children." Sydney smiled and laughed as he remembered them growing up. "We have nothing to worry about from Miss Parker."

"Well I wouldn't be too sure." Broots knelt on the floor to look under his desk. "I'm the one she blamed for tripping the trap door and the sprinkler. She wasn't too happy about you laughing at her and don't forget her comment about 'Your lab rat has gone too far this time Sydney'!"

"Broots I told you, this is between Parker and Jarod." He smiled as he exited the room and left the poor tech to finish his inspection. " I'll be in my office if you need anything."

"Yeah, well don't say I didn't warn you!" Broots called after him as the door shut.

As Sydney walked down the hall he reflected on the events of the past few weeks. While they were a annoyance, the pranks had a certain childishness about them. He smiled at the mental picture of Miss Parker covered with silly string and how Jarod had set the trap door so Miss Parker would fall through and be covered in honey and feathers. His way of tar and feathering her. But the fire sprinkler incident was a master piece, it showed how well Jarod knew Miss Parker. Broots was correct, she had blamed him each time Jarod had succeeded.

After having suffered three of his pranks, Miss Parker had a prank of her own waiting for Jarod. And the satisfaction she had gotten from it's success had produced a subtle change in her. He had to agree with Broots, Miss Parker seemed different these days. As he reached for the door of his office, he hesitated. Miss Parker wouldn't take it a step further...would she?

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