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Disclaimer: The characters Miss Parker, Sydney, Jarod, Broots etc. and the fictional Centre, are all property of MTM and NBC Productions and used without permission. I'm not making any money out of this and no infringement is intended.

part 1


Sometimes I wish Chloe didn't talk so much. The Angel has a mouth. Yes, it's David -- Miss Parker's Angel. I'm guessing Chloe's introduced me, right? Yea, I must be right. I am right. Damn. Here goes my charge. Yes, she's my one and only as well. I don't know what the Big Guy has with these two... But it seems that they *must* be under *constant* supervision. Ever notice how stubborn she can be? Where does she get it?Not from me.(((Right.)))

_Parrrkeerr._ Please don't do this to yourself...

"Shut up, all right. Shut up. I can do this... I have before, I can again..." She speaks out loud, pulling herself out of bed after her alarm goes off at 6:30.

Take this day. Take it. Give yourself a break....

"Me taking a break won't help the hunt at all."

You'll be refreshed and--- "Just shut up, okay?!" She growls as she pulls on her shirt.

I'm shutting up now. Nothing for me to do. She won't listen to me prattle on and on about the same thing every single day. Chloe thinks I don't care about what she does. That I let her do whatever she wants.

Wrong. Try again. I care a lot about Parker. More than I should. I become... Hell I--- Oops. Sorry, Big Guy._Heaven_ knows I get too involved in what happens with her. Chloe and I are very alike -- And yet, totally different. Yes, I do slip. I may an angel, but I'm not perfect. I have let her fall a couple times, but what Catherine has instilled in this woman has never let her stay down for long.

Catherine. Catherine is above Angel Status I believe. Chloe should know. I would talk to Quirien-- Catherine's Old Angel--- But, I don't know where she is now... So many charges, so many Angels.

Anyways, Catherine was -- and still is--- a huge part of Parker's life. She often turns to her in times of need, and yes, Big Guy, this is against the rules... And don't tell Chloe -- Don't want her to think I'm getting soft on everyone...... But I often do get jealous.

I saved Parker's butt too many times to count.

Dealing with Death is like dealing with your dentist.Not only is he cold, rude, obnoxious--- And the outcome of any visit is painful.--- but he has the *worst* outfits.

Who ever said Death wore black? Everyone thinks that black and night are bad. (Just like Miss Parker. She isn't the villain, only a victim!) To quote a very smart mortal (Either very brilliant or really lucky), 'Never Fear The Night, only fear what's in it.'

Death changes... His wardrobe -- Whenever he seems to appears around me -- Which is often (Hey, I spend my following Parker around the Centre)-- is usually day-glow polyester.Gag, gag.

She's climbing into her Porsche. Hold on. Got to tell her to buckle up.

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