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Author's Chapter Notes:
This is the sequel to Mile High Club. You might want to read it first, but you don't really need to. Thanks to Maestra and Giton for all your help. I welcome any feedback. As they say, the good comes with the bad. Oh, I did have dreams/nightmares in bold, but I can't upload it like that. So now dreams/nightmares will be indicated with %% at the start and finish.


"Broots, please tell me you've got something? Anything?" Miss Parker asked, somewhat kindly, as she paced the Tech lab.

"Sorry M-Miss Parker, nothing. You'd think Jarod would be showing off to us, considering he escaped your custody.again." Broots added the last word on in a soft, exasperated tone.

Miss Parker heard his last comment, but was to tried to say anything.

It had been two months since she had let Wonder-boy go. *I wouldn't blame him for not talking to me, after what I did to him.* She let out a sad sigh. No clues, no midnight phone calls, no little packages that blew up in her face. Nothing, zip, nada. Miss Parker was still in 'time out' from the escape. Her father's punishment, seclusion, no 'Good-morning Angel', 'Any news on Jarod?', 'Stay out of this Angel, it doesn't concern you.' Nothing. She was being completely ignored.

Sometimes she imagined that he knew her dirty little secret. That someone had seen her and Jarod have sex. But her father would be doing more than not talking to her.

*What am I going to do? If I don't find a lead on Jarod soon, our lives will be in danger. What good are a Huntress, a Shrink and a Techie, if they can't do their jobs? Maybe I was to hard on him? Maybe I shouldn't have said the things I said? NO, wait. I had to say the things I said, to stay safe. If I had let genius think that there was even the slightest hint of feelings between us, I would have been doomed.*

"Miss Parker, Miss Parker, are you alright?"

Miss Parker came back to the world of the living dead. (Meaning them, if they didn't find Jarod.)

"Mm, what?"

"Are you alright Miss Parker?"

"Fine," She snapped a little to harshly. "What did you want?"

"I - um, I found Jarod."

Miss Parker's head shot up to read the computer screen.



"Now are you going to tell me the truth Dickson?"

"Go to hell Jarod!!" Dickson yelled.

"Been there, done that." Jarod replied causally.

"What do you want from me?"

"Other than the truth?" Jarod raised his eyebrows, "Nothing."

Jarod had pretended to be a receptionist at a law firm. Apparently Dickson, the lawyer, had been purposely losing certain cases to get a substantial deposit from the other side.

Jarod decided to get Dickson to the roof of their law firm, and just simply hold a gun on the man. He was starting to get over the whole revenge on a grand scale thing.

After a moment of silence, Jarod cocked the gun.

"Fine, have it your way."

Jarod fired a shot, hitting Dickson in his thigh, narrowly missing the femoral artery.

"Shall we try this again?" Jarod asked, raising an eyebrow, aiming the gun a little higher.

"Alright, alright!" Dickson yelled, "I took money from the other firms to lose the cases. Alright I said it, put that god-damn gun away!"

Jarod threw a pair of handcuffs at the bleeding man. With shaking hands, and a deep breath, Dickson cuffed his wrist to a pipe running along the roof.

"The cops should be here" Jarod stoped in mid-sentence. Tilting his head to the side, he heard the sirens of the squad cars approaching. With a satisfied smile, Jarod glared at the scared man as the ambulance came to a screaming halt. The pretender leaned over the edge of the law firm, to see the officers and paramedics quickly enter the busy building. With eyes cold enough to freeze Hell it self, Jarod turned back to Dickson, "Now."

With that said and done Jarod left the roof. Un-aware of the figure watching him leave.


%%%%%%%% Straps were tightened across his chest, restricting his heavy breathing. The smell in the air, god it smelt so good. Sweat, perfume

"You can now consider your self an official member of the very exclusive Mile High Club." The flushed, slightly messed up Parker had purred into his ear.

"Then why am I back in this chair?" He just had to go and brake the magical mood.

"Hello, genius you in there?" Her anger was starting to show.

"If I let you go- one, it would be useless as we are in a plane full of idiotic sweepers and well above the ground. And two, don't you think they'll know it was me?"

"Well, with the both of us we can take over the plane and leave the Centre behind us." Jarod had suggested hopefully, but as always, she had to go and insult him.

"Oh Jarod, don't be so naive, I will give you a chance to escape when we land, that's it. If you don't do it then. well you're stuck at the Centre forever."

The scene changed from the compartment he was strapped in, to him being handcuffed and dragged down the steps.

Hands were all over him, he hated that feeling. Sweepers gripping his arms on either side, Parker holding a gun to his back with a hand on his shoulder.

"I'm not a criminal." He had said, anger pouring out of his mouth.

"Well, you're soon to be locked up like one, Lab-rat." She had hissed back at him.

The pain he felt at her remarks was beyond describing. Why did she have to be so mean to him?

He had seen something shining on the ground three meters in front of him. After a few more steps Parker had pushed him hard, hard enough to go tumbling down to the ground.

"Get moving freak, I want to be back at the Centre ASAP!"

The town car was about fifteen minutes into the drive when it came to a stop.

She had let out a sigh, of relief or anger, he wasn't quite sure.

Parker shot a look at him, knowing he had a paperclip in his hands, then got out of the car to go and find out what was happening.

"What do you mean we are out of gas you moron! It should of been filled before you picked us up!" Was shouted to let him know that this was now up to him.

The freedom he felt when he had managed to get the cuffs of was extraordinary. He had peeked out of the window to see Miss Parker on the phone to the Centre telling them that they were ten more minutes away and to send another car. The door was pulled open just as he went to creep out. Sam stood there.

Fear, panic and dread flooded him. How was he meant to get away with the Sweeper towering over him. The uncuffed Pretender stared up in awe at the man, as he stepped aside and went to join the other Sweepers, distracting them.

"Go get the freak and keep him under guard." She ordered the Sweepers.

"What do you mean he's gone? Find him, you idiots!!'

He could hear her shouting even as he ran further into the woods.

All he felt was terror and adrenaline as he pushed his body beyond its limits. The pain in his legs only making him go further.

Gunshots! Lots of gunshots.

God, they we were closing in on him!! He let out a whimper of pain as a bullet tore through his flesh. Clutching his shoulder he ran faster than he thought humanly possible.

Pain was shooting all through him as he tumbled to the ground, slicing his hands on a sharp stick. He froze when he heard foot steps behind him. He slowly turned and looked up to find Sam towering down at him.

"Anything there boss?!" Was shouted in their direction.

"No! Go back to Miss Parker for further orders!" Was shouted back.

The bulky Sweeper bent over him and pulled him up by his dirty and torn pilot uniform.

"Stay away from her! If I find out you slept with her again I will personally drag your sorry ass to Raines himself. Am I understood?"

Sam might as well have just slapped him across the face with that comment.

A little to afraid to ask, but he did any way.

"How-how did y-you know?" He stuttered un-characteristically

"The jets are now equipped with surveillance since your last escape. I have the only copy you'll find on or off the computers. Go! And stay away from her, I mean it, I will not hesitate to make good on my threat!" Sam whispered harshly.


"I don't want Mr Lyle or Raines to torture you and find out."

With that said, he was pushed back to the ground roughly, only to watch the Sweeper leave.

"Stay away from her." Sam tossed over his should as he walked away from the frightened pretender.

He had tried to stand and keep moving but he hadn't slept for nearly 48 hours. Combine that with the blood loss and the utter exhaustion, mental and physical, he couldn't go anywhere.

He was so tired, overwhelmed and confused, with no energy left, he succumbed to the exhaustion and blacked out.



Jarod woke up breathing heavily. He always had the same nightmare, ever since the day he escaped.

Well, closer to being let go. He knew that it was Miss Parker that had dropped the paperclip. She had also pushed him to the ground purposely, so he could pick it up. But Sam, still it amazed him that he had let him go. If it wasn't for Sam's loyalty and protectiveness towards Miss Parker, he would be back in hell.

Jarod got up out of bed and went to the bathroom to wash his face. It was 3:30 am, he couldn't go back to sleep now. So Jarod decide to make some coffee and start to pack.

He really had no need to leave so soon as the Centre had no way of finding him, but there was nothing left here for him.


Miss Parker had left an hour after Broots had told her where to find the missing pretender. After landing on the Centre's personal air strip, she had meet with a Sweeper who gave her, her car.

They had found out that Jarod was working at a law firm called Dickson and Sedgwick. Jarod was operating under the name of Jarod Cordy.

When she arrived at the law firm and asked to speak with 'Mr Cordy', she was told that he was last seen heading to the roof after Mr Dickson. So she followed, hoping to catch Jarod before he left. Instead she had seen a very disturbing scene


Miss Parker wasn't prepared to see Jarod holding Mr Dickson at gunpoint, or for him to shoot the other man. He seemed so calm about it, so comfortable with shooting Dickson, it scared her. What happened to the caring Jarod they knew would not hurt someone intentionally. Unless in self-defence?

Once Jarod had the other man cuffed and called the police, he left, with Parker following.

It was knock-off time, almost everyone was leaving, Jarod followed the crowd exiting the building, discreetly disposing of the used fire arm in a rubbish bin along the way. Miss Parker used this to her advantage, weaving in and out of the workers, always hiding her face.

Jarod managed to get past the officers there to arrest Dickson, and walked out on to the street. Parker followed the pretender, keeping to the shadows of the slowly setting sun.

Jarod had gotten into a dark navy blue Ford Focus, neatly pulling from the curb, he hadn't noticed Miss Parker pull out after him.

Miss Parker had to be careful following him. She had decided to drive her car which she only used occasionally. She loved her dark forest green Boxter, she would only use it for special occasions, she hadn't seen to many around since she brought hers. Miss parkers theory was that, as it isn't a popular choice of car, if Jarod was paying attention, he would of seen her sticking out like a sore thumb. Therefore she kept three cars behind, sometimes two, and followed him to his lair. Jarod surprised her yet again when, instead of leaving straight away as usual, he went to bed.

*What's with him, is he on drugs or something?* Miss Parker pushed that thought away instantly. Jarod would never voluntarily take drugs, not since they forced the drug testing on him when he was a kid.

She stayed away for a few hours, until she knew he was asleep.

Ever so quietly, she picked the lock and let herself in. Miss Parker knew Jarod was a very light sleeper, when he did sleep.

She crept into Jarod's room and stood at the foot of his bed, just watching him sleep. Jarod was tossing and turning a bit, enough to let Miss Parker know, he was dreaming something not to pleasant.

"I'm not a criminal." She heard him whisper and knew exactly what he was dreaming about.

Jarod's breathing quickened and sweat started to drip down his face. Miss Parker saw Jarod clench his shoulder and a pained look sweep his features.

*So that's where James shot him.*

Miss Parker knew he would wake soon so she left his room, and went to wait in the lounge room.

She didn't have to wait too long. Parker could hear the water in the bathroom running, then footsteps to the kitchen.


Jarod trudged into the kitchen to prepare some strong coffee. Dressed in only his Calvin Klein hipster trunks, Jarod was a sight made for the gods alone. He still had sweat on his chest and back from his nightmare, making him look as if he had just finished working out. His underwear sat snug against him, showing off all that was needed for a vivid fantasy. Jarods trunks sat just at the start of his hips, showing off some of his V and his snail trail.

He had just poured himself a cup, when he heard the all to familiar sound of the safety being clicked off.

Slowly, Jarod turned around to be meet by a smiling, armed Miss Parker.


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