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“This was a lousy idea.” Parker shifted in her tight black dress and itched under her black cat mask. She had chosen a v-shaped neck line that would cause any teenage boy to drool. “Daddy why do we have to entertain these people?” The Centre had rented the ball room of a five star hotel.

“Come on, Angel.” Mister Parker let out a laugh. “It’s Halloween, enjoy the fun.” Mister Parker was wearing a wizard’s outfit. “This is a party.” He offered his arm to his daughter.

“Party… yeah … right.” She walked down the long steps as the Centre staff lifted up their voices welcoming their leader. Parker shifted her arm and her claws racked against her father’s arm.

“Watch out, angel!” Mister Parker let out a soft laugh. “That costume could be used as a lethal weapon.”

“Only if you use it right, daddy.” She flashed him a playful smile as her father started to melt into the crowd.

“Enjoying yourself yet, Parker?” Sydney’s voice was soft, but teasing.

“We should be out there hunting, and not here… playing this useless game.” Parker turned around, and smirked looking at his costume. “Sigmund Freud?” She let out a husky laugh.

“Well this is a party.” Sydney flashed a smile. “You should try enjoying yourself tonight.”

“With people I know.” Parker rolled her eyes. “I can hardly relax.”

“Halloween is a special night… that is why we wear masks.” Sydney pointed towards a group of employees. “Do you really know any of them, Parker?”

“It’s hard to tell with the masks on.” Parker narrowed her eyes looking at the group of masked figures.

“Then go out and enjoy yourself.” He then took her hand walking towards the employees. “They don’t know you, and you don’t know them… for at least tonight.”

‘I do need… something…’ Parker let out a soft sigh walking towards the bar. She could hear the sound of laughter, and music.

“Those claws look dangerous.” A man wearing a ‘Capitan American’ costume came up offering her a drink. “Can I buy you a drink miss?”

“You can buy me several.” Parker reached for the shot class that the man put down, and drank up.

“Some night.” His voice was deep.

She leaned over teasing the man with just a peek of her cleavage. “Indeed.” She reached out licking the shot glass with her tongue.

“Is the pussy in heat?” Parker turned to see someone dressed in a pirate costume. The bandit’s mask covered his face. “If you have an itch… I can scratch it.”

“You’re not man enough.” Parker turned back around.

“I’m more than man enough for you, Miss Parker.” The pirate’s bare chest was now rubbing against her back.

Parker shivered as her mind imagined Jarod. “I’ll make you scream for mercy.”

“Not if you scream first.” The man waved around a key. “Care to see what this night can bring?”

Parker looked at the key taking it in her gloved hand as her metal claws touched the metal. “It’s a tempting offer…” She blinked looking back up finding the pirate gone.

“Angel!” Mister Parker sat down letting out a huge laugh. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing.” Parker placed the key inside her glove letting out a soft sigh.

“Well… I’ll be right back, daddy.” Miss Parker stood up flashing her best winning smile. “Have fun!” She quickly moved into the lobby and escaped in the elevator. Parker pulled off her mask wondering about the countless one night stands she had during the years, and quickly put the mask back on. She slowly moved down the hallway opening the door with the key.

“Thank you for accepting the challenge.” The man was still wearing his bandit style mask, but his shirt was now off reveling his sculpted chest.

“You know me… but will I know you?” Parker walked up touching his bare chest with her long claws.

“Tonight … we leave the masks on.” The man reached out with his lips touching soft skin of her neck. The playful nibs and his hands cause her back to arch up against his body. “Can you handle the challenge?”

“Yes…” Parker let out a deep moan
Parker let out a moan that echoed around the room. She turned in his arms reaching up to touch his mask. “No…. we have an agreement.” He waved her hands away taking her right hand in his lifting it up.

“Please?” Parker felt doubt flood her heart. It had been a long time since Tommy held her. “Let me see.”

“No…” His lips kissed the leather glove pulling it off, and tossing it to the floor. His lips pressing against her palm.

“This is going to take all night.” Parker racked her other hand across his chest teasing his bare nibble. The man shivered as Parker kissed his nibble.

“I sure hope so.” The man’s breathing became shallow as Parker lowered herself towards the man’s belt.

She played with the metal buckle, and slowly pulled the belt out one loop at a time. “I want to hear you scream.” She pulled his pant down, but felt the man’s hands on her shoulders.

“No… you first.” The man growled kissing her hard on the lips. He felt her shiver, and deepened the kiss. His probing tongue demanding entry.

Parker felt out of control as a soft ripping noise filled the room. “God…” She let out a yelp as her dress was ripped from her form.

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