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Beloved Spirit
By: Apollo's Girl

Disclaimer: This is just a short little piece that I got the idea for at 2 o'clock in the morning. The characters belong to NBC and the creators of Pretender. This little writing is kind of eerie and does involve the death of two characters on the show. I wrote it cause I always wondered what would Jarod do if Miss Parker died. Hope you enjoy it. Please
send me back some comments, any type of criticism is greatly welcomed. Bad or good it helps me improve my writing.


Miss Parker stood staring down the barrel of the gun. Bridget smiled with evil pleasure.

"Goodbye Luv." She said as she pulled the trigger.

The bullet seemed to come slowly, as Miss Parker's mind flashed with memories of her life. She felt one regret pull at her heart, not having been able to tell her beloved that she loved him.

"Jarod." She whispered before the bullet pierced her skin, falling to the ground. Bridget turned and ran out of the room.

* * * * *

Jarod ran into the room, his heart pounding. He stopped as he looked at the still figure of Miss Parker.

"NOOO!" He screamed as he saw the blood that soaked her shirt. He ran to her trying to find some way to save her, but realizing that she couldn't be saved.

Her eyes opened slightly as she looked at him. He cradled her in his arms letting her know that he was there with her. A small smile formed on her face as her head leaned against him.

Slowly her breath shortened, her mind emptied of her spirit as it started to step out of her body. Jarod felt her leave him and quietly he whispered "I love you" in her ear. With his lips captured her last breath so that he would always have a piece of her live in him.

As her spirit started the ascent to the world above she stopped and came back down to the man she loved. Her invisible arms wrapped around him to let him know that she was always with him and that her love never died. Jarod felt her around him and let serenity fill his mind, as he knew his beloved was finally going to be at peace.

She let go when she knew his had accepted her ill fate and started again towards the heavens. She looked up and saw a hand reaching down to her, her mother. Once again she was a little girl. She finished her journey with her mother, hand in hand. Jarod looked up and thought he saw her
as she turned and smiled back at him. He held the still body closer to him. Silently he promised revenge.

* * * * *

Bridget walked in the alleyway her gun pointing in front of her. As she rounded the corner she felt someone kick her in the stomach. Her gun was knocked out of her hand.

"Hello." A low voice said.

"Hello Luv." Bridget responded to Jarod as she got up, she started to reach for her gun but it was in Jarod's hands. She looked up at him and felt a chill run down her spine as she saw the anger in his eyes. Jarod smiled as he saw the fear grow in her eyes.

"This is for Miss Parker." Jarod said his voice low and dangerous.

The shot of a gun could be heard echoing down the alleyway. Bridget fell, blood soaking her shirt. She felt the pain in her chest.

Her spirit tried to leave her dying body, but it was held back by the fear of death. Her head lay on its side, her eyes open. She tried to scream when she was put into a body bag that she was alive, but no one heard her. She screamed again when her coffin was lowered into the ground, no one heard her, for eternity her spirit was caught in her dead
decaying body.

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