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Disclaimer: They don't belong to me, yada, yada, yada. You know the drill so I don't see why I have to put this here, not like the company is actually going to read this and say "Oh, I'm going to sue." And even if they did, they won't get much. So what's the point of putting this here. Oh, wait I know. Because knowing my luck they will sue and I'll be in the poor house. Sigh. So this doesn't belong to me, it belongs to NBC and the producers, the writers and all those people put on the credits that they say the show is own by. Not me, never saw my name on there at all. Wish it did cause then I could have lots of money and turn people's fanfic into the real show. That would be fun wouldn't it? Okay, gee that was a long disclaimer.

Author's Note: This is definitely different from what I usually write. I don't know where it came from, probably my overactive imagination. There is really no story here, just a short scene that came out of the blue that didn't belong in any of my other stories. If anyone wants to expand on it, just tell me and I'll see what I can do. And just to let you know it has to do with a very interesting turn of events on the phone.

Phone Call

by Apollo’s Girl (aka AG)

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Miss Parker sat on her bed petting the bunny that sat in her lap. It was the bunny that Jarod had given her. She liked to call it Wonder Bunny or Wonder for short.

"Where's your daddy Wonder?" She asked the furry little animal. It looked back at her with its beady wide eyes.

"Don't know do you? Just like me." Miss Parker replied with a sigh. Just then the phone rang. Miss Parker quickly picked it up.

"What?" She answered with her usual tone.

"Miss Parker, hello. Where's Sydney?" Jarod asked.

"What, you're getting straight to the point for once?" She asked a bit surprised. He usually liked to bait her with some nonsense. She continued to stroke Wonder.

"I thought I would save it till later." Jarod replied. "Where's Sydney?"

"On vacation, why?"

"He hasn't been answering my phone calls."

"Well, he's on vacation. I could use one too from you." Miss Parker replied.

"Oww, that hurts Miss Parker." Jarod said feigning a hurt tone, Miss Parker could almost see that playful smile on his face. Wonder, moved a little bit in her lap so that she would scratch the top of his head.

"Oh, poor baby." Miss Parker said.

"Even if Sydney is on vacation why wouldn't he return my calls?" Jarod asked his voice becoming more serious.

"Like I said before, he is probably on a vacation from you. Do you really think he wants to listen to you whine all the time?" Miss Parker said her voice sharp and uncaring.

"Probably not." Jarod replied trying to hide his hurt. Miss Parker heard it and immediately felt bad.

"Jarod he probably just forgot to turn on his cell." She said hoping that it would make Jarod feel a little better. A short silence fell between them.

"So how's junior?"

"Fine. Misses his daddy, would really like it if you would come home." Miss Parker replied. "You wouldn't want to disappoint him, or me."

"Now we wouldn't want that now would we?" Jarod answered sarcastically. "Tell Wonder that I'm sorry."

"Gee what a dad, abandoning his child." Miss Parker retorted.

"Well he seems to be enjoying staying with his mom. Although I wouldn't mind being in his position right now." Jarod replied knowing that Wonder was sitting in Miss Parker's lap and being petted.

"I'm sure you wouldn't."

Jarod smiled into the phone, he just thought of something that would really get Miss Parker interested. "Would you like to hear about my latest discovery?"

"And what would that be? A new type of junk food or toy?" Miss Parker asked sarcastically.

"No. Phone sex." Jarod replied bluntly. Miss Parker almost dropped the phone. Then regaining her composure.

"Really. What have you learned about it?" Miss Parker asked seductively, she just might have to change her opinions about these phone calls being a nuisance.

"Well, that two people talk about sex over the phone." Jarod replied, his mind racing with ideas.

"Oh… Tell me Jarod, how would a person start having phone sex?" Miss Parker asked getting along the same ideas as Jarod had. "What would be the difference from a regular phone call and phone sex?"

"Well you would just have to experience it. People usually start with what they are wearing."

"And what are you wearing?" Miss Parker inquired, her voice growing more and more seductive.

"Well, I'm not wearing much…" Jarod replied his own voice growing deeper and seductive. "Just H2O and bubbles." Miss Parker smiled as she imagined him in a bubble bath.

"I feel a bit over dressed." Miss Parker replied.

"We can take care of that." Jarod said his eyes twinkling with naughtiness. The two 'discussed' Jarod's latest discovery for the next couple of hours.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Miss Parker walked into her office with memories of the phone call last night. She found Broots in her office and just gave him a bright smile. That scared him and he began to fidget some more.

"Umm… Miss Parker I just, uh, wa-as leaving this package-age that Jar-rod sent you… Hmph…" Broots stammered handing her the package. She thanked him and opened it up.

She found a CD and note attached to it. She looked at the CD and saw that it was a romance CD, one of those setting the mood type things. She placed the CD down and read the note.

"Next time I will have batteries on the phone fully charged. Call you tonight to finish our discussion. - Jarod"

Miss Parker smiled and Broots looked curiously at her. "Oh, Brootsie, do me a favor, I don't want to get any calls tonight. If you do I will kill you, understand?"

"Uh-yes Miss Parker." He replied.

"Good now go find Jarod." She ordered as she sat down at her desk. Broots walked out of her office bewildered.

"Weird! Things just get stranger and stranger the longer I work here." He muttered. "Oh, well at least she's in a good mood today. Might have a chance to go on a chat room today."

The End

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