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Disclaimer: It belongs to the creators of the Pretender and whoever else owns the Pretender. So don’t sue!
Authors Note: Like it, Hate it? Should I continue? Let me know!!! Also G&V and E&L will be continued this summer. G&V is almost completed. =) YAY!!!

Love, Death & Roses
1 - Fallen Roses

By Apollo’s Girl

It happened like a scene from a movie. She stood there with her back towards the viewer. Long locks of hair falling into perfect streams, the light reflecting off it like the sun on water. In front of her were long stemmed roses from him. They had obviously been there for some time. There were dried rose petals along with some rich dark velvet red ones. The edges starting to curl with black that would turn into a dusty red later on. She was silent. No movement at all, only turned when she heard the trigger.

It seemed then that time had slowed, as if the director were calling for us to come closer to watch the horrifying beauty of this. All focus goes to her face as her hair is pulled away like a curtain by the turning of her head. Her blue icy eyes wide and her lips open in a small shocked expression. And then you hear the shot echoing slowly across the room. Her head thrown back by the impact and your whole body tenses at the sight. All your emotion goes out to her as she falls…


And falls… Like Sleeping Beauty when pricked by the spinning wheel. She falls and her arm brushes against the vase of roses. So they crash down beside her. The translucent water mixing in with her own red liquid of life, framing her face. Spilling the rose petals across her. And the petals tell you what you can see in her. That there was still life, but that she was dead.


When that realization comes, so does all the sound because you were so entranced by the scene you heard nothing. Like the room and you had become silent for this one act. And so you stand there watching and hating everything you see but feel this peace all at the same time. You keep praying that some miracle will happen that she will open her eyes and give a small laugh. But you know she won’t because she is dead. Dead because you pulled the trigger.

I pulled the trigger.


True love pulled the trigger…

And still you wait for that miracle…

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