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Disclaimer: It belongs to the creators of the Pretender and whoever else owns the Pretender. So don’t sue!
Authors Note: Like it, Hate it? Should I continue? Let me know!!! Also G&V and E&L will be continued this summer. G&V is almost completed. =) YAY!!!

Love, Death & Roses
Prelude: Paradox

By Apollo’s Girl

True love is a paradox. It is suppose to be the one feeling in the world that gives you the most hope and happiness, only it leads to death. A beautiful and horrifying death. One that was not meant to be and to be all at the same time. Your true love’s killer is none other than yourself. Who’s your savior then? Your worst enemy.

At first it bothered me. The first time I saw it happen. But I understand it now that everything is all over. Now you may be asking what it is I’m talking about. I’m only talking about what happened to the two people most in love. To begin this tale is to begin at death, her death. Because that’s where the story always begins…

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