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Disclaimer: It all belongs to NBC and the creators. There! Short and sweet. I’m not stealing them or anything! Wish I could! ^_~ ::wink, wink::

Author's Note: Most of this story takes place when Lyle and Miss Parker are in high school and after the end of the second season (well for now anyway). Words in // and :: are thoughts sent telepathically. // are thoughts sent by Lyle and :: are thoughts sent by Miss Parker.

And a special thanks goes to Danielle, cause I kind of stole the idea from her. Thanks a bunch! Oh, BTW, this story is kind of dedicated to Danielle, who I found out one day was a kindred spirit! She loves JD as much as I do, although we all know he’s mine, Mine, MINE! (Possessive aren’t I?) The only other person who has first dibs on him is his wife, who he said is the love of his life and his soul mate. AWWW isn’t that cute? Just gotta love a guy like that. To bad he’s like way to old for me and is married. Sigh… Okay I know the author’s note is suppose to pertain to the story and my ramblings about how cute JD is has nothing to do with it, well except that he’s the whole inspiration for this!! You know you all don’t have to read the author’s note, you can stop now if you want. Nothing really interesting here. Just oh, stuff. The important stuff was in the beginning, this is just rambles. Hey look it’s a UFO! Just kidding, watching a little too much X-Files! Hey for those of you who watch that, do you think Mulder and Scully should be together? I do!! And if you agree with me, you’re Kewl!!! That’s the end of the note. Thanks for reading all of this if you did. You must be wondering where the story is and if this is it (the story of my insanity)! Well, it’s not and the story is right underneath here, see the title? So bon appetite!

Gemini Vengeance
part 2

By Apollo's Girl

Lyle's Apartment
New York City
July 22, 1998

"NOOO!" Miss Parker screamed.

Jarod watched in shock as Miss Parker moved her body to protect Lyle.

"NOOO!" Lyle screamed as Miss Parker's body went limp against him. //Vanessa!//
::Bobby!:: Miss Parker sent weakly to Lyle before she blacked out. Lyle quickly searched her body for the wound. Jarod quickly rushed over to help. Kyle put his gun down in a daze. Miss Parker had saved Lyle!

"The bullet went through her shoulder and it grazed her head." Lyle informed, gently brushing her hair from her face to expose the wound.

"Call the hospital, Kyle!" Jarod ordered. Kyle quickly pulled out his cell phone to follow his brother's orders. Jarod applied pressure to Miss Parker's shoulder. "Keep the pressure on her shoulder."

Lyle nodded and placed his hand on her shoulder. "Stay with me sis!" He whispered quietly in her ear.

"What is going on?" Kyle demanded as he hung up the phone.

"You were going to shot me and instead you got Parker. If she dies I'll personally tear off each and every finger on your hand!" Lyle retorted angrily.

"Why did she try to save you?" Jarod asked incredulously.

"Look, I'll explain everything later. Just as soon as I know she's alright!" Lyle replied shakily. His energy was starting to drain from his worry about Parker.

The men just stared at each other as they heard the sounds of the sirens coming closer. Lyle looked down at his sister and prayed. "Don't die, I need you!"

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

County General Hospital
New York City
July 23, 1998

"Here's some coffee." Jarod said as he nudged Lyle awake.

"What?! Oh! Thanks." Lyle replied groggily as he took the coffee from Jarod. He had fallen asleep by Miss Parker that night before.

"How's she doing?" Jarod asked as he took a seat in the extra chair on the other side.

"Alright. The doctors said she should wake up sometime today. The wounds weren't that bad."

"Mind telling me what's going on?" Jarod inquired.

"I rather would like to tell it only once. So why don't we wait for Kyle since I'm sure he wants to hear." Lyle said just as Kyle came in. "Well if it isn't the devil himself!"

Kyle and Jarod looked at him perplexed.

"Figure of speech." Lyle explained. "Well I'm sure you want to hear the story so find a seat and listen."

Kyle pulled a chair in from outside and took a seat by Jarod. "I'm ready."

"Alright its long, so here goes." Lyle sighed taking a deep breath.

"Dr. Billy, Raines, had been my 'counselor' for most of my high school years. I started to see him my freshman year of high school. Anyway, he had been training me to be the type of pretender he wanted, as my sister would say, a psychotic killer. Kyle you should understand where I'm coming from. Anyway, after a while he began to think that I would do anything that he said and was a little less careful around me. One day one of the Triumverate was there to see how I was progressing, Raines thought I didn't know and well, let just say they weren't careful enough."

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Townsend, Nebraska
December 13, 1978

Bobby sat quietly in the room pretending he was watching the images that were being played around him. Outside were Dr. Billy and some other man in a dark suit. Little did the two men know that he was watching and hearing everything they said.

"How is he progressing?" Asked the strange man.

"Just as planned. He will be quite useful later on." Dr. Billy replied. His beady eyes encompassing all known evil.

"Good. He will be a great asset to the Centre. I want the time table moved up, have him prepped by the end of his senior year."

"That's another year." Dr. Billy pointed out.

"Is that a problem?" The man demanded.


"Good, I need you back at the Centre soon. Miss Parker is due to visit her father and I want you there to perform some tests on her and Jarod."

"Understood. I would like permission to perform a couple more tests on her. Her brother is showing some abnormal activity in his temporal, parietal and occipital lobe areas. I want to see if there are similar activities going on in Miss Parker's brain. If so it might lead to some interesting results." Dr. Billy asked.

"You may, but I do not want the two of them together." The man said his head pointing towards Bobby.

"They are twins. Together their abilities could be twice the amount of Jarod's." Dr. Billy rasped.

"The Triumvirate does not want it. Go ahead with your tests and if we see that the results show promise then we will consider the reunion of the two."


Bobby sat listening in amusement to their conversation. He was startled by the fact that he had a sister, a twin. He tried to find out some more information about her but didn't get anything from the two men. As their conversation ended Dr. Billy made his way back into the room.

"Bobby I want you to look at these other pictures." Dr. Billy gestured at a box of other pictures. Bobby nodded and started to go through them, pretending he didn't hear the conversation.

'I need to find out about my sister.' He thought. Once he put his mind to it, he began to come up with multiple plans to find her.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Dr. Billy's Office
Townsend, Nebraska
December 13, 1978

Bobby carefully snuck into Dr. Billy's office. He knew that his counselor was not going to be back for another hour. "Just enough time for me to find out what I need." He muttered glancing at the clock.

He carefully rummaged through the desk drawers and found nothing on his sister, but instead things about what they were doing to him. He could barely keep his anger in check. "What the hell do they think I am, a lab rat?"

He went over to the copier and began copying the stuff. As he waited impatiently for the copier to finish he noticed a locked file cabinet hidden behind a wall. "Wonder what's in there." He whispered as he made his way towards it. Pulling out a lock pick he opened the drawers. "Bingo!"

Just as he got the folders' contents copied and everything back in place the phone rang. "Shit!" He was so startled by it at first, thinking it was Dr. Billy. He waited for a minute or two and heard the answering machine pick up.

"Raines, you need to come back to the Centre today. The plane will be waiting for you, by the way, get your cell phone fixed! However, Miss Parker won't be here, she'll be in New York City with her friends. Scrap whatever you had planned for later. Sydney will be gone so you may do whatever you like with Jarod." The message ended there. Bobby's eyes gleamed with pleasure.

"New York City, I always wanted to go there!"

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