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Author's note: Sorry for the picture painted here, but it was all I could come up with. Some weird muse I have... ;) This was written for the challenge 'Two or more former challenges' on Pretender100.

Miss Parker's eyes narrowed while she picked up yet another discarded sock from the floor. The kitchen was a mess: empty ice cream containers, marshmallows on the counter, dishes everywhere. She stormed out of the kitchen towards the obvious frolicking in the backyard. 'It's never silent anymore.'

On the way she almost tripped over the toys lying on the floor; Mr. Potatohead grinned at her. Her patience ran out - it had never been one of her virtues.

The sight she encountered made her forget her anger. Their little angel ruffled Jarod's hair and then saw her. "Mommy, mommy!" She wrapped her small arms lovingly around her knees and he joined in the embrace. 'This is how it's supposed to be.'

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