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a/n: written for the 'former challenges' challenge. Lyle's car and photos.

Abstract Torture

If Jarod was going to kill him Lyle sometimes wished he’d just do it already. The vaguely disturbing notes he could handle, but some of his other means were getting just plain cruel.

At first it was small things, like reprogramming his car’s SatNav to avoid all highways. But then Jarod got vindictive. One day Lyle came home to find his entire apartment redecorated in 70s style complete with beanbag chairs instead of his $5000 leather sofas. Worse was the note proclaiming, “It’s better for your feng shui.”

Bastard, Lyle thought. Okay, he’d killed his brother, but did he have to cancel his credit card? Or, for that matter, take photos of him repainting the rooms himself?

There were no two ways about it: when Lyle caught Jarod he really was going to kill him. If only to avenge his sofa.

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