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“I’ll be fine Sydney”. she said as she closed the office doors. Taking in a deep breath she made her way toward the desk. The voices had suddenly become quite loud. Every nerve of her being was tuned to listening to what they had to say. Everything and everyone had become a backdrop. She stumbled into her office bathroom and splashed some water on her face. Shutting her eyes tight, she willed the voices to go away.
“Ethan told me to tell you to stop fighting them”.
Startled by the voice she turned to face him.
“You must have a death wish.” she chuckled
“I might.” he smiled as he came toward her
“Something has been bothering me” he said
“Why don’t you call Sydney?”
“Sydney can’t help me with this problem,… but I think you can.”
Parker held up her hand blocking Jarod’s advance toward her. He grabbed her hand bringing it to his lips.
“Now I know you have a death wish.” Her voice came out in a whisper instead of the usual hard tone.
He held her limp hand to his chest as he came closer.
“We left things a little unfinished after Carthis…”
“Nothing was going to happen.”
“It left me wondering,” he was touching her face now.
“Just what do you taste like? What will it be like to kiss you again... His lips now barely a breath away from hers. She turned her head a little, his lips resting on the side of her lips.
“I know you want this as much as I do.” She scoffed
“Don’t think of it as a moment of weakness. This is mutual curiosity.”
She twisted away from him and headed for the door. “Mutual curiosity my ass. I don’t care about …
“Maybe not kissing then?” he blocked her against the door. She turned to meet him face to face, their breathing shallow. She’d be lying if she said that she’d never thought about what it would be like to sleep with him.
“Don’t fight it.” He whispered before he brought his lips to hers, at first lightly, and then kissing her breath away.
Before long Jarod’s jacket was on the floor and his shirt was on its way. Neither of them could have formed a coherent thought if someone had walked in on them.
Kissing his way down her neck, Jarod slowly unbuttoned her shirt, his first instinct was to just rip it off. Exposing her breast to his mouth he lapped at them with enthusiasm. She writhed impatiently against him waiting for him to touch her.
“Stop wasting time Jarod, I have to get back to work.
He suddenly reached for her panties ripping the delicate fabric covering her. A quiet scream escaped her lips as he placed his fingers against he heated core. He kissed her hard as he entered her. Her eyes closed in ecstasy as he worked her into a frenzy. Unexpectedly he pressed hard against her, his thumb against her clit. And she climaxed in a rush her body straining against his. Jarod could feel her inner muscles clamping on to his finger.
She hadn’t climaxed like that in quiet a while. She thought in a haze.
Bringing his finger to his lips he tasted the fluids on his hand. She looked straight into his eyes as her hands worked frantically to release him from his pants. Mutual curiosity, right? She smiled at him.
“Exactly.” He drove deep into her, his hands bracing against the door.
After getting used to the sensation of being inside her he started to move. Parker could barely catch her breath as the size of him ripped through her. Her moans were starting to grow louder. Placing his hand over her mouth Jarod drove harder into her. Parker bit his hand hard. He pulled it away from her.
“Sorry,” she laughed.
“You’re going to pay for that.” He smirked as he tugged on her nipple. The pain sending a thrill through her brought her closer to a climax.
Soon it was a blur of pushing bodies and Parker’s hand tightly gripping his hair.
Parker screamed into his mouth as she came, her breathing erratic and frantic. Jarod came soon after her, his body going slack against hers. A moment later they moved.
“Curiosity satisfied ?” Parker asked in a shaky voice
It took Jarod a while to answer. “Oh yeah. And then some.” he went in to kiss her again.
They heard a distant knock. Jarod rushed to put on his clothes.
“Now you’re afraid?” She laughed, glad that she still was still fully clothed.
“Ms. Parker?” she heard Broots’s voice
She quickly closed her buttons, and fixed her hair.
“ What Broots? She opened the door.
“ Mr. Raines wants to see you” he said
“ Ok, I’ll be right there.” She said
“ Ms. Parker are you okay, you look…”
“ I’m just feeling a little hot” she said then closed the door.
She made her way back to the bathroom to find it empty. On the mirror Jarod left a message.
Let’s satisfy a few more curiosities. J

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