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DISCLAIMER: None of the characters belong to me--just borrowing them. Thank you for not suing.

"Double" Pretending
by Rachel

Miss Parker scanned the newspaper and a headline caught her eye: „Two more murders in Atlanta. This is the fourth pair of killings that have surfaced in the Atlanta area. Police say the murders are the work of a serial killer labeled the „Twin Murderer". Women have been found blindfolded, gagged, raped, and murdered in pairs. In each pair, the women resembled each other in physical features. The case has been turned over to the VCTF (Violent Crime Task Force) unit of the FBI……"

„Hmmm," Miss Parker pondered. „Hey Broots!" she called out to the bald man that was sitting at the computer in her office. He was actually just chatting online. Lately, all they’ve been doing is keeping busy pretending to look for leads on Jarod and occasionally go on wild goose chases--which were orchestrated by Miss Parker and Jarod. At the moment, there were no shocking Centre secrets that need to be discovered. Mr. Lyle was in Europe on business by Mr. Parker’s orders. The trio COULD delve into Mr. Lyle’s affairs but Miss Parker just didn’t care. She was happy. But in the eyes of the Centre, she was miserable, tense, and determined to bring Jarod back. She’s learned a lot about pretending from Jarod, that’s for sure. Broots is quite content himself and his job situation. He gets to pretend to be having a romantic relationship with Miss Parker---a good cover for when they have to disappear for a couple of days so that Miss Parker can rendezvous with Jarod. And Sydney? He’s been spending a lot of time with his plants--has there been anything exciting about him? Okay, so there was the time he blew up SL-27.

Broots looked up from the computer and looked at Miss Parker. „Yeah?"

„Quit talking to your cyber girlfriends and do something for me. Find out who’s working on the Twin Murderer case and give me bios and pictures of everyone involved in it." Miss Parker stood up from her chair and handed Broots the paper she was reading.

Broots hesitantly took the newspaper from her and he questioned her nervously, glancing quickly at the article, „What are you thinking, Miss Parker?"

„It’s just the kind of thing that Jarod would get involved in, don’t you think?" Miss Parker asked smiling.

Broots sighed and conceded. „I get it. You miss him, so we’re off to Georgia to find Jarod."

„No, well, yes, I do miss him, but we’re gong down there to do a little pretending ourselves and help solve this case. I’m tired to sitting around here watching you pick your nose and scratch your bald head. Now git!"

„Well, I’m sure if you go down to Atlanta, Jarod won’t be far behind."

„I’m counting on that. We need him for this pretend." She left the office and headed toward the nursery to check on her baby brother.

„I don’t have a bald head. Okay, maybe a little bald," Broots grumbled under his breath. He used his awesome computer skills and accessed the information Miss Parker asked for.

Miss Parker strode back into her office and found Broots with his hands behind his neck, stretching, with a satisfied look on his face. He heard her come in and quickly reached for the stack of papers and photos that were printed off of the computer.

„Here you go!"

„Broots, I’m impressed," she complimented.

„Am I good, or what?" he gloated. „There are three men and two women. Can I ask why you wanted their pictures?"

„I need to prepare myself for the encounter. Besides, I have a feeling about something that will help this case--something that involves another woman. I’m not quite sure what."

„Are you sure you want to do this? I mean, it’s a murder case. I hate blood and finding dead people, and blood, and……" A shiver ran up his spine and Broots shuddered at the thought.

„Get a backbone, will you, Broots? It won’t be that bad. I’ll try and spare you from the gruesome stuff."

Broots got back to looking at the pictures and smiled at the sight of the Profiler. „That Rachel Burke is quite a looker."

„Rachel Burke….Rachel Burke…" Miss Parker concentrated. „That name sounds familiar. Oh well." She dismissed the thought and got back to the matter at hand. „This is perfect," Miss Parker said, eyeing Rachel’s picture that Broots was staring at.

„Broots!" she jolted him out of his trance.


„I’ll get a list of what I need you to do before we leave tomorrow. I’m going to talk to Daddy about releasing Angelo to our care for the time being. With the ghoul gone and my psycho brother out of the country, I can talk my father into letting me ‘use’ Angelo."

„Angelo? We’re taking Angelo with us?"

„Hey, if they’re going to have a ‘gifted’ profiler, so it says in her bio, I’m going to have an empath to help us out."

„What about Sydney?"

„We better bring him. Angelo needs a sitter."

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