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Disclaimer: Don’t own them, you know the story. This is my first fanfiction, so I hope you enjoy it. I don’t know why it put it as 1.1 Lakeland, Florida. It is just suppose to be Lakeland, Florida.

A Pretender Gone Wrong
part 1
by JParker

Lakeland, Florida

Jarod smiled as he put the little red notebook on the bed of his last lair. His pretend went a lot faster than he thought it would have. Jarod had been in Lakeland for the past three days. There had been a stock sales man selling drugs to kids. Jarod had pretended to be a major junkie and had injected the man with what the man thought was a death drug, but was really a little sedative with sugar water. Jarod had made him confess everything. His next stop would be Fair Birch, North Carolina; Jarod had read an article about an elderly patient that had been found dead in her hospital bed. The article was from a series of articles on the same person. The hospital had found a way to add five years on to a person’s life span. They were testing this new drug on a elderly woman who had seemed to responding well to the drug, her physical and mental status had raised back to a person of fifty. But all of the sudden, she had died.

Fair Birch, North Caroline

“Nice to have you on the staff, Doctor Haralson. We could really use a person like you on the staff.”

“Thanks, but you can just call me Jarod.”

“Well, here it is” said the head nurse as she pointed to his office. “If you need anything just ask, I will be down the hall.”

“Thank you, but I think I will be just fine.” Said Jarod with a grin on his face.

As soon as the nurse had left Jarod got on the computer and hacked into the file that had the progress reports about the elderly woman. This is odd thought Jarod the file read that she was in perfect health and that she was doing fine. That can’t be right thought Jarod as he printed a copy out and shut down the computer.

Blue Cove

“$58,000,000, 920.78 It is not ever day that we get ripped to the exact penny.”

“How goes the hunt Broots?” Asked Miss Parker.

“Ah Jarod has routed the money though a maze of phony cover accounts nearly a hundred of them so far, but uh,”

“Look I hate to bring the room down, but we have been here before it will take us three weeks to run Jarod’s little maze and by then he will be long gone.” Said Mr. Lyle.

“Not this time, right Broots.” Said Miss Parker.

“I made a new computer tracing program I mark the Centre’s funds electronically like a bank marks crash, and this program lets me follow it…I I uh call it the hound.” Stated Broots with a smile.

Fair Birch, North Carolina

“Hello, Mr. Morris. How are you feeling today?”

“Hi Doc, my stomach still hurts a little, but other than that I feel fine.”

“Good, then you should be out of here by the end of the week.” Said Jarod as he wrote on his patient’s chart.

“If you need anything else there is a very nice and cute nurse who can help, just press the button.” Jarod said with a wink.

Jarod left the room, bumping into Dr. Leopold.

“Hi, Dr. Haralson.” Dr. Leopold said as he looked at Jarod’s nametag.

“I don’t think we have met you can call me Jarod.”

“Yeah, well I have to go, we have a suicide.” Said Dr. Leopold as he rushed down the hall.

Jarod had a very bad feeling about Dr. Leopold. Jarod walked back to his office and pulled up the hospitals files on Dr. Joe Leopold. Jarod next hacked into the police records of Dr. Leopold. It didn’t take long for Jarod to figure out that Dr. Leopold had known the elderly woman. The elderly woman had been Dr. Leopold’s mother; in the police records Jarod had found the Dr. Joe had many complaints about him and his mother and that one time Dr. Leopold had hit his mother. He had gotten off the charges because the mother had said that she had fallen down the stairs and that her son had not done it.

Jarod heard the clock next to him strike eleven p.m. Jarod didn’t even notice how late he had been there, he went out into the hall to get some coffee and check on the patients. As Jarod walked down the hall, Dr. Leopold snuck into his office. Dr. Leopold hadn’t like the new doctor Haralson and thought that he was up to something. Maybe I am just becoming paranoid Leopold thought. He saw a stack of files sitting on the desk and picked it up. This file had his medical and police files on. Leopold thought quickly, he couldn’t let anyone find out that he had killed his mother. He called down to the nurse and asked her to bring him a sedative. He told her that a patient was having trouble sleeping.

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