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By Andrea

Disclaimer:: NBC owns the Pretender, I own the words

Their tongues dance a wild tango
Their hands exploring
Dancing their own dance
Of love that 'twas

Their betrayal to each other is gone and done
Now only their love binds
Them together
Like the tiniest delicate butterflies

They dance together,
Their bodies
United as one
Within an embrace

They need to be together,
Unbreakable against all odds
He needs her;
She needs him

Together they will overcome
Everything in their path,
Toping the obstacles that spring up to beat them back
Or so they think

The sin cloaks them both,
Within a smoldering blanket of treachery again they both cower
He holds her close,
Filling her with his love

But it is not enough for the pair
Something more is needed than physical love
They both need the essence of true passion
To fill their souls

They each had that once
Each may have it again
But not with each other
For it is not meant to be

They hold each other;
As if they were the only beings left in the world
He tells her that he will always stay
She says she will never leave

But of course
The promise doesn't stay unbroken
He creeps away
Silently in the night; like a coward

She awakes the next morning;
Finding only a handful of long-stemmed roses
In the spot where they made love
The place where their feelings became one

The colors meld under her drops of sorrow
Becoming one large spray
Of velvety petals
And sharp-tipped thorns

The fascination they felt for each other
Dark Pink
The thankfulness each felt when their differences melted
For the love they shared together
To match the unity of red

The only reminder
Of the wild tango
They had danced
As one


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