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Disclaimer: The characters Miss Parker, Sydney, Jarod, Broots etc. and the fictional Centre, are all property of MTM, TNT and NBC Productions and used without permission. I'm not making any money out of this and no infringement is intended.

Note of the Author: It's a sort of sequel of "Boys and Girls" but you don't need to read them in sequence.

Jarod in love
By Stefi


(Write her a letter. It's no easy!) Jarod paced back and forth, through a sea of paper sheets' balls.

How many attempts had he done? Twenty? Thirty?

Only the beginning, it had taken twenty minutes. And results, bah!, he didn't like them at all.

(At this rate, I'll end for Xmas. The NEXT Xmas. MAYBE.)

He took the paper sheet on the desk and read again:

My dear Parker,


"Great!" he said aloud "They call me genius! And what a genius!" And he kicked a paper ball.

"I can be a doctor. I can be a pilot of planes. I can be a teacher, a musician and whatever hell thing I want." Another kick to the paper ball.


BANG! A fist in the wall.

"Ouch!" He shook his hand trying to soothe the pain. (And that's for the genius)

Jarod crashed on the couch "Syd! Why have you never taught me about women?" he yelled. Then, with a sigh "I will never make it. I need some advice, a..." IDEA!

"A book! A book that teaches me writing a love letter. I'll buy it, I'll read it and I'll write the most romantic, passionate love letter ever written. Parker will melt like butter and...and..." And what? Jarod shrugged and chose to think in another time about Parker's reaction. He took his jacket and went out for shopping.


Jarod came out of the bookstore. He wasn't very persuaded about his purchase. It was a book of love sentences. He read some, walking to the park, and found them a little... nauseating? Maybe, going on reading, he would find some others fitting Parker.

Jarod read all the book, but he found only many new, romantic ways to make himself killed by Dragon Lady. Jarod sighed and shook his head. The owner of his heart was not the kind of woman who appreciates flowers and poems. Rather, hand-grenades baskets and assorted bullets boxes. The book was useless.


"Tony! How are you?" Jarod stood up and smiled seeing his young friend hand in hand with a beautiful girl.

"Jarod," Tony said "I want introduce to you Sammy, my girl." He talked as if the girl was a royal-blood princess. "Sammy, this is my friend Jarod."

Sammy smiled and took the Jarod's hand "Nice to meet you, Jarod."

"I'm so glad to meet you, too. Tony always talks about you." Tony blushed and the other two laughed.

They sat on the bench and Jarod asked "So? What do you tell me?"

"Everything's okay." smiled Sammy. "Tony is a wonderful guy. There's nobody like him. He's sweet and kind and he always says something funny that makes me laugh."

Jarod sent a I-told-you-so look to Tony, who blushed again.

"Isn't he cute?" Sammy looked at his boyfriend with shining eyes.

Tony tried to strike an attitude. "What have you there?" he asked to Jarod.

"Oh, this." Jarod looked the book, disgusted. "A little help, I hoped. But there's nothing useful for me, in it."

Sammy read "The most famous love sentences"

"For your girl?" Tony remembered Jarod's trouble.

"I was searching for some romantic thing to write's difficult."

"Maybe you could send her flowers or-"

"No. She's not that kind. You see, it's very difficult talk to her. Especially for me. Things are not... easy, between us." Jarod sighed and the two in love felt sorry for him.

"Why is it difficult? What's the matter?" asked the girl.

"We knew each other years ago. We were of your age, more or less. And we were close. We both have grown in a... place that..." Jarod shook his head. He couldn't talk about the Centre to them. "The place doesn't matter. We were lonely and we found a friend in each other."

"Oh God! What a sad story!" sighed Sammy.

"And then? What's happened?" asked Tony.

"Someone tore us apart. She went away and when I saw her again, after years, she was changed. Another woman." His voice became a whisper "She hates me, now."

"Are you sure?" Sammy seemed not persuaded "Maybe it was only a misunderstanding."


"Yeah" she said "Last year my friend Becky had an awful arguing with her boyfriend, Luke. It happened that Brian, Luke's best friend, had said to Becky that Luke didn't want see her anymore. And then, Brian said the same thing to Luke about Becky. Now, Becky is the kind who talks openly, when something is wrong. She was angry and said 'If Luke doesn't want to see me anymore, it has to be HIM to say it'. She went to him and then, talking and talking, they found out that it was only Brian's fault. He was jealous, envious of their love." Sammy took a breath. "Maybe that's what happened. Someone said lies about her to you and about you to her. Is it possible?" Jarod was staring at her, open-wide eyes.

"If it's possible? It certainly does!" (Her father!) he thought. (He could make such a thing! And telling her lies it isn't a problem, to him!) "I wrote many letters to her then, but she never wrote me back." He stared at his friends "Maybe she never received them! And maybe, maybe she too!" Jarod jumped up and paced back and forth, talking now to the boy, now to the girl. "Maybe she too wrote to me but they took the letters and she thought... my God, she thought that I was ...that I forgot her and sure, she had to be very angry. Me too, I was angry whe-" Sammy stopped his pacing, grabbing his arm "Please, Jarod, calm down!"

Jarod grabbed her shoulders "Sammy. You're a smart girl!" And he kissed her on her forehead.

"Hey, she's MY girl." joked Tony. They laughed and Jarod sat again on the bench.

"The more I think about it, the more I feel positive that Sammy is right."

"You have to talk to her, Jarod." stated Tony and Sammy nodded in agreement. "It's the only way to know the truth."

"Yeah, but... how can I tell her about it? She will never listen to me. If this is the reason of her rage, she..." he shook his head "If it happened what we think, I know who's been telling lies. Her father. He doesn't like me, and he always tries to push her against me, telling her lies and pretending to be ME the liar!"

"But you will explain-"

"No, no. She won't listen to me. When it comes to her father, she closes her ears and eyes." And Jarod crossed his arms, lowering his head.

Tony insisted "I keep on thinking that you must talk to her! You have to clear things up between you and her! Do you want her hating you forever? Without trying at all?"

"Tony!" said an exasperated Jarod.

"Idea!" Sammy cut their arguing off. The two males looked at her. "Take her by surprise!"

"And.. how?"

"Go to her. Don't give her time to think or talk. Take her into your arms and kiss her. It's so easy!"

Jarod was shocked! "TO KISS HER? I?" He drew back instantly "No, no, no. I can't do it, to kiss her, my God, it would be a dream, no, no, thank you."

Tony was confused. "I thought you loved her. What's wrong?"

"No! I mean... yes, but.. I don't know.. how to tell her.."

"Jarod! A kiss is the easiest way to make her understand"

"No." Jarod shook his head. Tony too.

"And I thought to be a disaster.. but you my friend.."

"No!" said again Jarod.

"What have you to lose?" insisted Tony "At most you'll get a slap on your face."

"This with every other woman! With Parker, I'll get a bullet in my head!" The two guys looked at each other astonished.

Jarod lowered his voice "She's REALLY able shooting me." He looked around, if someone else was hearing. "She goes around ARMED!"

Sammy made a face "Jarod, are you sure she's the woman for you? She seems a little aggressive."

"And she is!" He almost shouted, jumping up again "Parker is domineering, aggressive, impatient, sarcastic and.. and.. " his rage melted ".. and so beautiful, God!, she's so beautiful and her eyes are so.. so.. deep and blue and when she smiles is.. is like to open wide the Heaven's doors and.. " Jarod collapsed on the bench, his head in his hands.

"I love her" he whispered "I love her like a fool."

Tony and Sammy never thought that a man, a grown-up, could suffer this way. They always thought that love's pains were troubles of their age.

Sammy talked gently "Jarod, there's no other way. Parker has to know about your feelings. Tell her about it. Otherwise what's the purpose of love, if you don't share it with someone else?"

"Sammy is right. Besides, you have to know what she feels for you. Because maybe she doesn't love you, Jarod, and then it's absurd wasting time with her. But maybe she loves you and this would change everything. But that's the point: you have to talk."

Jarod nodded "Okay. You're right. I'll talk to her and.. and I tell her.. what?"

"What you have told to us. Tell her about your feelings, about your dreams, everything. And then ask her what she feels and what she dreams. Do it, Jarod."

The man wavered for a moment. Then he made up his mind.

"That's right." He stood up "Now I know what to write."

"Can we do something for you?" asked Tony.

"Yeah! Pray for me not to be killed. Bye!" And he turned to go away.

The two in love exchanged looks.

"Was he serious?" asked Sammy, concerned.

"I hope not." answered Tony.


Jarod sat at his desk and took a new paper sheet. He breathed deeply and began to write. He covered a page with words and then wrote on the back. Another paper sheet, another back, and at last he stopped.

He didn't read the letter again, he knew that otherwise he would never send it. So he put the sheets inside an envelope and wrote on the back: To Miss Parker, and her address.

He went out and walked up to the letter-box, posted his love message and for a second he was afraid, really afraid. But the second passed and Jarod, almost relieved, went back at his home.

"Now it's your turn, Parker."



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