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Disclaimer: The characters Miss Parker, Sydney, Jarod,Broots etc. and the fictional Centre, are all property of MTM and NBC Productionsand used without permission. I'm not making any money out of this and noinfringement is intended.

Like the other small story this was also not written asa Pretender story, both things are about 2 years old. And sorry, that’sall folks!
I have only those 2. Oh before I forget, keep alwaysin mind, English is NOT my first language.

Specials thanks to Patricia D. for beta read and all herhelp! Hi girl, you are just wonderful!!!!

Body And Soul
by Nicolette

Slowly I recover from the waves of pleasure you have caused. Your nowlimp penis still deep inside of me and I can feel your warm seed drippingout of me. Your weight nearly crushes me. You always try to be so gentle,not to hurt me.

But in the heat of our desire you are not able to steady your body aboveme. You may never have noticed how much I like it when you lose control.I know you would never willingly hurt me, you are always so protective.I always try to convince you that I am not so fragile as I seem to you.

You are always so thoughtful. I wish we could stay joined forever butyou slip out of me. You are always so careful, don’t you notice my disappointment?You lay down by my side taking me in your arms and for several secondswe lay spoon fashioned not moving, not talking.

I feel your strong arms around my body, one across my breasts, the otheron my belly. Do you know how much I like the feeling of your warm handon my sensitive skin there? I snuggle closer to deepen the touch, tryingto melt into you, my back pressed against your breast.

I can feel your heart beat and the steady rhythm of your breath. I canfeel you brushing my hair out of your way exposing my neck. I know whatyou are going to do. I like it when you caress my neck, feather like biteson my hot skin. I feel safe and calm. Not a feeling I am used to. Onlyyou can make me feel that way and I bend my head to kiss your arm. I amcompletely covered by your tenderness.

Do you even have a clue how much I love you?

I can feel you relax and slowly drift into sleep, your arms still aroundme. Even in your sleep you try to protect me. You always did, I see thatnow. I’m tired too but at the same time to exited to sleep. I have neverfelt so alive before.

Carefully trying not to wake you, I slip out of your arms and with aheavy sigh your body shifts towards the warm spot I have left. I sit onthe edge of our bed watching you while you sleep, taking in every detailof your face. Drawing a picture in my mind no one can ever take from me.

I grasp the blanket and wrap it around me, leaving your body exposedin the middle of the bed. You are a big man in every way. Your mind, yourheart and your body. I love your body. I let my eyes travel down your broadchest and flat stomach, your slender waist, down your muscular legs andback to your manhood.

How long have we been together now? Fourteen days. God for me it feelslike an eternity or a only a second, I can not decide...I can not think.

But I can clearly recall the first time we made love. Yes we made love,you never just slept with me. You had done everything to get me ready.You were so careful. Nobody was ever that way before.

I saw the fear in your eyes that you would hurt me. Your fingers insideof me stretching me, trying to get me ready for you. That was enough forme to come the first time. The memories of the way you looked at me atthat moment is burned into my mind forever.

I was wetter than I could ever remember, more than ready to take youinside. Truth be told, there was nothing I wanted more at that moment.As you gently parted my legs I felt a light wave of panic. I tried to hideit, as if I would ever be able to hide anything from you.

You just came up and let me feel how hard and big your penis was. Youlooked in my eyes and I was lost into your dark eyes, nearly black witharousal. As you caressed my face with one hand, your mouth came near myear.

I remember every reassuring and smoothing word you used to keep mecalm,not to cramp. I was not a Virgin, hell no, but I was more nervous thanthe first time. This was in a way the first time, our first time.

Nobody except for you could ever understand this nor would have believedme. I am not the uncaring Ice Queen using men and throwing them away. Thatis the image I need for the Centre...pretending not to care. I always cared.I was able to fool everyone but you. Daddy’s evil daughter.

Even with all your tenderness I was not able to suppress a painful hiss.I saw my pain mirrored in your face. But you did not stop, you took mein a long slow motion. When you were finally inside of me you remainedstill to give me time to adjust to your size and the feeling of you inside.You looked deep into my eyes and kissed the single tear from my cheek.I can not guess how long it took but the pain vanished and was replacedby an incredible sensation. I lifted my hips a little to let you know itwas all right. You smiled at me knowing how I felt and what I was tryingto tell you. You always knew, we never needed words. Even at out worsttime deep inside I could always understand you!

I think that was the moment I was able to admit to myself how much Ilove you. I've never said those words to you, maybe I never will. But Iwill always love you.

You began to move slow, so very slow. The little hurt from your firstmovements was soon replaced by passion. I was out of my mind by the sensationI felt spreading through my body. Your strokes were now deep and forceful,I could feel myself approaching the edge. You could feel it too. You spedup a little more and with every stroke the base of your penis made contactwith my clit causing a unbelievable sensation inside.

All the time you supported your weight on your arms. Your tongue wasdeep inside of my mouth repeating the motion of your throbbing member deepinside of my body.

As I felt the first wave of my orgasm crashing down on me I tore mymouth away biting into your shoulder. I am not sure but I think this bitesent you right over the edge. The burst of your hot fluid hit me, electrifyingme. My climax deepened and became more intense while your semen ran riversinside my body. I shuddered again and again.

The first thing I felt was your gentle caress, the one I have learnedto love so much by now. I think I saw your lips silently mouthing 'I loveyou'. But I wasn't sure, you never said it a second time and I neverdared to ask, too afraid that I was wrong.

Lost in my memory I have not noticed that I am stroking myself, arousedby my thoughts of us. I also missed that you are awake watching me pleasingmyself. You are completely aroused by the sight. I feel a deep blush creepinginto my cheeks and a rush of arousal. You remain silent looking straightinto my eyes.

What are you thinking? I never thought you would like to see me pleasingmyself but one look at your body tells me that I am wrong. I discover thatI like to be watched by you. I trust you, I love you. I don’t want to hideanything from you, not any more and never again. I lay back onto the bedand prop myself up with a pillow. I spread my legs a bit wider invitingyou with my eyes.

I see the hesitation in your eyes. Now I am the one to reassure you.Itell you to come, to kneel between my legs and watch what I do to myself.Silently you obey and place yourself between my knees.

I can feel the heat of your body as you place your hands on my thighs,helping me to hold my legs wide open for you. Your eyes now follow everymovement of my hands as I expose my clit to my strokes and your hungryeyes.

I am so wet. Surely you can see me glistening in the low rays of theevening sun that caress our bodies. I slip two fingers deep inside my bodynever stopping to stroke the hard nub. I can feel a climax building deepinside of me. I can not hold back. I do not want to hold back. I dart mytongue out to moisten my lips, throwing my head back. I can feel your handsshaking.

I force my eyes open to look at you. I am sure you are as close as Iam from watching me. This is more than I can take. Two more strokes andmy body begins to tense. You see me climaxing and you follow me closely.I can see you trusting your hips in my direction. I see the opening onthe tip of your member grow wider. In a split second a hot flood of spermshoots out over me, covering my body, my breasts, my belly, my thighs.It seems that our climax will never end but finally I relax and so do you.

Your body goes limp as you watch your semen pearling down mine. I lovethe sensation that your fluid causes on my flushed skin. A light almosttickling caress. You lift your gaze to look at me. My legs are still wideapart, my body covered by your juices.

All you say is "Thank you." You thank me? For what? I am so tired Ican not think any more. All I want is to sleep.

I am close to drifting away as you begin to lick me clean. I nearlyjump, suddenly wide awake again. I can not believe the sensation. Startingat my shoulders, not missing an inch. As you reach my breasts you givethem special attention. The mixture of licking and sucking drives me crazy.I like this so much. You like it to. I can feel your arousal lightly brushingmy legs. I can not believe it, we should both be completely spent but herewe are again.

I hope you will never forget how I like your caress. I know you likemine as well. I like to feel your skin under my hands. I can feel everymuscle your back. I can feel you shudder under my touch. I like the powerI have over you, the same power you have over me, the one I willingly giveto you.

I can hardly think any more by the time you reach my belly. Carefullyyou slip your tongue into my belly button and it feels like a hot sword.God! I can no longer suppress a deep moan and began to shift under you.I feel you smile.

You know it! I can not believe it, but you really know what I am feelingright now. If it is possible I love you more than ever. I am so lost inmy thoughts and the way you make me feel that I jump a second time whenyou finally reach my clit. You give me a light kiss there, then move upto me smiling not only with your lips.

I can feel you enter my body slower than ever. Once completely insideyou stop and smile down at me. You place light kisses all over my faceas you whisper, "I love you." I can not believe that you have said it aloud.I am so happy I start to cry.

"Please, don’t cry. I never want to see tears in your eyes again."

"I love you so much Jarod, more than I will ever be able to say." Isall I can mange.

"I know." With this you began to move.

I have no idea how long it takes me to come again. I come so hard thatI am barely able to breathe. I can feel you join me. The feeling of yourfluid in my body makes me feel complete. We both lay there for what seemsto be an eternity, still joined.

"Stay." I plead.

"I am all yours!" You answer. "Body and soul."

"So I am." Not able to say more I am nearly asleep. I finally driftinto a peaceful sleep, covered by your body and cocooned in your love.

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