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Charge It!
By: G. Barton

It was a cold winter night when Parker came home from another dead end.
She went straight to the kitchen to pour herself
something warm. Scotch. Vodka. Gin. She
didn't care as long as it took the cold
out. She sat down on the couch and grabbed
the remote off the coffee table.
She flipped through the channels until she found a good
movie. She kicked back with the glass
in one hand and the remote in the other. As she
watched the movie, she became sleepy
but a commercial caught her attention.
Then her mind began to wonder....

Hand cuffs.....$25

"I could tie him to the bed." She thought to herself.

Sexy teddy....$30

"I can see him now, scared." A wicked a smiled formed in the corner of her lips.

Favorite dance CD....$15

"I could strip it all off in front of him." She laughed out loud.

Box of condoms.....$6

"Got to have safety!" She replied softy.

Naked Pretender screaming my name......priceless!

Parker woke as her head hit the pillow. She sat up.
"Damn, I must have been dreaming."
She got up and headed for the bedroom.
As she changed her clothes and
climbed in, she told herself.
"Reminder...go shopping first thing in the morning. Where is my mastercard?"
She hopped out of bed and went searching
for that small piece of plastic.

The End!

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