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Disclaimer: “The Pretender” “Crossing Jordan” and its characters do not belong to me they belong to their creators and are being used without permission. Please don’t sue because I have no money.

Author’s Note- This is another direction on Crossing Jordan and Pretender Crossover. I went to and read what the summery to Crossing Jordan and in it was that Jordan solved cases with her dad when she was younger. What happened if Jordan was taken from the Centre by Catherine Parker and taken to the Cavanaugh’s?

Crossing Jordan.
By: 24
A different direction

Jarod read the paper about Jordan Cavanaugh who was in the hospital due to the fact that she was drugged. The man responsible for this was dead shot by Jordan’s father Max. He studied the picture and wondered where he had seen her before. Looking at his Halliburton case he took a disk out and inserted it into the player.



For Centre use only.

Sydney and Jarod were in the sim lab about ready to do a sim when Mr. Raines and a young girl came in.

“Jarod I would like you to meet Jordan. She is a test subject like you are.” Sydney said to his protégé.

“Is she a pretender?”

“Yes, Jarod.”

“Hi.” Young Jarod replied to the girl.


As the day went on the sim was finished and the exhausted pretenders sat in their chairs and waited.

“Are you both done?”



“Time to go back Jordan.”

“Yes, Mr. Raines.”

“Goodbye Jordan.”

“Goodbye Jarod.”

The sim ended there and Jarod took it out looking back at the paper. He wondered could this be the same Jordan. He knew that he had to find out, so he packed his things and left not even leaving a clue to where he was going.


Inside Jordan’s Room.

Jarod picked up Jordan’s chart and looked at it then put it down as she moved signaling that she was waking. She blinked her eyes as she saw the Doctor.

“Hi I’m Jarod and I’m your new Doctor.”


Just then the door opened and in came Max, Jordan’s father. He looked at the Doctor and took a double take.

“Get away from my daughter James.”

“I’m not James my name is Jarod and I’m your daughter’s Doctor.”

“Dad this is Jarod, Jarod this is Max my father. I knew that you weren’t James when I woke up. You have almost the same haunted look as James does, but what he has in his eyes is not in yours.”

“Who is James?”

“He’s my half brother.”


Max looked at how Jarod was interacting with his daughter and knew that this was not James.

“I’m sorry when I thought that you were James. She’s right. You do have a loneliness about you, a haunted look, but not the same eyes as James.”

“It’s okay.”


The next day.

Jarod had been building a friendship with the two of them and thought that it was about time to find out more about them. He slipped inside Jordan’s room and found that Max was there which was good because he needed to talk to him too.

“Hello Jarod.”


“What’s the matter?”

“I was thinking about something. Have you two heard anything about the Centre?”

“What do you mean?” Max eyed Jarod as he said The Centre.

“Do you know anything about the Centre? What they do and stuff like that?”

He looked at Jordan and saw her curious face. The secret had to come out sooner or later, but who was this guy.

“Who are you?”

Jarod sighed and then looked at Max. “I was taken from my parents when I was a child and taken to The Centre while I was there I was in isolation. They trained me to become a pretender, a genius that can become anyone I want to be. While I was there, I found out that they were using my simulations to hurt and kill people so I escaped. I’ve been on the run since going from place to place trying to stay one step away from my hunters. They still want me back you see.”

“I’m sorry Jarod. I didn’t know. Catherine never got you out did she?”

“No and neither did she get her daughter out. She’s part of the group that’s hunting me to return me.”

“I’m sorry Jordan, but I never told you. A woman named Catherine Parker gave you to us. She told us that you needed to be hidden. She told us a little bit about the Centre and what you did there, but that was all. You were trained as a pretender too like Jarod.”

“It’s not true.”

“I’m sorry Jordan it’s true. I saw your picture in the paper and thought that I recognized you. I found the DSA I was looking for and found that we did a simulation together. You see they recorded my whole life. I even did a simulation with my brother who at the time I didn’t know he was my brother. It was a year after I escaped that I found out that the little boy that I accidentally spilt acid on was my own brother. They told me that it was water, but it was acid.”

“Oh, gosh it’s true.”

“Yes, Jordan. It’s true.”

She looked out the window and then back at both the men. She looked at her father and then at Jarod. She could feel that he was worried about her.

“I’m okay. It was just a lot to digest.”

“I’m sorry I had to tell you, but The Centre may come after you. You have to be careful.”

“Were there more pretenders than us three?”

“Yes, but both are dead. What about James? I have a clone did they clone another me?”

“I don’t know Jarod, I really don’t know.”

“I have to go now to make my rounds. I’ll see you later.”

“Goodbye Jarod.”

He walked out of her room wondering if James was his brother or more importantly his twin, or a clone.


A couple of days later.

Jarod walked into Jordan’s room to find Max and Jordan talking.

“I see that tomorrow that you are being discharged.”

“Yes, I will be glad to go home again.”

“I bet you are.” He smiled at her.

“What is it Jarod?”

“I have to go today. I didn’t leave any clues to where I was going, but the paper had your picture in it. I don’t know if The Centre knows who you are or not. There was a pretender named Eddie who had a family, but died when another pretender named Alex killed him. Don’t worry Alex is dead. I was just wondering if they would leave you alone like they left Eddie alone. Don’t worry I’ll keep an eye on them and warn you if anything happens. Of course they might not want you back because you haven’t used your pretender skills since you were a child.”

“You’re leaving?”

“I have to Jordan. If they find me here they might find you.”

“If they find you then they’ll take you back.”

“If it means that they leave you alone then I’ll be taken back.”

“Why you barely know me.”

“I didn’t say that I would stay.” He smiled at her. He handed her an envelope. “If anything happens call me. If the Centre were to come right now and I told them to take me back, but to leave you. That is if they knew who you were. Take what is in that envelope and use it. I’ve set everything up in case that happens.”

“Can’t you stay longer?”

“I’m sorry, but I can’t. Every minute I’m here I’m endangering you.”

“I hope that you find your parents Jarod.”

“Thank you Jordan and good luck.”

“Goodbye Max and take care of Jordan.” He handed the man a card with his number on it. “This is my number the same one that I gave to Jordan. If anything happens to either one of you use it.”

“Okay Jarod. Thank you for everything you’ve done.”

“I haven’t done anything.”

“Well, Thanks anyways.”

“You’re welcome.” He said as they shook hands.

He went to the door and opened it, looking back one more time and then left. He got into his car and wondered about James and Jordan. He got into his car and drove away thinking about that as he got on the highway towards destination unknown.

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