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Note: This story is just a little nudge at Jarod's hints about Missing Pieces. I remain cryptic though.

Missing Pieces, Miss Parker

Miss Parker looked up from her desk as Broots ran into her office. “Miss Parker, Lyle’s coming.”

Sydney strolled into her office looking as calm as he always did. “They think Jarod broke into the archives again.”

Lyle burst through her twin doors. “Parker!”

Miss Parker rolled her eyes. She couldn’t stand having to deal with her brother on a daily basis, but having returned to the Centre after Carthis; she knew it was part of the package. “Why are you yelling for me?”

“Jarod’s done it again. He’s broken into the archives and has taken DSA information from other project files.” Lyle huffed as he paced back and forth. “Dad’s really pissed off this time.”

Miss Parker couldn’t understand how it wasn’t leaving a bad taste in Lyle’s mouth to call Raines Dad. Hell will freeze over before I do such a thing. “What makes you think Jarod did it?”

Sydney hand reached out and he handed Miss Parker a note. “This was left behind.”

Miss Parker snatched the note from his hand and unfolded it. “Thanks for the DSA’s. J.”

Miss Parker felt her blood boil for a split second before she realized she really thought it funny Jarod had taken more from the Centre than they wanted out in the world. “How exactly do you want me to handle this?”

“I want to find Jarod and retrieve the files!” Lyle yelled as he turned and stormed out of Miss Parker’s office.

Miss Parker looked to Sydney. “And how the hell are we supposed to do that?”

Broots cleared his throat. “I may have an idea about that.”

Miss Parker smiled slightly as she turned to look at Broots. “Enlighten us.”

“Well, when I was checking out the data loss I realized Jarod left something of an electronic trail of bread crumbs. I didn’t tell Lyle. I thought I’d let you know first.”

Sydney put his hand to his chin. “Jarod wants us to follow them.”

Miss Parker’s eyes widened momentarily and then she smiled. “Good thinking, Broots, now let’s track Jarod.”


Broots had been sitting in front of the computer screen hacking, typing, clicking, reading… for about three hours now.

Miss Parker was getting annoyed. If Jarod wanted us to follow him, why’d he make it so damn hard? She lit another cigarette as she glared at Sydney who’d been patiently reading the entire time.

“Found it. And you’re not going to believe where it led.” Broots whistled to himself.

Miss Parker jumped from where she was sitting and ran towards Broots. “Where?”

Sydney had moved quite a bit more slowly than Miss Parker had but he’d managed to get to Broots at about the same time. “Missing Pieces?”

Miss Parker’s draw dropped. She remembered all too well Jarod’s voice echoing through her mind. Missing pieces, Miss Parker. “What the hell is Jarod up to now?” She couldn’t believe what she was seeing… a picture of her and Jarod that looked… broken… like glass… with yep you guessed it missing pieces.

“Jarod did this?” Sydney looked to Broots.

Broots shook his head. “I think he helped but it looks like some other pretenders are maintaining and uploading into it.”

“It is a center of activity for pretenders…” Miss Parker started.

“To tell their stories.” Sydney finished. “Jarod would want that.”

“Can we shut down…” Miss Parker looked closer. “”

Broots shook his head. “No, Jarod made sure we couldn’t touch it.”

Miss Parker sighed, turned and stalked away.


Miss Parker held the phone to her ear. “Jarod, why did you let them put my picture up there?”

“That decision wasn’t mine. Neither was the picture of me. Nice though.”

“Why did you help them?” Miss Parker asked.

“They should be allowed to tell their stories.” Jarod stated.

“About?” Miss Parker asked.

“Maybe the other pretenders out there know something about The Centre you and I don’t. Remember missing pieces, Miss Parker.” And with that Jarod hung up.

Miss Parker looked at her phone before she put it on the receiver. She turned as she heard the door swing opened to her office. “Syd?”

“I assume you talked to Jarod?” Sydney stopped just inside of her office. “What did he have to say?”

“Same as before… missing pieces.” Miss Parker grabbed her jacket as she rose to her feet. “See you in the morning, Syd.”

To Be Continued...
A/N: Do to a request, I'm going to be adding more to the story.

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