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Rated G.

The characters Brigitte, Miss Parker, Mr. Lyle, Sydney, and Broots are the property of MTM Entertainment and NBC Productions from the television dramatic series "The Pretender" and are used without permission for the purposes of parody.  It's for a laugh, don't take it seriously!  Please send comments to!!!! :)))) 

Copyright 1998 by Leah

Miss Parker's cell phone rang.  "What?  What is it, Broots? Really?  Now this I've got to see!"  She snapped the phone shut.

Ten minutes later,  the Centre car drove up to a formidable building and Miss Parker, Broots, and Sydney hopped out of the car and ran inside, through the gates, and into the building.

"Stay put," Miss Parker said, leaving Sydney and Broots in the waiting area.

In another moment, Miss Parker entered the cell block and came face to face with Brigitte behind bars.  The cleaner rose at her approach, twirling a red sucker in her left hand.

"Well, it's about time, luv!" Brigitte said, pacing inside her cage.

Miss Parker smirked at her.  "Time for what?"

"Time I got out of 'ere!" Brigitte said, stressing the words in her British accent.  "Well," she eyed Miss Parker, suspiciously.  "Aren't you the least bit surprised?"

"Should I be?"

"Aren't you the least bit curious to know how I got in 'ere?"

Miss Parker's grin widened.  "You were arrested by the fashion police?"

"That pesky Pretender got me arrested for carrying a concealed weapon."

"Been there. Done that."  Miss Parker looked at the police report.  "You failed to mention resisting arrest."

Brigitte stared back through the bars at Miss Parker incredulously. "Don't just stand there.  You are 'ere to bail me out?"

"Oh, I don't know," Miss Parker said, picking up a familiar red notebook.  "If I spend anymore time here I might lose the trail."

"Lose the trail!" Brigitte was miffed.  "Hound dog!" she cried.

"Watch dog!" Miss Parker retorted.

"Dragon lady!"  Brigitte countered.  She bit down hard on her candy.

Miss Parker arched an eyebrow. "Sucker!"

Brigitte pulled the red sucker from her mouth and threw it through the bars at Miss Parker.

Miss Parker calmly stepped out of the way of the flying piece of candy.  It landed harmlessly on the cement floor.  "Oh, officer!" Miss Parker called.  "You certain you took all the concealed weapons away from Princess Try Hard?  You never can tell."

"What are you trying to do to me, luv?" Brigitte asked. Then, she switched to a different tactic, smiled slyly and said,  "Come now Parker, we're on the same side."  Brigitte peered through the bars of her cell.

"Well, remember that, Briggy, the next time you're thinking of pointing a gun in my face."

"I'll tell Mr. Lyle of this!" Brigitte shouted as Miss Parker headed for the door.

Miss Parker turned around and laughed.  "Don't worry your blonde bonnet over it, Briggy.  I'll be happy to tell, Mr. Lyle--the next time I see him.  But get a new wardrobe first, *luv*.  Orange just isn't your color."

The End?

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