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Summary: A way to escape....
Rated: PG
Categories: Season 2
Characters: Jarod, Miss Parker
Genres: Romance
Warnings: None
Series: None
Chapters: 3 Completed: Yes Word count: 4649 Read: 10453
Published: 23/04/05 Updated: 23/04/05

1. A Way I by Ambrosia [Reviews - 0] (335 words)
Now this is my first real attempt at fanfic, so be kind. After all, I'm only a little kid! ;)

Rated: PG.

DISCLAIMER: All the things directly off The Pretender (ie, Jarod, Miss Parker & The Centre) are mine (I wish!!). They belong to NBC and all the other owners of tP, and since I'm a good little girl and always pick up after myself, I'll put these toys back where they belong in tv land when I'm finished with them.

AUTHORS NOTE: I'm no good at action so just pretend that you just read this fantastic struggle or just a really cool 'Jarod trick' and he now has Miss Parker's gun.

2. A Way II by Ambrosia [Reviews - 0] (1862 words)

3. A Way III - From This Moment by Ambrosia [Reviews - 2] starstarstarstarhalf-star (2452 words)
Disclaimer: Miss Parker, Jarod, The Centre and all the things that I didn't borrow from 'The Pretender' belong to NBC and all the other lucky people who own it. I didn't get anything from this, except the pleasure of annoying my Pretender illiterate friends about the story development, and like always, I'll put my toys back where they came from... really I will. Ohh, also, I don't own any of the song lyrics mentioned here, someone else does, not sure who though.

Author's note: The third part in my 'A Way' series... is it a series yet? more of a trilogy so far. But I suppose, there will be another part, so it could be called a series... ANYWAY, if you haven't read at least the second one, you may be a little confused, but if you don't, you'll pick it up pretty easily. Due to my short term memory - or lack there of - I just remembered that it's 1998, not 1997, and so all the dates in the last two stories should be considered accordingly, I'll change them anyway, but or those who've read it and are going 'where did a whole year go?' well, now you know. ;o)
Thanks heaps to all my friends who listened to me go on about this, especially to Bronny, Em and Vikki, 'Just nod and smile girls, nod and smile' ;o)
Oh, and especially all you guys who are *READING* it!! Well, enjoy...