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Author's Chapter Notes:
Now this is my first real attempt at fanfic, so be kind. After all, I'm only a little kid! ;)

Rated: PG.

DISCLAIMER: All the things directly off The Pretender (ie, Jarod, Miss Parker & The Centre) are mine (I wish!!). They belong to NBC and all the other owners of tP, and since I'm a good little girl and always pick up after myself, I'll put these toys back where they belong in tv land when I'm finished with them.

AUTHORS NOTE: I'm no good at action so just pretend that you just read this fantastic struggle or just a really cool 'Jarod trick' and he now has Miss Parker's gun.

"What are you going to do with it? Shoot me?" She hoped he wouldn't.
"Something I've wanted to do for a long time" Jarod said with a slight smile.
'Maybe he *is* going to shoot me!' Miss Parker thought frantically as he stepped nearer. She closed her eyes, ready to feel the bullet in her body. This is the end she thought as the gun fired. There was no impact but in a moment, Jarod held her in his arms.
She opened her eyes and mouth in shock ready to yell blue murder. But feeling him so close to her, that all she need do was tilt her head and they would be kissing, silenced her, and bought forward her repressed feelings for him.
Slowly, she bought her lips towards his and her arms around his neck, closing her eyes to focus more intently on him. Moaning softly Parker leaned into the kiss, Jarod's mouth gently urging hers open. As their tongues met, Jarod supported her weight when her knees threatened to buckle, pulling her closer to himself.
Breaking away, Parker put her head to Jarods shoulder, not wanting to meet his eyes. "Why did I do that? It could never work for us."
"But it can" he whispered softly into her ear. "It can, I found away to get around The Centre... If that is what's stopping you."
A tear dropped to his shoulder, "Offcourse that's what is stopping me! How can it possibly work? The Centre has people *everywhere*. They probably even know we just kissed"
Placing his mouth over hers once more to silence her, he kissed her softly, reassuringly.
"Dead people can't be found Miss Parker." he answered as they broke apart.
She lifted her head confusion in her eyes, was he really going to shoot her?
Jarod smiled at the look she gave him, adding to her confusion. "No, I wouldn't really shoot you, but we can *fake* our deaths, I've worked it all out."

The end...
Unless you write and convince me to write some more. ;)

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