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Disclaimer: Sigh Here we go... We do not own the Pretender, or any realted topic or cahracter... yada yada yada.

Authors note: This is co-written by Jaccione and Onisius. We hope you enjoy, and please leave a reveiw, we will give you some PEZ if you do :p

Chapter one...

Jarod was just exiting the chocolate shop, he had been delighted by what he had found inside. After spending a lot of the Centre's money on every type of chocolate he could find, he decided that the chocolate cherries were the best. Walking down the street, bags bulging with chocolates, he could not have been happier.

Biting into another cherry, he was thinking about the selection of chocolates that he might send to Miss Parker. He had finally made his mind up on a chocolate bunny, he only hoped it wouldn't melt before it got to her.

Miss Parker had flown to New York City to spend the weekend shopping. After all the false leads on boy-wonder, she thought that she deserved a break.

She had spent the last hour in a Versace store. She had seen this beautiful gown that she could wear to her father's annual Christmas ball at the end of the year. After she had finally finished in the Versace store, Miss Parker walked out only to duck back through the door as she saw the one and only pain the arse, franken boy, walk by with both hands filled with bags.

Once he had walked past, apparently unaware that he had been seen, Miss Parker slowly crept back onto the open street and discreetly followed him.

Jarod was enjoying the warmth of the sunshine and the bustle of the city. He didn't get to New York very often and he loved it.

Miss Parker, walked a good distance behind the man, his hand kept on dipping into one of the bags his other hand held and bringing out something that he would eat.

He made his way slowly through the crowds enjoying the window shopping, grabbing another cherry. What he really needed was a coffee to go with it. With that in mind, he decided to stop at a street stall and ordered himself a latté.

Miss Parker paused in an alley way between two tall buildings, watching Jarod order a coffee. She could go for a scotch right now but she stayed hidden until the pretender started to walk again.

The coffee vendor handed him the coffee, he shifted the now much emptier bag to his other hand and paid the man. He smiled as he thought how much pleasure he got out of spending Centre funds, and told the man to keep the change. It was a $50 note.

Miss Parker continued to walk behind Jarod as he took his coffee and headed further up the street.

Jarod grabbed the coffee and moved on. It was time he started moving. He had been here for almost a week, and as much as he loved it, the pretend was over and he had places to be.

He would retrieve his things from the hotel, and then make his way to Grand Central Station where the DSA player was safely ensconced in a locker, then he would catch the first interstate train he could find.

Miss Parker watched as Jarod entered a hotel. The doorman greeted him with a smile as he held the doors open for the guest. Miss Parker gasped slightly as she saw that it was the same god damn hotel she was staying at!! Since when does Jarod stay at $500 plus a night hotels?

Jarod made his way to the penthouse. It wasn't often he indulged like this. But the pretend had required him to exude a certain level of affluence, and it was nice to be spoiled. He would send a copy of the bill to the Centre, after he was gone of course.

The god damn penthouse?! Miss Parker had been furious when the stuttering clerk had informed her that the penthouse had been rented out, against her wishes to have it reserved for her. The lab rat had taken her room!

He threw himself onto the bed and pulled the tie off. He looked longingly at the Jacuzzi and debated whether he should indulge just one last time.

He finally decided that it was probably better to get going. There would be other times; he rather liked playing the rich socialite.

Miss Parker quickly made her way to her room to drop off her bags. She took a guess that Jarod would be in his room for at least an hour before he left finally, if he was going to leave for another pretend this soon. Grabbing a staff member, who seemed to be on his way to delivering food to another customer, on her way back to his room. She took him up to the penthouse and ordered him to knock on the door.

"Room service sir."

Jarod looked up from his packing, he hadn't ordered anything. He moved over to the door and opened it. Perhaps they wanted to clean, it was almost his checkout time.

The young man stood out side the room, holding the handle to a cart with sweets on it. "Sir. The manager has sent up complimentary sweets."

"Ahh, I didn't order anything, but... well, if that's the case, thank you."

Yes, he would have to live the high life more often; it sure beat sleeping in abandoned warehouses. He handed the man a $100 note as a tip and started feasting on some of the goodies. Jarod took the cart from the man, turning his back on the door, focused completely on the veritable treasure that was in front of him.

Just as the door was thrown shut, Miss Parker silently slipped into the room. Jarod had his back turned to her, starting to eat the food. She stood next to the door and quietly slid the lock into place, leaving Jarod no where to run.

He placed a liquor soaked strawberry into his mouth, it was sensational! Who would have ever thought of soaking fruit in liquor. Jarod was still amazed at the volume of things that he had not tried. He really should try a pretend as a dessert chef, there would be all kinds of delights he could discover.

Those strawberries looked delicious. She hadn't eaten since last night. Sneaking up behind the involved man, Miss Parker reached around him and stole a strawberry from the cart.

Jarod froze as he saw an arm come from behind him. He closed his eyes and breathed heavily of her perfume.

Bringing the fruit into her mouth, Miss Parker spoke around the delicious dessert. "You know Jarod, you shouldn't open the door unless you are expecting someone."

He turned around, a smile dying on his lips.

Miss Parker grabbed her gun from its holster and took off the safety aiming it at his heart.

He looked at her and watched as she pulled her gun, aiming it at his heart. He put his hand up, holding a strawberry and offered it to her. "C'mon Parker, we both know you are not going to use that in here, too much noise. Have a strawberry, they really are delicious. How did you find me?"

A cold dangerous smile covered her face slowly. Reaching into her jacket pocket, she pulled out a silencer and quickly screwed it on. "I came prepared this time rat."

Jarod blanched, but he still didn't think that she would do it. "We both know you aren't going to kill me. Why don't you just put it away and join me for dessert?" Jarod was trying to remain calm.

Over confident arsehole! Miss Parker ran the end of the silencer over his face, bringing it back slightly, she swung down, using the gun to collide with the side of his face. "Don't tell me what I will and won't do!"

His head swung to the side and he fell onto one knee, holding his face, as much in surprise and outrage than in hurt. "Miss Parker..."

That will teach him. Bringing out a pair of handcuffs, she threw them at his feet. "Cuff yourself."

He started to struggle to his feet, the gun was aimed at him again, but he froze as cuffs were thrown at his feet. He looked at them and then back at her. "No." He started to rise again.

"Excuse me?" Miss Parker said in surprise, "No?"

"No. I am not going back."

"Who said I was taking you back? Now cuff yourself."

"What?" He was really confused now. She looked as if she really wanted to kill him. He looked back down at the cuffs, genuinely afraid of her.

Seeing his hesitation, Miss Parker spoke again, "Don't make me tell you again, now cuff yourself."

He was thinking about if he could escape without hurting her when she spoke again. He picked them up and locked one bracelet around his left wrist. He had to make a move now.

"The other to the bed frame."


"Hands over your head." Miss Parker ordered without lowering her aim.

He looked at the bed and then back to her, unsure of what he had heard.

"Do it!" Miss Parker raised her voice. "Now! To the bed, hands over your head. You're supposed to be a genius, what is there not to understand about the order?"

He got to his feet and moved over to the bed, not at all sure about what was going on here. Wiping blood from his lip, he sat down on the bed, looking at her.

Raising her gun to his head, Miss Parker just raised an eyebrow.

"Miss Parker. You don't want to do this. Please."

"Yes I do. Do it now, rat." I hate it when he begs.

Finally he laid himself down and placed his hands over his head, closing his eyes for what he knew was coming next.

"You can do it yourself wonder boy. Now reach over with your left hand and cuff your right wrist with the spare bracelet." I'm not getting close to him until he is secure.

For a brief moment he considered refusing to do it. He had nothing on him he could use to pick the locks. So he would be at her mercy, but when he opened his eyes and saw the look on her face, he thought he better not push her anymore. Instead he moved over to the edge of the bed, perhaps he might be able to reach something in the bedside table if he was given the chance.

"No franken-boy. In the middle. It's a big bed, wouldn't want you falling off of the edge and accidentally knocking things into your hands and remember, hands well and truly over your head."

Jarod sighed and shifted himself back into the centre of the bed. He gave her one last pleading look, but realized that she was in full ice-queen bitch mode. He raised his hands and locked the second cuff in place. The sound of the lock loud in the quiet room. He knew he was in big trouble now.

Slowly walking over to the bed, Miss Parker climbed on it and shifted towards the trapped rat. Without lowering the gun, she reached over with her left hands and tightened the cuffs until she heard it click into the next notch, cutting the tender flesh around the man's wrist. Moving to the other one, she did the same. When she was satisfied that he wasn't going to get out, she climbed back off of the king size bed.

Jarod closed his eyes. Damn, she locked the cuffs even tighter, there was no chance of him slipping out of them now.

With a smile on her face, Miss Parker ignored the cuffed man and made her way over to the sweets cart that the worker had with him when she dragged him up to get into the room.

"Miss Parker..."

Grabbing a strawberry, she bit into it savouring the taste. She ignored the man when he had said her name, just taking another bite of the fruit.

He raised his head, watching her eating his strawberries. Perhaps he could talk his way out of this. He knew somewhere deep down he could reach her.

"You know, these are quite nice. Too bad you're cuffed to the bed, otherwise you could have had some with me."

"Miss Parker... I bought you a present." He bit back the smartarse reply he wanted to make to that comment.

"I bet you did. What is it? Some gruesome secret about Lyle? Or maybe, another medical file about my mother being bashed, or maybe it could be another bout of the flu?"

"And you could bring me some, I am quite hungry." Jarod tried before responding to her remarks. "That's not fair. You know that I..."

"Sure. How about a strawberry?" Miss Parker asked kindly, interrupting his speech.

"That was a long time ago. I never meant..." He looked at her suspiciously, "Yes please."

Picking up the bowl of strawberries, Miss Parker placed the gun on the cart and walked over to him. Climbing onto the bed next to him, she took one between her fingers and held it just out of reach. "You know..." Miss Parker sat back away from him.

He tried to shift himself into a sitting position. Damn her... she was teasing him.

"I don't think you deserve these. Are you hungry enough to beg for some food?" She asked coldly. She was in the mood to play games with him this time.

Jarod watched her. Damn it! She was enjoying this but he was not going to give her the satisfaction. He turned his head away, not looking at her. "Why don't you just call the Centre and be done with it? I don't want to play your stupid games." He thought about the chocolate bunny sitting in the bag, thought about the look on her face when she opened it. Now he was wondering why he even bothered.

"And you think I wanted to play your games?" She hissed angrily.

The cuffs were starting to bite into his wrists, and he really just wanted to get out of here. "I never hurt you and I never lied to you. Painful as some of those revelations might have been, you deserved the truth. We have both been lied to, too many times."

"Since when do you know what I deserve? And you have hurt me to many times to count!" Placing the strawberries next to his legs, she got off of the bed in a fury. "Why couldn't you have left those secrets alone?! What made you think that I wanted to know what really happened to my mother? Or who my brother was or that I had a brother?! What gave you that right to dig it up?"

"The truth. We, you... you can't live your life clinging to lies."

"Why not? You did."

"What?" Jarod was really angry now. He hauled himself into a semi-sitting position. He wanted to get up and shake her, shake some sense into her.

"Your parents." Was all she said as she got her gun and went to leave the room.

He ignored the pain in his arms as he moved his body as far forward as the restraints allowed. He kept quiet. As much as he wanted to respond, if she left the room he might have half a chance to get out of these damned cuffs.

Walking into the impressive bathroom, Miss Parker slammed the door shut. She needed to think, what was she going to do? She couldn't keep him here, she would have to get him to the Centre soon. Her head shot up. Shit! She thought. It looked as if he was leaving today. That meant she only had half an hour to inform the hotel that she planned to keep this room another night. Getting up, she went back into the main room.

He looked at the slammed door. He tested the fittings on the bed, but the welds were solid, and it was too sturdy for him to snap. He twisted and used his foot to slide open the bedside table. He was trying to be quiet, but his foot located a pen and he was trying to grip it with his toes.

Miss Parker walked back into the room to see Jarod twisted in an unnatural looking way using his foot to try and pick up a pen. Walking over to him, she slammed the drawer shut hard on his bare foot.

Finally he got the pen and looked up with a guilty look as she walked back into the room. "Arhhh... You..." He was breathing heavy, his foot throbbing. He wanted desperately to reach down and rub some of the pain away.

Grabbing his already bruising foot, she swung his legs around and shut the drawer fully. "Don't try that again." She threatened as she continued toward the phone.

He turned his lip up at her in a snarl but as she moved to the phone, the anger turned to fear. "Just how do you think you are going to get me out of here, without people noticing?"

Ignoring his question, she picked up the phone and dialled a few numbers, waiting patiently for the other end to pick up.

"Miss Parker." He hated to beg, but he couldn't face going back. He always promised himself that he would never hurt her, but if he could get away, if he could just knock her out, without causing any real damage. He slipped into SIM mode, seeing if he could pretend a way out. If he could just get to his belt, perhaps he could undo the cuffs while she was on the phone, with her back turned.

Shooting a glance at the pretender, Miss Parker spoke when the phone picked up. "This is the penthouse. I would like to further our stay by two days, if not more. I will notify you when we are ready to leave. Another thing, have the concierge bring me a pair of pantyhose, any sort." With that she hung up and walked towards Jarod once more.

Jarod's heart sank at those words. He stopped in mid-motion as she approached. What the hell could she want with pantyhose?

Noticing that he was trying to get to his belt, she lent over and unclipped it, drawing it out of its place around his waist. Throwing it across the room, she grabbed a strawberry from the bowl that still rested by his legs.

"You planning to put a show on for me?"

"In your dreams rat boy." She hissed.

He sighed as his last chance went flying across the room.

Sitting next to the sad looking man, she bit into another strawberry, "You know these are really good."

"You know, it's polite to share, and this is MY room after all."

"Technically, it's whoever's room you are pretending to be, and you're not him, so it's not your room."

Perhaps if he appealed to her more playful side, he might have half a chance, somewhere underneath was his childhood friend. "Well, I could still pretend if you like. And it is my room until I leave, I am who I pretend to be."

"And who would that be this time? Does this pretend Jarod have a family he knows and sees?" She asked coldly.

Jarod shifted uncomfortably, jangling the chains between his wrists. "Are these really necessary?"

"Is the pope catholic?"

"Can't blame me for trying. No, he didn't have a family. He was a rich playboy... why do I even bother? It's not like you really care. Why don't you just call for the sweepers?"

"I want Sam. Might take a few days to get here, being on leave and all. But relax wonder boy. He will be called."

"What, no jet or helicopter? You can't just expect to keep me here for a few days!!!"

"Why not? I'm sure the Centre is funding this little trip of yours."

"How will you explain a man chained to the bed... well yes that's true, it's only fair that the Centre pay to help make up for the suffering it has caused."

With that, there was a knock on the door. Placing a hand over his mouth to prevent him from doing anything he would regret, Miss Parker called out to wait. With her hand still over the man's mouth, she searched the drawer until she found a pair of socks. Stuffing them into his mouth she used his discarded tie on the bed to secure the gag. Getting up she went to the door, hiding her gun on the other side of her.

Jarod's head swung around only to find his mouth stuffed with some cloth, and his own tie tied tightly around his head to keep it in place. He started bucking his body and pulling himself towards the bed head to try and get the gag out of his mouth.

He was having trouble breathing and as he contorted his body, his hands started working on the knot at the back of his head.

Miss Parker swung her head around at the noise, "Stop moving Jarod, or I swear to god I'll shoot you somewhere you really want left intact!"

But the silk was slippery and it was tied too tight. Instead he tried to pull it down away from his mouth, his arms were aching, but he stopped what he was doing at the sound of her voice. He forced himself to relax, breathing heavily through his nose, Sliding back down onto the bed in a more comfortable position for his arms.

Once he stilled somewhat, she opened the door and stuck her head out.

"Here is what you asked for ma'am." The young man poked his head around the corner of the door to see a man tied to the bed and gagged. Looking back at the woman in fear, Miss Parker tried to stay calm and not shoot him. Taking the pantyhose from him she tipped him and quickly explained.

"Hubby there has a fetish for being tied up. Don't ask me about it, I don't know what it does to get him off, but if it works, it's good for me." Parker winked at the bellboy and then she smiled one of her most charming smiles.

Jarod tried desperately to plead with the young man with his eyes, this could be his chance. But his heart plummeted to his feet with those words. He shot a look of pure hatred at her, trying to convey all the things he was unable to say.

The young man smiled slightly once he realized what was happening, looking Miss Parker up and down quickly, he flushed and turned to leave.

Slamming the door, Miss Parker locked it again, "I thought that he was going to jerk off right there." She growled.

Jarod tried to scream that he was a prisoner, he needed help, but nothing more than a muffled mmm got past the gag.

Opening the package of pantyhose, Miss Parker walked to the end of the bed and reached up for the pretender's legs.

He tried to back up, kicking out at her; there was no way this was happening.

Pulling him down hard until she saw his arms pulled taut, his muscles flexing in his arms at their treatment, Miss Parker managed to tie the kicking legs down. She made sure that the knots were tight and would not come undone, they were as tight as humanly possible, marking his ankles red around the bindings.

He was pleading around the gag. She could not do this to him. He struggled with everything he had, but soon he found that he could no longer move, his arms stretched tightly above him.

Miss Parker walked once again to the food cart, lifting up a lid on one of the plates she found chocolate devils cake. Taking a piece of the guilty looking cake, she went to sit beside the pretender again.

He looked at her anxiously, testing the ties on his legs while she wasn't watching.

Taking a bite, she picked up the strawberries that had spilled out of the bowl when Jarod decided to wrestle on the bed and placed them on the ground. Once she finished the cake and was finally full, she placed the plate next to the strawberries on the ground and lent closer to Jarod. "Do you want the gag out?"

He nodded.

"Will you behave and not yell or do anything so foolish?" She asked again with raised eyebrows.

He closed his eyes, and then opened them, meeting hers, and nodded again. Anything to get rid of the damned thing.

"Do you promise me Jarod?" She asked sweetly. She was enjoying the hell out of this.

He looked at her, trying to show her how he felt with his eyes, but finally he nodded again.

As much as she loved tormenting him with the freedom from the gag, she knew if she went on he was only going to get pissed off. Reaching over and behind his head, she struggled with the tight knot. Sighing when she realized she wasn't going to undo it, she got up and started to walk around the penthouse.

Jarod became frantic, struggling as much as he could with his ability to move so restricted. So she was just playing with him!!

Seeing another tie thrown over his open duffle bag, she grabbed it and placed it at the foot of the bed before walking off again.

His eyes followed her around the room, unsure at what she was up to now, but he knew it wouldn't be good for him. Real fear crept in. This was no game, and his freedom was at stake, perhaps even his life. He had to find some way to get out of this, but right now his options were very limited. He would have to let her think she had subdued him, lull her into a false sense of security. A couple of days, there would be an opportunity soon. She couldn't keep him tied to the bed the entire time. He would need the bathroom, and he would need to eat.

Miss Parker finally came back to the bed, holding a sharp hunting knife in her hand, raising her eyebrow again, she looked down at the man and asked, "Now why would you have this with you?"


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