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In My daughter’s Eyes

The room was small. The walls were pale yellow splashed with tiny pink and blue flowers. It smelled uniquely strange like disinfectant and baby powder. Blinking she fought her heavy eyelids as they attempted to droop closed again. Turning her head, she spied a blurry figure looking out the window. Fighting the grogginess encompassing her sight, she concentrated on the obscure masculine lines of her visitor until the blurriness faded and a familiar sight befell her eyes.

A smile crept quickly across her face as an all to familiar scent crept through the air from the figure before her. She swallowed deeply, attempting to wash the dryness in her mouth away so she could speak. “Hey” She called out in barely a whisper.

“Hey you.” He said, turning from the window to face her, a relieved smile falling over his face.. “Finally decided to join us.”

Her eyes swept quickly over his form to the tiny bundle he held cradled tightly in his arms.

“Did you sleep well?’ He asked softly as he came to stand beside her.

She simply nodded unable to take her eyes of the precious package in his arms. Her mind scrambled to remember where they where and what exactly had occurred. Suddenly she realized something was different, the now familiar movements of her abdomen were gone, although still swollen, it felt empty. She pulled her sore and tired body up a little in the warm bed beneath her as she adjusted to get a better look into the mass of pink blankets cradled in his arms.

“She’s beautiful. Just like her mother.” He whispered as he leaned in close to her and placed his tiny cargo into her trembling arms.

Tears besieged her, as she looked down into the tiny blue eyes that mimicked her own. Moving her hand slowly and carefully, her fingers delicately traced every detail of the tiny face looking back at her. Unraveling the blankets, she let her eyes fall over the small pink, wrinkled body beneath them counting to assure every part was there. Finally after all ten fingers and toes accounted for, she carefully snuggled her bundle back into the warmth and comfort of her blankets.

“Amazing isn’t she.” He whispered a tear lingering heavy in his throat.

Nodding her head again, she found herself speechless for perhaps the first time in all her life. How was it possible to love someone so much that you had just met? How was it possible that in just an instant her whole life seemed different? She pondered as she held her gaze steadily on the baby girl in her arms.

“We did it.” He smiled kissing her forehead. “We finally did it.”

Pulling her gaze reluctantly from the child, she looked up at him confused.

He smiled, sliding down beside them in the bed and wrapping his arms around them both. “We’re a family.”

She smiled at the reference and snuggled deeper into his embrace as her eyes shifted back to her daughter, their daughter, sleeping peacefully in her arms. Beneath her ear was the pounding of his heart, it’s steady beat mixed perfectly with the slow steady breaths of their sleeping child like a lullaby singing her to sleep. For a moment she fought the sensation, afraid that when she woke it would have all been a dream but soon she found the peacefulness too comforting to fight and she drifted off, his strong arms supporting both her and their daughter.

The Beginning.

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