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Title: Bath Blaster Blasting
by Chris
Rated: PG
Note: Response to the weekly challenge. Create a story using the instructions for the bath blasters.
Spoilers: None
Category: S

Disclaimer: The usual applies, I don't own them and I never will. You can make up who SHE is. I prefer Parker but you can as well put in someone else.

Jarod looked at the ball in his hands. It was pink and wrapped into something like cling film and smelled of raspberry. It had a glittery surface and when he unwrapped it It felt like sand. He had read the instructions carefully but he wasn't sure if he had gotten that one right so he read it once more.

Using your bath blasters:
What better way to relax at the
end of a long day than to lay
back in the fragrant, sensual
experience that is the bath
blaster bath. Just run the bath
and drop in one of our exciting
range of bath blasters. Watch as
the water explodes into life and
savour the aroma unleashed
from the natural oil which will
soften and soothe your body.

The bath tub was filled with steaming hot water and he climbed into it. He had no idea how to understand the line with " the water explodes into life" and somehow he was afraid that there was too much water inside the tub. He shrugged and slowly put the ball into the water. At first nothing happened. He was disappointed. And suddenly everything started. The water turned a bright red, just like blood, and the water started to bubble all around him. The scent of raspberry filled the whole room and Jarod felt like a small boy. He sat there grinning and didn't even see the door open. She smiled when she saw Jarod inside the bath tub but somehow she was worried because that water was colored in a bright red. The scent of raspberry made her worries go away, Jarod had discovered her bath blasters. She slipped out of her clothes and slid into the huge oval bath tub. She put her hands onto Jarod's shoulders and started massaging him. He only grinned and stared at the remainigs of the bath blaster in his hands. The ball had deformed and there wasn't anything left but a something that looked like sand, ready to explode. It was sizzling and bubbling in his hands until it disappeared when he put his hands underwater. Some red color remained on his hands but he didn't care. He turned around and kissed the woman behind him.

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