Ice cream and broken bones by Haiza Tyri
Summary: A drabble of Jarod's thoughts on the world after escaping the Centre, before the pilot.
Categories: Character Musing, Prequel, Anything/Miscellaneous Characters: Jarod
Genres: Character Musing
Warnings: None
Challenges: Drabble #61 World
Challenges: Drabble #61 World
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes Word count: 97 Read: 1450 Published: 15/06/09 Updated: 15/06/09

1. Chapter 1 by Haiza Tyri

Chapter 1 by Haiza Tyri

            This world, this strange, crazy, wonderful, terrible world—how can it hold such contradictions? It gives me ice cream—and Slinkys—and the Three Stooges. And it gives children broken bones and broken lives. It holds people who give everything they are to help others—doctors and nuns, firefighters and social workers. And it holds people who take everything from others, uncaring. It is a world of delights and horrors. What looks good can be bad. What looks ugly can be beautiful. How can I negotiate this confusing world? I must right the wrongs. That is my task, my penance.

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